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25 September 2016 Kelly Gale vs Tabrett Bethell

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(from Sydney, Australia)


Posted by Girls Friday on September 25, 2016, 5:58 pm



(Written by Girls Friday/Results BBU)

(Girls Friday vs Wildetime Boxing)

A battle of lightweights as Kelly Gale looks to continue her recovery of her early career against Tabrett Bethall, who can go in the ring.
Kelly has been touted as a future main event fighter this past year since she joined the BBU but her record has been sorely mixed to say the least, 2 wins to start her career were quickly followed by 2 losses when she stepped up in competition.
In her last fight she beat Daisy Lowe, who you can find on Strictly Come Dancing at the moment but still some lingering doubts on Kelly remain.
Tabrett is another fighter with a slightly mixed career, she's won roughly as many as she has lost and two months ago tried JMD for the first time in a losing effort to Danielle Lloyd.
Tabrett is hoping being back in Australia will help her get back on the winners trail and maybe back into title contention in her home country or maybe even the BBU.

Both fighters met at the press conference and other then a few looks up and down each other, they didn't seem like they'd rip the others head off just yet.
Going to their seats, Kelly was ushered to speak first at the podium and stood proudly in front of the worlds media to give her speech.
"I have been trying to find my way back into where I know my talents belong and that's in the big fights in the BBU" she says before turning to her future opponent.
She continues "but I'm honoured to get the chance to fight Tabrett as I know she's a big deal in the ACB but you're not in my league and I have to show I'm not just potential"
Tabrett gets her chance at the podium and says "I know Kelly can box but is she in my league as she puts it, no is the simple answer as the ACB has the fighters the BBU wish they could have had when both organizations started"
Turning to Kelly "it's nothing personal but it will be set in stone when I beat you that Tabrett Bethall kicked Kelly Gales ass"
Kelly can be seen smirking, trying not to laugh at Tabrett and her last statement, the older fighter just shakes her head and thinks "dumb bytch"
The final face off goes without a hitch as both fighters pose for the cameras and look confident they will win when it's fighting time before they leave the stage.

Fight night, Kelly is out first in a yellow and blue stripped one piece swimsuit, she has blue gloves and shoes with her hair braided for battle.
She has Holly Willoughby and Eva Carneiro with her as Holly has evidently being drafted as Kelly's coach within the Girls Friday stable.
Kelly climbs into the ring and climbs the bottom ropes in her corner to shout "I love you guys too" as boos ring out from the crowd.
That quickly changes to cheers as Tabrett comes out wearing a white one piece swimsuit with matching gloves and shoes, while her hair is in a simple ponytail.
Tania Zaetta is in the corner of Tabrett and looks as proud as a peacock after her other fighter Penny won the weekend before against Maisie Williams.
Tabrett climbs into the ring and flexes her arms to the crowd to a loud cheer before both fighters square up in the ring centre.
No pushing or other antics, just a silent stare down between the fighters as they try to score the first points of the fight by winning the mental battle, neither look like losing that battle as they just stare at each other with Nostrils flared.
The ref stands between the two fighters and reads the final instructions out to them before asking for a glove touch.
No words are spoken as gloves echo with a hard smack of leather as both women show they expect a hard fight through their actions.
Returning to their corners for their gumshields and the final instructions from their coaches, the bell rings and we are off with 10 rounds of lightweight action ahead.

Round 1:
Neither fighter races across the canvas, instead they are testing the waters with a simple jab being flicked our to the others guard.
Tabrett tries to be the first to strike forwards but is met with a hard straight counter to put her back on her heels.
That seems to have the older fighter on the back foot as Kelly explodes forward with some quick combos and down goes Tabrett onto her behind.
She's claiming it was a slip but the referee is keen to start the count as he waves Kelly to a neutral corner and Tabrett takes a standing 8 count.
Disaster in the early going for Bethall, who once the order to fight is given, quickly tries to make up ground by charging forward.
The problem is Kelly is quicker being a whole 16 years younger and it is allowing the youngster to pick off her older opponent with some swift strikes before manoeuvring out of the way of punches.
Tabrett finally slows down before Kelly shows that turn of speed to go on the front foot now and that has the Australian fighter back on the retreat, taking hard shots to her gloves.
The bell rings to save her and up to now Kelly has been right about being a class above but Tania is straight away telling Tabrett that she can do this.

