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26 August 2016 Sylvie Meis vs Lindsey Pelas

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on August 26, 2016, 6:27 pm



Jugs Of Mass Destruction @ The Beach
Location: Long Beach, California, USA

Sylvie Meis [34D] (FCBA Debut) vs Lindsey Pelas [32F] (1-1, 1 KO)
(Foxfire Atlantic Boxing vs Ginny's Academy)
JMD Record: 0-0 vs 1-1, 1 KO
Results: Lookout! / Story: Vassago

BEFORE: The Dutch lingerie model Sylvie Meis (ex-van der Vaart) makes her official FCBA debut tonight and she simply can't wait to showcase her talents on the American market which saw a serious influx of the BBU-based fighters over the past couple of years. Not all of them managed to stamp their own mark on this side of the Atlantic though and The Academy's Lindsey Pelas is determined to make sure that's exactly what happens with Meis' prospects here in Long Beach tonight.

Pelas is one of the newest and most surprising additions to the famed stable but she doesn't plan to sit around and wait for Jeri Ryan's or Cat Bell's permission to enter the beach boxing/JMD concept. She was signed into the majors with one purpose only and that's to dazzle the audience with her undisputed physical values that are represented with a monster 34F cleavage. This renders Sylvie Meis as also-run in the pre-fight bikini competition but the Dutch veteran vows to snatch Lindsey's wig regardless and her stars & stripes themed bikini top along the way. Kim Kardashian would be proud of that idea but for now let's focus on these two luscious blondes instead!

Sylvie Meis wears a classic Dutch orange bikini set and white gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Lindsey Pelas wears a stars & stripes themed bikini set and red gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a loose ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division. JMD rules apply.

Round 1:
It's fast, it's furious and it's all Pelas in the early going as she whoops the older blonde from point-blank range to begin the familiar jug shaking much to the crowd's delight. As much as Meis relishes tonight's opportunity, her introduction to the American market is dominated by the youngster trying to pound her breasts off inside the opening round and due to the lack of experience in the genre, the Dutch girl fails to properly embrace those antics and gets stuffed on her heels while missing simple response as Pelas keeps coming forward and barges her into the ropes just past the half-way mark. Word on the street is that Kendra Wilkinson is Lindsey's idol and there are shades of that Playmate jug muggin' blueprint which enables Pelas to shut Meis off completely along the ropes and dominate the steady cleavage pounding. Sylvie squeals in pain but harpoons the youngster's ribcage in response however Lindsey keeps hammering away and clips the model's chin amid another late frenzy that leaves the crowd thirsty for more vicious action.

Round 2:
More close range tussle enables Pelas to secure another jug connection early but Meis shows some nifty footwork on the loose surface to slide underneath a dunking combo and rips a belting hook on the liver area that finally throws the American off her stride. Sylvie jumps into immediate follow up and hoofs the guard aside which allows her to flick a heavy uppercut series that stuffs Lindsey on her heels in the center of the ring. The youngster tries to regain her balance but gets whacked with more uppercuts and bends forward with a significant groan while Sylvie crashes another jabbing series just below the jugs and looks to pierce the solar plexus to really inflict damage on her opponent. Lindsey slumps against the model's shoulder in a failed attempt to clinch the older woman but Meis drills more leather against the liver area and bumps her off towards the ropes late on. Pelas sinks on her knees and soaks up a late one-two combo on the mouth with Sylvie screaming out in delight at the bell as she pulls even on the scorecards.

Round 3:
Sylvie's done numerous beach lingerie shoots for her own underwear collection over the years and apparently Lindsey never viewed her as a beach boxing expert which proves to be a cardinal mistake. In fact, it's the American getting stuck on her heels in the sand when the Dutch model rips into her guts from the on-set in the third and threatens to dissect plenty of jug along the way. Jeri Ryan will hear a lot of slack after this one as Meis pummels the stars & stripes cleavage from point-blank range against and makes the youngster gurgle in pain and simply seek a clinching respite. Not the best showing from Pelas here as she looks heckuva vulnerable in the close range dust up; it's one thing going down to Kim Kardashian but everyone around Long Beach thought the Dutch veteran would crash & burn on her FCBA/JMD debut tonight. However when Sylvie traps a lacklustre Lindsey against the ropes and nearly punches the mounds right out of the stars & striped bikini late on, the crowd actually realizes they have a proper European invasion on their hands. And Meis goes mental with that late rally bursting Pelas' cleavage into a sagging mess to leave the fellow blonde crippled and sobbing in pain at the bell.

