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26 August 2016 Taryn Terrell vs Bayley

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on August 26, 2016, 6:22 pm



Taryn Terrell versus Bayley
(Words: WW / Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: Wrestler versus wrestler tonight at Boiling Point. Experienced and well-known "bytch" Taryn Terrell versus newcomer Bayley in what's sure to be an interesting bout. We get their thoughts in the calm before the storm:

"It's nice to fight a girl who doesn't hate my guts for once." Taryn says, laughing to herself afterwards. "That doesn't mean I'm gonna go easy on the new kid, though. In fact, I'm gonna give her my all just so she gives me the respect I deserve. She's been awfully calm about fighting a veteran: I'm gonna teach her why she needs to pay her dues."

Going over to the newcomer, we listen to her thoughts on this match, and it's nothing but excitement. "Taryn seems daunting, but I know I can handle her!" Bayley says loudly with a smile on her face. "No matter what she says, at the end of the day, we're both wrestlers who box in the FCBA. Who's the better boxer? I think--and hope--it's me, but I guess you're about to find out for yourself! Wish me luck!"

Bayley in a beautiful blue one-piece with black gloves; Taryn rocking a delicious gold bikini with white gloves. Both give each other friendly smiles and a glove tap out of respect: with that out of the way, the action begins!

ROUND 1: Both girls coming out bouncy, ready to rumble. Bayley makes the first move with her right hand moving careful towards Taryn: just enough to make sure the blonde isn't too quick to jump the gun with counter punches. Taryn keeps her cool, throws out some retaliating jabs of her own that Bayley ducks under! A few quick punches to the breadbasket that don't give Taryn any trouble as she steps in with a wonderful left hand! It enters Bayley's cheek, but the right's just a bit too far to connect. These two love showing off their patience: Bayley still being the instigator of their carefully collected trades: but seems to be taking the most damage for it, since she just can't get out of Taryn's path in time! A little uneventful for our two bravado-packed wrestlers, but what can you do: this just shows they're both focused! The round ends with Taryn landing a nice little 1-2 into Bayley's breasts, showing that her JMD skills never leave, even in a good ol' fashion FCBA match. Taryn scrapes by on points.

ROUND 2: Taryn takes the lead this time, rushing Bayley's defense just a little bit in order to overwhelm the newbie and catch her offguard. Bayley's trying to take in stride, but she still looks a little stressed as Taryn just taps into that slowly trickling defense over and over. A right-left-right combo from the TNA knockout and--OH! Bayley tried to counter but got caught in the chin with a beautiful counter! Taryn takes the chance to hammer her opponent, showing her that she's not gonna be an easy win. Bayley in flight-mode right now; sticking to dodging Taryn's punches, throwing some light jabs to make sure she doesn't get utterly stomped this round. Taryn always gets close to trapping her opponent on the ropes or in the corner, but she misses the mark each time! ONE of them is moving too slow; in any case, Taryn's landing the really significant punches here, reddening up Bayley's pretty body with each punch she connects! The round ends with Bayley grazing the face of Taryn's with a right as she stumbled backwards from another massive hit of the TNA wrestler. Bayley looking frustrated at herself, while Taryn smiles as if it's all according to plan. Taryn takes another round by points!

ROUND 3: Taryn maybe getting a little too ahead of herself? She’s chasing Bayley down, trying to bully her into an early knockdown; Bayley ducks under a left and BAM! A right uppercut into Taryn’s chin! That caught the blonde off-guard: Bayley does everything she can to make that stun count as she comes in with rapid fire jabs to the face and ribs. Taryn refocuses, blocking the last of Bayley’s hail of jabs. We get a little silence as the two circle each other, the air gets tense: and Taryn’s the one to move ahead, trying to duck low and hit Bayley in the navel. Bayley blocks it with little effort, and catches Taryn with a left hook out of nowhere! Taryn obviously wasn’t ready for this change of pace: Bayley’s starting to feel more comfortable, and she’s getting into a rhythm. Now Bayley steps forward, not giving Taryn a lot of time to reconsider her strategy: the hug-loving girl is really good in speedy bursts! Taryn finds herself trying to get around it, but Bayley just keeps chasing her down with more quick punches with textbook-perfect reach; it’s looking like this fight’s getting a bit tougher for Taryn! The round ends with Taryn blocking another storm, looking a little flabbergasted at how much Bayley’s changed since the last two rounds; but we know that, deep down, she’s not all THAT worried. She’s a tough girl, and she’s faced a lot worse for sure!

