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26 August 2016 Lucy Hale vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on August 26, 2016, 6:32 pm



Results: Lookout    Writing: Archer
Lucy: 27 YO, 5’2 (1.57 m), 21-17-0 since 2010, Pretty Little Punchers
Michelle: 36 YO, 5’4 (1.63 m). 126-63-7 since 1999, Hawkeye International

Before: Given the widespread social media accounts of a catfight at the most recent Tony Awards, press and public are expecting major trouble from Mish Williams as she seeks revenge for the humiliating defeat she received from Lucy Hale. However, the blonde veteran Hall of Famer shrugs off the incident: “It was all about letting off some steam at one of those boring awards shows. It will mean nothing once I can get her to the beach.”

Lucy surprised and not a little suspicious of Mish’s attitude and makes sure to have her PLP teammates close at hand during all pre-fight press events. The final is on the beach just before the actual fight on a private island resort in the Bahamas (to be piped into the FCBA arena on the big Jumbotron screens)). Under a canvas awning, Lucy and Mish are seated on canvas chairs. They are wearing their future ring attire—a black bikini under a sheer white wrap for Lucy, a pale pink bikini under a sheer white wrap for Mish. Very laid back and casual as they answer questions from the press.

“I must admit I am disappointed that this isn’t a title fight,” says Mish as she leans back in her canvas chair, “though I was not surprised. Fighters like Lucy who win the title on a fluke quickly find they can’t keep it for long, I was actually surprised she lost it to that insufferable Scerbo—Sarah Shahi should have done the job. Goes to show you can't be lucky twice in a row.”

Lucy determined not to let Mish get the better of her, just leans back and smiles with sickening sweetness: “And I hope to go on being ‘lucky’ by beating your overrated ass again.”

“Tsk! Tsk!” chides Mish. “Is that anyway for an ex-champion to talk. Well, I know you think you are hot stuff because you got the better of me catfighting. I think you should know that what applies to boxing applies to catfighting—it’s hard to beat a great fighter twice in a row. And I—of course—am a great fighter.”

Lucy bursts out laughing: “You didn’t look so great when had you down and helpless.”

Mish frowns and sits forward in her chair. For the first time, the audience (and Lucy Hale) notice that Mish is holding a small black device in her hand.

“I was waiting for you to say something like that,” Mish says and points the device at Lucy, who acts unconcerned, leaning back in her canvas chair.

“Is that supposed to scare me?” Lucy asks coolly.

“No, just surprise you,” Mish says and pushes a button the device.

There is a click and suddenly the canvas on the back of Lucy Hale’s chair falls off and since Lucy was leaning back against it, she topples out, landing with a thud. Mish is out of her chair and grabs Lucy by the hair hauling her to her feet. She then uses her free hand to slap Lucy across the face before the brunette can react.

“You are going to get even more of that before this fight is over!” Mish hisses at the stunned Lucy.

Lucy’s teammates  Ashley Benson and Danielle Campbell come rushing under the awning, but Mish shoves Lucy into them (with a kick on the bottom to speed up the impact). Mish then steps out from under the awning and presses a second button. The awning collapses onto the three PLPers as she walks away laughing.

“Amazing what you can do with remote controlled electro magnetics,” Mish calls out to the press. “I got to thank the suits at HISC for coming up with this gadget. At last they are earning their money!:

Lucy crawls out from under the canvas: “I’ll get you for this Williams!” She is screaming, but Claire Danes, Natalie Portman and Kristin Kreuk are at hand to block pursuit.

“See you in the ring, Lucy Dear!” Mish mocks as she and her entourage head for the security oif the HISC dressing cabana.

After that bit of “science magic” (“Science dirty tricks, you mean. We never should have let them set up that tent!” Puncher Communications Director Autumn Reeser will later growl), it is impressive that the Punchers have Lucy in the ring looking as though nothing had happened, though she bangs her black gloves together and glares fiercely at Mish. Mish is in dark pink gloves and with her hair in a simple ponytail. She just smirks at Lucy as the referee recites the instructions. Lucy drives her gloves in hard when she is supposed to swipe them, but Mish is expecting it and just grins at Lucy without buging an inch. Lucy spins on her heel, bobbed hair dancing free as she marches to her corner, clearly seething. The bell rings…

R1: Lucy Hale fast out of her corner, but so is Mish Williams. As they close in, Lucy shows some unexpectedly nifty footwork. She feints, draws Mish off balance and then brings a right smashing into the side of Mish’s face. She then brings her left crashing into the other side of Mish;s head and the blonde staggers to a halt. Lucy quick to go the belly as Mish holds her gloves up around her head. Mish being forced back, seems to be having trouble organizing her defenses and gets that wide open torso really worked over. Finally, Mish manages to get her jab going. Lucy gets her face swatted several times. Lucy obliged to be a little more cautious, but she maintains a steady pressure to the bell. Round goes to Lucy Hale wide.

