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22 September 2016 Revenge Of The Pretty Little Punchers

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Posted by Archer on September 22, 2016, 6:20 am




Writing: Archer

It was a lovely tropical resort island, one of the offered secluded beachfront cottages, and so was favored by those celebrities seeking leisure time privacy. In one of these bungalows a final briefing was taking place before a plan was set in motion.

“Our information was correct, the photographer from HOT FIGHTERS magazine has just arrived at the airport, but she’s been misdirected to the other side of the island,” reported Lucy Hale. “With any luck Shay and Troian will keep her away until we’re all finished and gone.”

“You mean when The Wannabees and their friends are finished,” snickered Ashley Benson.

“That’s the part I’m looking forward to,” Sasha Pieterse said. “Those bytches will find out you don’t mess with the PLP and get away with it.”

“Fine,” Autumn Reeser, the PLP communications director said, “but we’ll be taking on more than Sarah Hyland, Sammi Hanratty and Zoey Deutch—they’ll have their friends Stella Hudgens,, Miranda Cosgrove and Sami Gayle all there.”

“Not to mention our backstabbing ex-stablemates Addie Kane and Willa Holland,” growled Leah Pipes. “I cannot believe those traitors would be featured in a photoshoot even if it is HOT FIGHTERS.”
 Then smiled: "I sure hope this works and we can pay them all back!"

“Stop worrying,” Danielle Campbell said, “we will take them all out and get it all on film. People will forget all about that one of them socking it to us."

"Kaya! Are you ready?” Ashley Benson called out.

“I’m ready,” Kaya Scodelario said stepping into the room, though her normal brown hair was now replaced by a candy red bobbed wig, her bare arms were covered in tattoos as she sauntered into the room with camera in hand.

“Wow, it’s really you?” Ashley gasped.

“You got that right,” said Kaya now sporting an Australian accent,”international glamour photographer Rogue Razor reporting for undercover duty.”

“Fine, just remember you’ll drive up in that rental van that is supposedly full of equipment and that will get us through the front gate,” Janel Parrish said. “You get out and get them outside so we can charge out of the van and take those bytches out.”

“I can see you are all properly undressed for the occasion,: Kaya smirked.

“Well,” Leah Pipes said pulling back her robe to show off a purple with white lace trimmed bodysuit, “you can’t expect us to show up in shorts and tees when they’ll be in lingerie and swimsuits.”

“The whole idea,” Lucy said adjusting a purple ribbon on her white panties and then checking her white satin bra with tiny purple bows augmenting it, “is that the telephoto cameras we’ve got planted on the outside of compound. will get us kicking Wannabee butt AND looking sexy while we do it.”

“All right, Ashley is in that purple bikini,” Sasha said, “I’ve got the white with purple trim camisole and briefs

“And as you can see I’ve got the purple sleep bikini with the white faux fur trim,” Danielle said thoughtfully studying a helpfully set up full length mirror.

“And purple will be our official PLP catfighting colors,” Autumn Reeser said checking her dark purple bustier and the light purple garters that connected to sheer purple fishnet stockings. After all, we already know the W’s will be in red and maybe white. Our colors will look much better than theirs.”

“That’s fine for you, but I’m the one in these jeans and sweat shirt not to mention the tacky fake tattoos and this red wig, It’s going to take me time to get out of it so I can make sure Willa Holland gets her bottom red from the spanking she so richly deserves.

Janel Parrish scowled and unconsciously rubbed the seat of her white and purple striped bikini bottoms: “I had rope burns on my stomach for days not to mention that bruises on my buns. Hanratty, Hyland and Deutch all need to pay for what they did to us!”

Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson who had also suffered the indignity of being hung over the ring ropes while the three Wannabees stars played “horsey” on their backs, scowled and rubbed their own bottoms.

Lucy then walked to an adjoining room where the PLP petite general manager Danielle Harris and the team trainer Nia Peeples were checking monitor screens.


“You sure you don’t want us to come?” Danielle asked wistfully. “I love a good catfight.”

“No, Shannen Doherty isn’t with them, so you two get to run the cameras and make sure it all gets recorded,” Lucy said.

“I think she means she thinks we’re too old to catfight,” teased Nia Peeples.

“Oh I am sure that is not true,” Lucy assures them. “Besides Autumn will be representing Management.”

“Okay, but I timing is the important thing in an ambush attack. You have to get them before they have the chance to think and get organized. Just blitz them and we’ll get the pictures,” Danielle assured them.

“Then we better get this going,” Janel said sticking her head in the door. “Kaya’s put warming up the van, In10 minutes this will be an Historical Event.”

“Bossy, isn’t she?” Danielle snickered.

“But she is nearly as good as me when it comes to sneaky plans,” Lucy said with a grin and scampered from the room…

Meanwhile at the Wannabees Cottage….

“Rogue is on her way,” Sammi Hanratty announced looking up from her IPad as she came into the main room of the cottage, “she wants us all ready. I know I am.”

“You just can’t wait to show off in the red bikini.” Sarah Hyland said. “I think my red one suit is pretty hot too.”

“Oh please,” Zoey Deutch said, “I’m the one in the red lace bra and panties.”

