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26 August 2016 Eliza Dushku vs Nina Dobrev

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on August 26, 2016, 5:57 pm



Eliza Dushku vs Nina Dobrev
(Words: Medallion / Results: Lookout!)

Prefight: The two ladies show up in very short shorts and tank tops for the weigh in and the press event starts right afterwards.

"I love this rivalry with a Hall of Famer." Nina begins. "We have such similar styles and body types. I really see myself as following in her footsteps."
Eliza was a bit less impressed. "To be a rivalry, Nina you would to have won a fight against me and you haven't have you?" Eliza says with a sweet smile. "We are a lot a like I have to admit and you have skills but you're just not on my level yet and I'll prove it again in the ring."

As the two fighters come to the sand ring, it seems Alex has had her hand in the wardrobe as Eliza comes out in a cut to the bellybutton one piece in black while Nina is wearing the same just in red. The Medallion camp looks over to Charisma's executive assistance and head of communications. Alex just gives a little grin and the two ponytailed beauties return to their corners after instructions.

R1: The two fighters slowly circle one another trying to feel each other out using the jab to look for opening. This is the first time the two have fought although Nina has had success against other members of Medallion. The round is mostly just looking and jabbing. Nina finds some openings during the round and lays into Eliza's body showing her power. The Albanian Princess is able to counter each time and slide away the last time right at the bell. Nina seems quite pleased with herself at the bell while Eliza doesn't really have any expressions as if it's expected how she lost the first round.

R2: The two out of their corners and touch gloves to begin again. Things start out much like the first round each trying to box the other then Nina sees a big opening she jumps inside and gets drilled with a left to jaw. Nina's out of it as Eliza follows up with a right hook driving her back. Nina wobbly butt getting punished. She tries to tie up but Eliza push the Bulgarian Brawler away then dills her in the stomach. Nina bent over getting pounded whole body shaking from the shots. She finally grabs the Albanian Princess around the waist forcing a stoppage for a break. Nina is shivering eyes blinking and Eliza jumps back in. All the younger brunette can do is cover up her curvy body pawing at Eliza when she can trying to move but each time she does staggering more than moving lucky Eliza not hitting her when she does. She gets pasted in her own corner at the bell. Eliza is pulled off bearing her teeth stomping away as Nina sits down in the sand in her corner nearly in tears.

R3: A lot of work happening in Nina's corner trying to bring her around from the punishment. At the bell there is a question of if she'll answer it but the proud Bulgarian gets to her feet hands up slowly coming out sand stuck to her sweaty buns. Eliza lets her get to center before resuming her beating. Nina does looks better standing her ground and moving when she can but Eliza is marching her around the ring always with leather on her. Nina firing back some but nothing major. She's trying to survive pulling herself together as the round goes on but still looking pained by the hard shots inside. Eliza settles not to finish her off just dealing punishment to the bell. Nina has survived but looks badly beaten to her body swelling to her face.

R4: Still busy work on Nina in her corner trying to keep down the swelling and get her sore body cooled down. She's still wincing from being touched. They come out for round four Nina still defensive coving but able to counter Eliza keeping the veteran back. On one of the counters sees and opening and jumps hurting Eliza but then getting blasted on the way out to the chin and stomach whole body shudders again ending her offensive fury. She stays up and active for the rest of the round but Eliza puts another one in the win column.

R5: Nina has clawed her way back into this fight busted up by punishment to the body and face but still in it answering the bell for round five. The two touch gloves for the beginning of round a sign of respect for the Nina's heart. Eliza still dictating the pace hurting Nina bad when she can get to the body but Nina finds and opening and rocks Eliza pushing back the Albanian. Eliza tries to counter but Nina is able to is able to endure it keeping up the pressure making Eliza have to escape now Nina at control up to the bell. They now both go back to their corners tired for the first time.

R6: Nina comes out for this round still very protective of herself but now trying to dictate the pace standing toe to toe with Eliza at times landing her hardest blows of the fight. Finally breaking down Eliza defense blasting the brunette to the body several times nearly lifting her off her feet putting everything she has into each shot then going to the head. Eliza is hurt backing to the ropes. More work to the body then another to the head. Eliza wobbly butt getting pasted by the resilient Bulgarian who at this point throwing caution to the wind just unloading on her idol. At the bell it's now Nina who has to be pulled away as Eliza slides down the ropes to her corner.

R7: Eliza is completely out of it in her corner Nina however doesn't look much better wincing with almost each movement. They come out for round and Nina just charges in throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the hurt Eliza. She tires to tie up but Nina won't allow it. Firing with fury to the Albanian's head and chest not worrying about the body now trying to take her out. Eliza finally gets the clench breaking the action but Nina jumps right back in afterwards Eliza firing back somehow now but still getting pasted. Nina almost crying out as she throws using everything she has but at the bell Eliza is still standing and not against the ropes. Both ladies look distraught limping back to their corners.

R8: The Medallion corner really trying to get Eliza back into it. Nina's corner really concerned with the state of their fighter working on her sides and stomach. The Bulgarian seeming in a lot of pain. The two gladiators come out for round eight they touch gloves then proceed to lay into each other with everything they have. It's a brawl each landing shot after shot to each other's head and chest. Eliza trying to go to the body some each one rattling the curvy brunette. The round goes on neither one slowing down then finally the tide breaks. Nina landing a combination to Eliza head nearly taking it off. The Albanian Princess falls into the ropes trying to cover up Nina goes in after her looking to end this. Eliza countering to the body with hard shots both at the end. Eliza stops throwing at the ten second mark. The referee jumps in at before the bell to stop it grabbing the limb Eliza in his arms. Nina takes one step back and fall hard onto her butt with a bounce stretches out rolling to her stomach legs kicking a bit at her knees giving it all to win this fight. The image of that moment has to be on magazines everywhere. Your winner Nina Dobrev by TKO in the eighth.

Postfight: It takes several minutes to clean up things in the ring. Nina down near the center and Eliza being dragged to her corner. They get Nina's sand covered body back to her corner to get cleaned up and worked on. After the announcement the battered Albanian comes over and give Nina a big hug. The two now both have sand stuck on them. They both giggle then it is heard Eliza saying it is a rivalry now. Nina finally up and able to speak. "I have never been beaten so bad in my life." Nina says so short of breath. "She really knows how to pound a girl to the body. I know I'm pretty hurt can't really move my arms without side pain." She continues tears building up. "I couldn't have come out for the ninth. I was done. I don't remember much of the second and third. Eliza is a real champion and I'm so happy I beat her. Let's see how long I can keep being the Medallion Slayer."



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