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26 August 2016 Jessica Nigri vs Demi Lovato

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on August 26, 2016, 6:20 pm



Jessica Nigri versus Demi Lovato
(Words: WW / Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: We’ve got Jessica Nigri vs Demi Lovato right now: one a newcomer, the other pretty experienced when it comes to the FCBA after recently transitioning to Lookout! Boxing. Should be an interesting bout: can this newcomer hold her own against Demi’s strength?

“I’m not expecting too much…” Demi starts, “…but I’m not letting my guard down. A fighter’s a fighter, new or not. I’ll make sure she gets everything I’ve got: the question is, can she even handle that much?”

Jessica doesn’t seem nervous at all. “I’m not scared!” she says, giggling. “i know she’s tough, but I think I’m just a little tougher. I was cut out for the FCBA—I’ve been training and preparing so much—and I feel like I can beat her. Should be a fun fight!”

Demi Lovato in a black backless one-piece swimsuit with red gloves while Jessica Nigri wears a two-piece and a little decorative tiara: red top with a blue bottom covered in stars, her blue gloves also rocking stars as well. Gives her a real “Wonder Woman” feel!

ROUND 1: And we're off! Both girls start circling each other, ready to fight, Jessica moving like she's got wings as she pops off shots while moving around. Demi searching for just the right moment to make her move...and there! Shoots a left right into Jess' stomach! That caught her off guard; Demi follows up with a hook and she GETS CAUGHT BY JESS' uppercut! Jessica backs up and capitalizes by  smacking Demi right in the breast. Demi gasps in pain, and Jess moves right into hitting her with a flurry of jabs! Not bad so far; Demi finally escapes the rain of punches by guarding, but Jessica's on her tail...she's looking for any way to get out, lets Jessica hammer on her a little more. She might be stuck, but she throws a haymaker in a brave attempt to get out: and it connects! Jessica finally gets off her and she starts stumbling backwards. Lovato takes HER chance to do as much damage as possible; Nigri isn't nearly as good at covering up as she is. Lovato really laying it on--and then the bell rings. Looks like the two bruised each other up just as much in this first round, since we end on a draw in terms of points!

ROUND 2: Back in action, both girls not slowing down a bit; Demi gives Jess a glare of pure focus. Jess throws some jabs, into a right straight--but the punch gets parried and countered with Demi's left hook! Lovato on point as she strikes Nigri with two quick rights and another left! That's not enough to stop the blonde, though: she catches Demi offguard by refusing to go defensive! A punch right into the ribs and another one to the chin! Are we going to see another back-and-forth brawl?! The musician covers up her stomach right as Jess pounds into it and weaves out of the way of a follow-up punch. Demi dodges a few more, and catches Jessica with the uppercut; showing off that veteran ring experience! Stuns Nigri for just a second, leaving her open to a few more punches, and a quick breast jab as the bell rings. Demi's facial expression relaxes a little; she's feeling good. Jess clicks her teeth in frustration at those last few seconds, since that gave Demi the round on points!

ROUND 3: Looks like Jessica's frustration from last round carries over just a little bit as she gets more aggressive: Demi tries to keep her head above water as the blonde model's punches and speed get a little trickier to avoid and block. She's doing really good right now; maybe she is a little too much for the newcomer after all! A few more, and then a counter--WAIT, NO! Jessica feinted her! She tried to go in to stop the left but she had to get ready for the right instead! Right into Demi's nose! Jessica starts unloading all of that anger from before, all over Demi's breasts and abdomen! The musician finds herself backing into the ropes, moaning from all the damage Nigri's causing! She starts closing that guard once more, desperately trying to get out, and only finds peace when she grazes Jessica with a sloppy right, which seems to scare the blonde off. Jessica playing it smart, probably; Demi looked like she could've walloped her if she kept going ballistic like that! At least now Jess seems to feel better: back to a smiling face as she looks at the recoiling Demi, who now looks a little peeved at both her opponent and her mistakes! Demi comes back in careful, ready to bounce back away from the model should the situation get bad again. A few cautious punches get thrown, which don't trouble Jessica at all. Demi exerts a little more force, and catches the blonde with a quick left to the stomach which makes her gasp, but the bell rings before she can get anything going. Jessica giggles a bit at the fact, and that only serves to tick Demi off more! Jess goes jogging back to her corner, all smiles, while Demi just groans and marches back to hers.

ROUND 4: Back in action, Demi trying to keep her head cool as she fights the increasingly annoying (at least to her!) Jessica. Jessica bouncing in rhythm, assets bouncing all around as she keeps smiling at Demi. Incoming right from Demi that Jess ducks and punishes with a quick right to Demi's breast...followed up by a neat little 1-2 counter to the stomach from another failed attempted of Demi. Lovato's getting worked up, now; is Jessica toying with her? Never the less, Jess is still giggling as she paces around the singer and throws quick little punches--but it looks like that's stopping NOW, as Demi leans back and hits her with a powerful right! With a quick gasp, Jessica shifts gears, blocking Demi's assault as she tries to land something, ANYTHING, on Jessica. She wants to teach her a lesson, that's for sure: and she just might, since Nigri's getting trapped now! Demi pushes her closer and closer into the corner with every punch, before finally swatting Nigri in the chin! She tries to push herself forward a little more, but Jessica's quick "get off me" jabs won't let her! Demi starts trying to go for those abs, but Jess swerves around and gets herself out of danger! Jess comes forward with a few punches aimed at the head! One catches Demi, but the other grazes her--leaving enough time for Demi to throw an impressive cross right at Jessica that makes her bounce into the ropes! As the singer tries to deal a little more damage, she gets caught with Nigri's speed once more! The round ends with a close call: the bell rings, and both girls get a chance to simmer down from the heated action. But something tells me the fight's just getting started...Jess took it, but barely.