Round 4:
This is a war of attrition now as Lindsey tries to mount a comeback through jug muggin' blitzkrieg! She catches the Dutch veteran by surprise with an epic injection of speed and wrath that enables her to bury an uppercut galore into the proud orange bikini top. Sylvie skims off the forearms with her initial response and gets bumped on her heels when Pelas pours the jabbing assault from close range. The older blonde bends the wrong way and allows Lindsey to drill her on the liver area while losing her feet in the loose sand... Pelas pierces the solar plexus thereafter and slumps her foe with a cryng shriek next but eventually drills the rack from each side as Meis fails to regain her balance. A measured follow up on the chin whips her on the back foot and has Pelas stalking the mounds with a monster jabbing run before another drilling shot at the solar plexus renders the Dutch woman breathless. She tries to drag the American into a clinch but eats a clubbing hook on the jaw instead and drifts to the right where Pelas wrenches her with another hook on the liver. Uh oh! MEIS IS HURT and spins back to the ropes with eyes closed as Pelas jumps in TO MAUL HER RACK with another uppercut drive... and Sylvie can't take it for too long DROPPING DOWN ON HER KNEES and hugging her jugs in visible pain as a result of that mighty power supply.

How about that! Lindsey thrives on the long-awaited breakthrough and twerks her own set before parading along the ropes to increase the level of support from the partisan Long Beach crowd. However Meis isn't quite done yet and bravely beats the count at eight and even earns herself a break to adjust the orange bikini top that suffered damage during this exchange. Lindsey is furious the fellow blonde had the guts to question her supremacy and shouts back at her: "You bytch! Stay down when I say so! What a dumb whore you are!" Jug destruction is prescribed and unfortunately Meis remains stuck in the corner when Pelas ROMPS TO RACK and threatens to pound it into the open! Too much venom for the model to handle at this stage and she succumbs to the American JMD rush with Lindsey screaming out as she truly tries to render her topless. It's not a biker girl clash though yet Pelas doesn't care and sticks her elbow into the fellow blonde's tummy so she has a clear path to uppercut the breasts with her right hand. And Meis is done here! She whispers "Stahp... stahp..." and slumps into the referee's embrace shortly afterwards as the man in charge finally shows mercy and hauls the completely wrecked Dutch model into safety. TKO4 Lindsey Pelas submission-style!!!

AFTER: "That's what I'm talking about! Stupid European bimbo just quit! She QUIT for crying out loud! Kim Kardashian will be sooooo jealous right now!!", Pelas apparently still hasn't gotten over her jug stoppage at the hands of the much maligned sociallite and vows to take her frustration out on the poor Dutch prey instead. While the ref tries to escort Sylvie to safety, Lindsey has her gloves removed by her entourage and shouts at the sobbing fellow blonde: Oh no you don't!"

She grabs Meis by the hair from behind and smacks her down on the sand before tearing her nails into the orange bikini top. Sylvie squeals in agony but she's in no shape to fend off the rack mauling that follows and soon finds herself rendered topless as Lindsey waves her bikini top sky-high to claim the rightful battle trophy: "That belongs to me now, get it?" She then keeps the veteran pinned on her back and slides forward on her chest to perform a reverse facesit pulling Sylvie's head by the hair against her backside. "Take a close look at my ass, bytch!"

Sylvie stops kicking out after a while as she gets buried deeper in the sand with Lindsey facesitting her for the next minute or so before finally turning back and applying the long-awaited breast smother: "Your time here is gone, cow! How do you say 'Goodnight' in Dutch?"

The Long Beach crowd begins a loud count and before it reaches thirty, Meis drifts into unconsciousness with Pelas rubbing extra jug against her face for sheer pleasure. Once she realizes Sylvie is outta here, she gets up and kicks sand over the lifeless - and very much topless - body and waves the orange piece of strip over her head again: "Take this trash away from me! I've done my job! The only question remains: Who is next? My jug stopping career has only just began!"

Final result: Lindsey Pelas def. Sylvie Meis TKO4.



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