ROUND 4: This time both girls come at each other, guns blazing! Meeting each other literally pound-for-pound in a glorious clash of fists, the two wrestlers are really showing what they’ve got tonight. Bayley lands a right to the gut just before they break apart the slugfest in center-ring. Taryn looking curious as she plans out what to do next, but Bayley smiles at her. What a change in confidence! Bayley hops in, 1-2, steps back out. Hops back in, another 1-2, steps back out. Taryn’s getting just a little bit pushed back…Bayley comes in again, 1—OH! Taryn gives her a little 1-2 of her own! She starts slamming her fists into Bayley’s chest, causing the optimistic WWE star to cry out in gasps of pain! She starts working Bayley back towards the ropes, but not without a fight as Bayley keeps trying to struggle out of Taryn’s range. She lands a good few to Taryn’s chin and stomach, but it’s not enough to stop the blonde girl from getting just what she wanted: a trapped Bayley! It’s really do or die time now as both girls try to get more damage in this round. Bayley searches for a way out once more, but Taryn won’t let her go as she hits her with some more quick right hands that strike her just about any place that extends past Taryn’s “domain”: the small section of the ropes and corner where she’s keeping Bayley. The round ends with Bayley bending over forwards with a shout of pain, Taryn landing a right-handed uppercut to the WWE girl. Taryn smiles with bright teeth as she walks back to her corner: confidence regained! Bayley walks back to hers a bit weakened, but she's not done just yet: looks like she's plotting a little something for the next round.

ROUND 5: Taryn, still smiling, seems like she's ready to finish the girl off, even if she's not closed to "finished" yet. She's coming in with quick 2-right-left combos, white gloves moving in a rhythm, but WHOA! Bayley with an amazing haymaker to the face that leaves Taryn staggering after releasing a fountain of saliva from the sheer force of that move! Bayley's going full throttle now: Taryn's body and face is getting pummeled with the quickness! And there goes a right cross that makes Taryn crash into the ropes...only to bounce right back into Bayley again! The girl's got her guard up, but Bayley's slamming her gloves into that guard over and over, and it doesn't look like she's gonna stop! Taryn's a bit fearful now, control of the match completely out of her hands as the WWE star comes at her like a swarm of bees to a honeypot. Bayley smiles--not out of sadistic pleasure, but one of optimism and hope--as she turns things around for herself in a dramatic fashion. No matter what the TNA wrestler tries to throw, it's just dodged as Bayley comes right back at her with an amazing display of power. The round ends with Bayley giving Taryn a nasty bruise on the face right before the bell rings: and Taryn looks PISSED! Bayley doesn't care, though: she's just happy to have a good fight! Taryn glares, but Bayley waves with her glove and smiles back.

ROUND 6: Bayley comes out first, but Taryn is doing everything in her power to block and dodge, refusing to become a punching bag once more for her newcomer opponent. Taryn punches at Bayley, but the brunette sways in the wind, speed on point. These two move in a near blur as they stay center-ring, Taryn shooting off weak lefts in order to open up a big potential for damage later on. Bayley takes it in stride though, punishing the blonde with strong right punches to the nose. Well-timed counter punches, and poor Taryn starts to slow down. Bayley's starting to parry her punches nice and easy now, but she stays out of the way of any major damage really, really well. Only one thing left to do for her this round is survive: can she? Bayley's coming at her like a train on two legs, powerful punches and excellent pace. Bayley's smiling as she gives her all; Taryn sweating and panting as she tries to dodge, but finds herself trapped! Just where Bayley trapped her; what a clever girl! Taryn tries to counter, but eats a powerful right to the solar plexus and a left uppercut that sends her off her feet and onto the canvas! Bayley can barely contain her excitement as she runs back to her corner and waits for the ref to count. Taryn looking beat; she keeps trying to clutch onto those ropes, but she slips off every time and simply can't beat the count! The ref hits 10 and it's OVER! Bayley jumps up and down in a frenzy of euphoria! What a fight, ladies and gentlemen! The WWE wins; KO6 Bayley!

After: Taryn starts to get up, but has Bayley picking her up all the way...and pulling her into a big old hug! "Taryn, that was amazing! You did soooo good!" she says, giggling the whole time. The blonde scoffs and smiles weakly, and says "Thanks, kid." between breaths.

Bayley bubbly as she walks to center ring and gets a round of applause for an amazing debut! Absolutely starstruck, she is. "It was amazing! Taryn was tough, but I knew I could come out on top! Get ready to see a lot more of me around here, 'cause I'm not going anywhere! I'm gonna work my way to the top!"

She walks out of the ring in that beautiful swimsuit, still beaming.

Taryn's thoughts:

"I made a mistake, and she capitalized on it. She caught me at my worst, and I just couldn't take all the momentum. She's really strong and fast, once she gets comfortable against her opponent. I don't think I'll take a loss that easily, but I wish her the best in all of her future fights if we don't meet again. Girl's got a bright future ahead of her, and I've got business to take care of back in JMD. 'nuff said."



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