“I can see why they needed us here,” Willa Holland said, “we’re the ones who will be supplying the real sexy fashion around here. Right, Addie?”

Adelaide Kane nodded: “I think we’re the Foxfire Foxes, here to help you W’s out,”

They were wearing matching red bikinis with white trim and white FF logo on the left bra cups. They linked arms and pretended to pose for an imaginary camera.

“Oh please, my sister Vanessa told me about Foxfire chicks and your egos. I see she was right,: said a brunette in a white one piece covered with red valentines.

“I don’t even know what you are doing here,” snapped Adelaide, “who in celebrity boxing has heard of Stella Hudgens?”

“Back off, Addie! Stella is a good friend of the Wannabees,!” Sammi Hanratty snapped.

“I will get into celebrity boxing just as soon as I am a celebrity like Vanessa!” Stella blurted.

“Calm down, I’ve been on ‘Blue Bloods’ for 7 seasons now and it took ‘Vampire Academy’ to get me here,” Sami Gayle said. “And I am still waiting for an FCBA fight!”

“Since I am the one who actually IS in the FCBA, but not with a group,” Miranda Cosgrove said, “I think you need lay off Stella. Be glad HOT FIGHTERS wants to use so many of us. I know I could use the attention.”

“Me too,” said Sami Gayle, she was wearing a red satin body suit which she inspected in a mirror.

Miranda Cosgrove stepped up next to her she was in a red tankini with a nicely plunging v-neckline. Then Sami Gayle in a white bikini with red fringing joined them.

“We all look great,” Sami pronounced.

At that moment there was the sound of horn blowing. Instantly the Wannabees and their guests snapped to attention. There was a long pause and a second impatient horn blowing.

“Well open the gate!” Zoey hissed at Sami who stood next to the button that would open the gate. Sami was standing there in a last minute burst of stage fright.

“What if we don’t look good?”Sami asked anxiously.

“Oh for crying out loud!” Sarah said and rusher over to push the button herself.

Outside, the gate swung open and a rather large van with side doors entered into the grounds of the cottage. The young women rushed to the door which led onto a deck and the steps down to the driveway where the van was pulling to a halt, but then they all seemed gripped the last moment panicked uncertainty. The van horn blew again and a woman wearing dark glasses and a candy apple red wig stuck her head out the driver’s side window.

“I thought I told you bloody babes that I wanted you out here waiting for me!” She called up.

The Wannabees looked at each other. They seemed to calm themselves and made a brisk exit from the cottage, down the deck and into the drive. They lined up about 10 feet from the van.

The red wigged woman climbed out of the van, a single camera around her neck. She approached the Wannabees like a Drill Instructor encountering a group of fresh recruits.

“In case you haven’t guessed, I am Rogue Razor and for some reason HOT FIGHTERS magazine wants me to take your pictures,” the photographer said in an Australian accent.

“I don’t think I like your attitude,” Adelaide Kane said, “and what part of Australia do you come from? Maybe I know your people.”

“I doubt that,” Rogue said, “and I am not sure you and your Foxfire friend even belong here.”

Willa Holland had been silent, but she was starring daggers at the photographer and then she got out of line to confront Rogue Razor. “You look really familiar to me and I never met any Rogue Razor. What have you got under that wig?”

Moments ago inside the van…

Lucy Hale had her hand on the handle that would throw open the side door. Next to her was Janel Parrish, behind them crouched Leah Pipes, Sasha Pieterse and behind them were Ashley Benson and Danielle Campbell, with Autumn Reeser as rear guard.

“What’s going on out there?” Ashley hissed.

“Kaya has them lined up,” Janel said, “get read—oh crap! It’s that bytch Holland! She just yanked the wig off Kaya! They’re swarming her! THROW OPEN THE DAMN DOOR HALE!”

Lucy Hale tried, but the door latch was hung up. With a desperate heave, Lucy threw back the door. Behind her the other four Punchers lunged forward, but as they did they slammed into Janel and Lucy who went sprawling out the door closely followed by Leah and Sasha so that the four of them ended up in a tangle on the (fortunately) soft dirt of the drive.

It was probably fortunate for the would-be ambushers that the Wannabees were no longer in line, Willa’s unmasking of the supposed photographer and her cry of; “IT’S THAT BYTCH KAYA!” caused the other girls go surround the exposed undercover operative. Kaya’s shirt and shorts were ripped off (they were tearaways) leaving her in a purple lace teddy that probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer. However the swarming of Kaya meant that the W’s were slow to react when the van door slide open and out tumbled (literally) four members of the PLL.

“Hey! There’s more of them!” cried Zoey Deutch as she turned around.

“It’s the Punchers!” cried Sarah Hyland standing next to her. “It’s a trap!”

At once all the W’s (save Willa Holland who was intent on pounding Kaya into the dirt) turned to meet the attack. Then Danielle Campbell, Ashley Benson and Autumn Reeser leaped over the struggling pile of their comrades and charged into much more numerous W’s. The charge caught the Wannabees shifting their positions. Danielle slammed into Sarah Hyland and Ashley Benson rammed into Zoey Deutch. Sarah and Zoey were hurled back into Sammi Hanratty, Stella, Miranda and Sami Gayle. Autumn Reeser then leaped onto the dazed Wannabees ensuring their confusion would continue.