R2: Mish looking more annoyed than hurt, comes out ready to strike back at the fast-moving brunette, but Lucy is moving impressively, she’s making Mish’s shots miss or get deflected. Then she comes ducking in and finds Mish’s chin with some hard uppies before pulling back to evade blonde counters. Mish rocked by those chin shots is sluggish and slow to react as Lucy comes in with a fresh wave of body punching. Special attention to the proud Mish Williams rack which gets most rudely treated by crushing straights and sloshed from side to side by Lucy’s rights and lefts. Mish finally shows that effective jab to get some points on her side of the cards, but it’s not enough to keep Lucy from taking this round by a margin.

R3: Mish glaring defiantly at Lucy across the ring during the break. Lucy just glares right back. Lucy off quick, but this time so is Mish and this time it is the HISC fighter who shows off some neat footwork. Lucy caught off balance and takes a beautiful hook to the belly that folds her forward and Mish brings a right uppercut to smash into the brunette’s nose. Lucy recoils in obvious pain and shock. Mish vengeful pursues and drives Lucy back to the ropes. Lucy’s counters are confused and poorly aimed. Mish able to brush them aside to hammer Lucy’s bra cup and give her payback for last round’s juggmugging. Lucy shuddering under these impacts, backs into the ropes and clinches to try to escape. Referee breaks it up, but Lucy still having trouble keeping Mish back. Best the PLP fighter can do is back up and flail away with a desperate jab. Mish can’t close in but she’s in this fight with a round won by a solid margin. Lucy’s nose dripping a little blood as she trudges back to her corner. Mish grimly pleased as she heads for her stool.

R4: Michelle was again out of her corner quickly, so was Lucy and this time Lucy didn’t give Mish the chance to try anything tricky. Lucy just came charging in, her arms churning like pistons as she tried to knock the blonde back. Mish fought back hard and very quickly this became a close-in body bashing exchange. Mish was doing her hardest to use her size advantage to overpower Lucy, but the dogged small brunette was willing to back to punishment as long as she could drive her leather into Mish’s sweaty, straining body. They just dug their feet into the sand and kept on hammering. Lucy able to sneak a couple of uppercuts into Mish’s chin with enough regularity to slow Mish’s attack. As Mish stubbornly moved back, she was still jabbing hard at the pursing Lucy. This slowed the brunette down, but Lucy did not quite her attack and it paid off as she edged out Mish on the judges’ cards.

R5: Mish Williams and Lucy Hale move into a circling phase with this round. They shuffle through the sand, ducking and popping up with punches. Not clear who is getting the better to these quick, trick exchanges, but then Lucy ducks down, cuts to one side and leaps up. Bringing her right sailing in over Mish’s gloves and striking the blonde hard to the temple. MISH SPINS AROUND AND GOES DOWN! Mish with the side of her head pressed against the sand, but her bikinied bottom pointed skyward. Lucy gleefully gives Mish’s glorious buns a couple of uppercuts that makes Mish shoot forward along the sand. Referee pushing Lucy to her corner and wagging an admonishing fingering in her face. Mish rolling over and sitting up with sand all over her face and body as the referee begins his count. Mish brushing herself off and collecting her senses before rising to beat the count. Lucy looks disappointed but comes back in. Mish all covered up and plainly not willing to fight back for the balance of the round. Knockdown assures Lucy Hale of winning the round wide.

R6: Lucy seems determined to build on that knockdown and comes right back at Mish, hoping to get through her defenses this time. Mish jabbing hard to disrupt the attack and moving around to make Lucy chase her. Lucy follows closely and then Mish suddenly stops running to fight it out toe to toe.  Mish again trying to use her size to push Lucy back and Lucy is using sheer firepower to counter. Battle very intense, especially under that hot beach sun, but neither fighter willing to back up.  Lucy does shake Mish late with surprise shots to the blonde’s forehead and the bridge of her nose. Not a lot of damage, but judges seem to like it and give Lucy the decision in a close round.

R7: Lucy making an all-out effort to bring Michelle down in this round. She is ignoring Mish’s body in the early round action to strike at her head. Mish getting her noggin banged around, but she striking back hard to Lucy’s body. Lucy taking a lot of leather, but she is finally able to get to Mish’s jaw with her punches. Mish getting her head swiveled, but she is able to stand up. Lucy starting to heave her punches as the round ends, but getting her breasts hit hard in return. Takes a while for the judges to decide  the round goes to Lucy by a close margin. However Lucy breathing hard and looking exhausted as she sinks onto her stool. Mish has her face banged up and looks tired, but watchful observers wondering which fighter came out of that round the strongest.