ROUND 5: Both girls come out of their corners, circling each other; readying each other for whoever throws the first shot. Looks like it's Jessica, only for Demi to duck and WHOA--huge uppercut to Jessica's chin! The musician throws a hook, rocking Jessica's world a little more! Trying to get her trapped again; Nigri's fast and powerful, but keeping anyone cornered once they've been worn down a bit is always a winning strategy! Jess is stumbling as the crowd goes wild from Demi's display of dominance, connecting some jabs right into her pretty blonde face. Jessica slips a quick hit into Demi's boobs, though, before following up with a left to the chin! But Demi refuses to back down, as she starts brawling right back instead of going defensive! Keeping still just for a second as Jessica guards just so she doesn't slip again, Demi's hands are practically twitching at the prospect of finally pinning the model down! Jess tries to leave, but she WON'T as Demi hits her right in the abs! Demi does a little more damage each time Jess tries to escape, the blonde panting and moaning after each of Demi's killer blows! The round ends right as Demi does it again: Jessica desperately stumbling over to her corner while Demi smirks in satisfaction, having reclaimed her focus. Demi's back in the game!

ROUND 6: Demi getting a little comfortable now, finding that rhythm while Jess is still reeling from that earlier assault. Slower punches, but Jess is still scared to do anything in fear of Demi tricking her. The girl's playing it real safe: not a lot of newcomers like to do that!  But, honestly, Demi's getting a little too carefree as she just bops at Jess without a care, smile on her face. Hey, if Jessica's not gonna do anything about it, it doesn't matter--but Jessica wallops Demi as she throws another careless punch! All that bullying got her nowhere! Jess just starts hammering the singer in the face with left, right, left, right and a BIG uppercut! The crowd gets excited as Jess lays on her revenge! Poor Lovato can't end find a way out; Jessica just sticks to her! These two are awfully similar, now that I mention it...anyway, Jess taunts her with a little "how about that?"  as she keeps digging away. Lovato can only react to the pain with moans, reaching for Nigri's ribs but hitting her ample rack instead, which only gets her into more trouble as Nigri makes the singer spill a little blood and spit with a killer right. Demi holds on for dear life as she braces her whole body for an intense round. A panicked left makes Jessica step back, but it's only a second of relief as Jessica reengages with her pearly whites shining bright, smiling at her success. Demi retreats in a circle, pushing to keep Jessica away but finding herself face-to-face with the blonde every single time! A few stray punches graze her face, but Jessica takes this round easily as she ends it with a nice big uppercut into Demi's tits! As the singer collapses back into her corner from getting overworked, Jessica gives her a wink and a blown kiss from her glove. Both of them are really building up the heat to this fight now: if it wasn't obvious that they aren't going easy anymore, well...they aren't going easy anymore!

ROUND 7:  Alright, both back into neutral gear as they stand still and glare into each other's eyes. Whoever takes the lead first can probably win themselves the match for good...and both of them know that. Jessica hops in, throwing some jabs, but Demi blocks all of them. Then Demi steps in, throwing shots at those abs, only for Nigri to step back, throw a counterpunch that Demi leans away from. It's an odd mix of fear and courage from these two as this fight roars on. Both of them come at each other, punches aimed at the same time with alternating arms, and they trade perfectly! Both of them caught each other in the chin! Another one as they trade breast punches, and another as they throw a hook--but it looks like Demi had a little more power as Jessica falters! Demi moves in the blink of an eye to finish this match for good! My God, Demi's just in a frenzy as she works on every part of poor Jessica! I knew one slip would end this! Demi just won't let up, and any counter Jess gets to throw is practically slapped away! Jess tries to guard up, but she's too weak to do that as Demi breaks right through it with a straight! Forget about dodging; she's right against the corner! Jessica doesn't stand a chance anymore! The round ends just as Demi tries to deliver an uppercut! Jessica survives...but for how long?

ROUND 8: ...not long at all, it looks like! Jess stumbles out of her corner like a zombie, arms hanging low and a dizzy look in her eyes. Demi smiles and looks at the crowd, before giving Jessica exactly what she was gonna give her last round: a beautiful uppercut that sends the blonde on the floor! She doesn't stir for a few seconds, but then she tries getting up, crying out in pain with each attempt! Demi looked nervous for a second there: if Jess got up, what would she do? In any case, Nigri stays down and doesn't beat the count. She tried, but Demi toughed it out and brawled straight through. KO8 Demi Lovato!

AFTER: "That...was a match." Demi says, smiling. "Jessica wasn't half-bad; almost got me. But let's face it, folks: you all knew I was gonna come out on top. I never go down without a fight: and Nigri over there got to experience that first-hand!"

So, how does Jessica feel about her first loss?

"She's...really good..." Jessica says, still in an exhausted haze. "We're really similar. Sometimes I felt like I was fighting a mirror, seriously! I'm not sure about this...but I don't think I'm done with her. Not yet. But first, I need to train. I held my own, but now I gotta outdo her. That's the key to beating her!"



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