By then Lucy, Janel, Leah and Sasha had scrambled to their feet and formed a second wave that stormed into the disordered ranks of the Wannabees. A struggling mass of angry females quickly formed and engulfed Willa and Kaya. It was quite confusing but it was apparent that furious fighting was going on. This went on until Ashley Benson grabbed Willa by the hair and hurled her to one side to get her off Kaya Scodelario. Kaya crawled away trying to get her breath, but then who should make a leap at her but Adelaide Kane. Kaya got her legs up speared Addie in the stomach and then sent her flying back into the scrum.

Janel Parrish dragged Sarah Hyland out by the hair and tried to put her over her lap for a spanking. However Sami Gayle appeared to tackle Janel, but Sasha Pieterse was right behind Ms. Gayle and the four of them now had their own furious battle.

Zoey Deutch was grappling with Leah Pipes when Sammi Hanratty suddenly jumped on Leah’s back. Leah went down with the two W’s pounding on her, but then Lucy Hale leaped onto Zoey while Leah managed to roll over onto Sammi H.

This left Miranda Cosgrove and Stella Hudgens who had just picked themselves up after subduing Autumn Reeser when Addie Kane’s flying body knocked them down. Danielle Campbell came rushing in with Ashley Benson right behind her. Autumn Reeser revived and jumped in to add to the ever-shifting fracas.

Kaya Scodelario shook off her own mental haze and headed right for Willa Holland who was staggering about looking like her bell had been rung. Kaya was more than happy to Irish whip Willa into the side of the van. Willa bounced off and then flopped on her face groaning. Kaya considered a follow-up attack, but then she saw Stella and Miranda ram Autumn and Danielle’s heads together sending both on top of a fallen Ashley Benson and Addie Kane. Kaya swooped in and managed to stick out both arms and catch Miranda and Stella by surprise with a clothesline that lifted them off their feet and crashing to the ground.

Ashley Benson had pushed Addie Kane off her. Then she called to Kaya and they then body slammed Addie onto Stella Hudgens and Miranda Cosgrove. Kaya then pointed to the fallen Willa Holland, They rushed over and added her to the pile.

Lucy Hale and Leah Pipes were still struggling with Zoey Deutch and Sammi Hanratty, so Ashley, Kaya and Autumn hurried over to help subdue them. Moments later Zoey and Sammi Hanratty were added to the groaning pile of beaten Wannabees.

It was at this point that Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse appeared dragging a sleeping Sami Gayle and Sarah Hyland by their hair.

“Boob smothered them out,” Sasha reported proudly.

“We just loved it,” Janel added.

“Add them to the heap and then we better get out of here!” Autumn Reeser advised.

A few moments later. Autumn pressed the manual release on the front gate and their van sped away leaving their foes to recover from the shocking events of the afternoon.

The seven young women then returned to their own cottage. By now Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario had returned and joined Danielle Harris who was finishing up storing the recorded material.

“Well, we gave Ms. Rogue Razor quite a tour of the island,” Troian said, “I think she should finally get to the W’s tomorrow some time.”

“Once she sobers up,” Shay snickered. “Right now she is sleeping it off in a deluxe hotel suite, Nothing but the best for her.”

“All right, change clothes and grab your suitcases. We have to get to the seaplane and fly out of her before the W’s track us down,” Danielle Harris said.

“I just hope you realize you probably started a war,” Autumn Reeser said.

“We didn’t start it,” Lucy Hale insisted.

“They did! And we made’em pay for it!” Janel declared and the others chimed in their agreement.

Some time later, at the Wannabee cottage, the bruised and aching Wannabees were slumped around in chair in the main room. Sammi Hanratty put down the phone with an angry cry.

“The real Rogue Razor is sleeping it off in a fancy hotel room at OUR expense! Those miserable Punchers tricked us!”

“No kidding,” Willa Holland growled an ice bag on her head, “just what do you plan to do about it?”

“I don’t you know yet, but we will!” Zoey Deutch said vehemently.

“Yeah!” Sarah Hyland declared. “If they want war—The Wannabees will give ’em war!”

Meanwhile Stella Hudgens was snapping a selfie of the black and blue shiner that was forming around her right eye.

“Wait until I send this to Vanessa! Bet she never got a shiner THIS good,” Stella was telling Sami Gayle. “You really sure it was Lucy Hale who did it?"

“She could have,” Sami said carefully as she nursed a fat lip. “I was kind of busy myself. I thought I saw her get you in the eye with her elbow. Why does it matter?”

“’Nessa doesn’t like Lucy, it will sound better if she thinks it wasn’t just some rando elbow whacking me,” Stella explained.

“Yes, you tell her that, we could use some Lookout support if we’re going to get back at those PLP bytches!” Sarah Hyland called out.

“Will do!” Stella said clearly eager to help her friends.

“Nothing like a sister with a black eye to stir up Vanessa,” Sammi Hanratty said. “and we are going to need all the help we can get if we’re going to win this war!”




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