R8: Lucy noticeably slow coming of her stool and looks tentative in her counters as Mish moves in on her at midring. Mish studying the brunette intently, launching licking leather probes and striking freely at Lucy’s face and body. Mish still deliberate as she moves in with a steady series of punches into Lucy’s body. Lucy slow in response and this seems to convince Mish this is no trick. Mish raising her target to start punching Lucy in the face. Lucy can’t seem to get her guard up properly. Mish now banging Lucy’s head from side to side. Lucy being backed up and then a quick punch flurry has her against the ropes. Mish easily able to knock aside Lucy’s guard and smash away at Lucy’s face. Lucy desperately grasping at Mish, trying to clinch, but Mish knocking her arms away. Then Mish leans in using her body to pin Lucy against the ropes and pound away at Lucy’s belly until the referee finally pulls her off. Lucy hanging on the ropes with a bleary look in her eyes. Referee appears to be considering a stoppage, but bell rings and Lucy staggers off to her corner. Mish watches her go with a cold look of satisfaction on her own bruised face.

R9: Hard work in the PLP corner during the break manages to get Lucy Hale back on her feet and out across the sand to fight Mish Williams. Lucy making a great effort to comeback this round. Mish seems more than willing to let the brunette come in and they once again start banging away in close. However, it isn’t long before Mish gains the upper hand as Lucy’s punching loses power and she starts gasping for air. Mish then takes her time, she circles Lucy, keeping up a steady barrage of punches that keep Lucy staggering and missing most of her counters. Horrifying sight for fans of Lucy as it is clear she’s completely shot her bolt and the first cries go up “STOP THE FIGHT!” Mish doesn’t give the referee the chance, she just steps in front of Lucy bangs her head to the right and to the left. Lucy’s gloves just drop to her sides and Mish uncorks an uppercut that lifts poor Lucy off her feet and then crashing down onto her back—she lies her moaning and trying to move her arms and legs, but they won’t cooperate. Referee moves in quickly but the count is a merely formality.

After: Mish struts around the ring, arms raised and then joins Claire Danes and Natalie Portman for congratulatory hugs. Mila Kunis keeping a close eye on Lucy Hale who has been dragged to her corner by Ashley Benson and Danielle Campbell. Mila alerts Mish when she sees Lucy now revived. Mish has just had her gloves removed so she quickly heads across the sandy ring. Claire, Natalie and Mila close behind as obvious back-up.
“Time to pay up Luce.” Mish orders, pulling Lucy to her feet.

“I hate you,” Lucy groans, which earns her a big round of mean laughter from the HISC girls.

“Well, I don’t much like you either,” Mish says and pulls a stumbling Lucy out to the middle of the ring. She then spins, Lucy around, trips her so that she falls onto her back. Mish then sinks down to her knees which now firmly bracket Lucy’s head. Mish looks down.

“You bragged too much about face sitting me. Now is my payback time,” Mish hisses and moves into a reverse face sit with her bikini bottoms on Lucy’s face. Lucy starts thrashing her legs. But Claire and Natalie move in to pin the legs down.   Lucy goes limp and Mish stands up as Claire and Natalie step away. She looks down at the sleeping Lucy. Then she places the sandy sole of her foot on Lucy’s face and wipes it off. This is too much for Ashley Benson and Danielle Campbell who try to rush to Lucy’s aid. But are pushed down by Claire, Mila and Natalie.

“Okay, girls, time to go!” She calls and the four HISC members leave the ring. Danielle and Ashley crawl over to Lucy and comfort the dazed Lucy.

“Once again HISC has shown up those PLP jobbers. I beat down and humiliated their one so-called champion, now she’s just my doormat—literally.,” Mish says laughing nastily at her own joke.

“They are evil,” a bitter Lucy Hale says, “all of them—but especially Mish. I swear I will pay her back for this some day. If she thinks she’s discouraged any of us—we’re all here to prove how wrong she is!”

Somewhat puzzling fight as Lucy Hale definitely seemed ahead going into that 8th Round, but fight analysts argue Lucy forgot one thing: that sun. “It will drain you if the fight goes on long enough. I think Mish just let her wear herself down and then finished her. It was a risky strategy—but it worked.” Goes this argument.  Sounds good to us, but the simple fact is that Michelle Williams scored a come from behind win over a young, aggressive fighter. Should boost Williams’ future title prospects. Not really that much of a setback for Lucy, though the conflict between Lucy and Mish and the Pretty Little Punchers and Hawkeye International have definitely gone up a notch. Fans are already eagerly waiting to see what happens next in this growing conflict.



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