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25 Februaruy 2000 Title Ch Dani Fishel vs Natalie Raitano

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Posted by Simguy on Friday, 25-Feb-2000 23:13;15


Before: Little bit of animosity creeps into otherwise uncivil proceedings during pre-fight. Raitano glorying in her destruction of Michelle Williams, hams it up for the press and guarantees worse for Fishel. Dani taking comments about her stable mate harder than she would anything about herself, nearly takes the bait. Nat in black sports bra, red adidas terrycloth trunks, Dani in teal sports bra, grey cotton stretch shorts.


R1: War breaks out as Dani immediately throws the game plan to slug toe to toe. Raitano’s fists soon warp Fishel’s features, especially a battering ram straight right hand from the shoulder that hammers the cheeks and mouth of Dan I with agonizing consistency. Both girls bashing hooks off one another’s jaw, but Dani’s right hand not as imposing, and the 2 for 1 trade starts to go Raitano’s way. Under a minute in, Dani wobbles to all fours, having soaked up a blistering 2 fisted assault, and she is busted up. Fishel up at 8, and immediately the girls swarm one another again, heads snapping back as punches land, fists bouncing loudly off firm midsections AND RAITANO GOES DOWN! Dani’s left hook suddenly crashes against jawbone 3 times in quick succession, putting Natalie on her backside, and both girls are starting to look shredded. Nat up quick, and the warriors bore back in, with Raitano just ekeing out the lead I connects at the bell. Both petites are drunk with slugging, trembling visibly as they wander to their respective corners.


R2: No change of pace for these two. Girls step to one another, plant their feet and chug punches into one another with kamikaze determination. Raitano opening up Dani’s eye with those pulverizing straight right hands, and Fishel starts to swoon. Raitano on her, forcing Dani back as the champ’s form starts to get ragged. Natalie grinning fiercely, now getting  after Dani’s midriff with wide rights and lefts around Fishel’s arms, and it’s a rout. Fishel collapsing to the ropes, hands low, head snapping to and fro as Raitano unloads, but suddenly RAITANO IS HURT! Dani stepping into a hail mary hook from the hip, staggers back even as Natalie wobbles back then topples forward in trouble. Dani going to cheek to cheek, slugging mindlessly into the body with both fists until Raitano peels away, clattering to her back, arms outstretched—and Natalie’s not getting up. KO2 Dani Fishel as both girls use it up early.


After: Savage explosion of power punching leaves Dani in ruins, Natalie broken on the canvas. Raitano on the verge of stopping Fishel simply did not believe Fishel could hurt her and paid the price. Dani out on her feet, pulled the Arturo Gatti miracle hook out of the hat, sending Raitano to her first defeat. Fight could have gone either way—Fishel’s heart the difference.


Reposted by Archer 1/3/10.

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