Round 2:
Kelly is moving quickly around Tabrett again but this time the Australian fighter is forcing her way forward to close down the space for Gale to work in.
Tabrett takes two stiff straights to land one of her own before she uses her left forearm to push Kelly against the ropes.
Digging away to the body of Kelly, the referee is quickly in to separate the pair when he sees the forearm across the chest of the Swedish fighter to hold her in place.
Tabrett looks at the ref as if he is against her as Kelly quickly gets off the ropes, ready to fight when ordered.
Off go the fighters again with Tabrett trying to shut down the space again with her jab.
But Kelly is back to dancing around Tabrett, chipping away at the defence with her jab and she is throwing some stiff right hands to score some points.
Tabrett does manage to close the space down again late on to land several good shots before Kelly is able to fight her way out into the centre of the ring.
The bell rings with Tabrett looking happier but the crowd still seem nervous as Kelly certainly didn't get dominated the way their fighter did the first round.

Round 3:
The physical difference of the two fighters is shown again early in the round as Tabrett just hasn't the speed to close down Kelly, who in turn is sticking to out boxing her opponent.
Kelly notices that she's cut the bottom lip of Tabrett and it seems to spur her on to attack more aggressively as she comes on the front foot more often to strike with her straight right to those lips.
Tabrett is wincing under the pressure she's now being put under and it is raising the question if she can find the answer to win this fight, when she doesn't seem to have the tools at her disposal.
She is managing to stay off the ropes though and is landing a good counter punch to the body of Gale as she tries to slow her down.
But Kelly is just hammering her with her speed, not letting her opponent get comfortable as the fight is firmly in her court to lose.
The bell rings on another strong round for Kelly, Tabrett looks at Tania almost lost for an answer as her coach tries to give her one.
Kelly looks calm and assured as Holly keeps her focused on the task, she also warns her not to allow Tabrett too many free punches on the counter.

Round 4:
Kelly keeps to her game plan and as the round progresses, it becomes clear that Tabrett is taking too many hits to her lips as she looks in real pain.
But she soldiers forward, trying to force Kelly against a corner or up against the ropes.
The only time she has that chance is when Kelly comes forward for the two to trade on the inside, as Kelly evidently believes she has weakened her opponent enough.
She looks to be right as she snaps the head of Tabrett backwards, sending sweat into the air to show the force of her punches.
Tabrett eats a hard uppercut and down she goes to her back in a daze, the crowd cringe at seeing another one of their fighters beaten down.
But they try to spur on Tabrett, who looks at the ref as he counts her before she tries to fight her way up to a standing position.
She makes it up at 8 with a slight stumble but shows the will that has lots of people respecting her toughness.
Sadly as the round begins again, she hasn't the legs to fight anymore and is promptly smacked back to the ropes, where if not for the ropes she'd be down.
The referee sees how badly she is being hurt and gets between the fighters, before waving the fight off.

Winner: Kelly Gale TKO Round 4

Kelly stares at the beaten Tabrett for a moment before going up to her and whispering "I told you that you were not in my league, go back to fighting the bottom feeders of the celeb boxing world"
Gale turns and whips her hair into the face of the blonde as an insult before walking back to her corner to celebrate with Holly and Eva.
Tania doesn't look impressed as she helps her girl onto a stool and cleans her up as blood drips from Tabrett's busted lip onto her jugs.
The crowd doesn't seem impressed either as fans sit on their hands, while Kelly seems annoyed but in the end she's happy with her own performance, so why worry.
Leaving the ring, she makes sure to tell Tania "that's for the beating your giant Penny gave our girl Maisie, tell her to fight her own weight class"
Tania glares at Kelly and if not for her duties to Tabrett, she would love to drag Kelly back into the ring by her hair and give the fans an extra bout.

The Girls Friday trio all look excited as they list the things Olympia promised they could do tonight in Sydney as they head to the back.
Tania helps a tearful Tabrett leave the ring as the crowd give her a few cheers but it's oblivious they are in as bad a mood as the two Wildetime girls are.
In the back, journalists catch Kelly for post match comments and Kelly doesn't hold back on her opinions saying "I told her that I was better and what happened guys!"
Pointing at her chin, she adds "not many scratches on this beautiful face right? I could have held her up for ten rounds but what is the fun in that"
Holly being the P.R girl for the stable whispers to Kelly to leave before she upsets the locals even more.
To which Kelly finishes her statement by saying "I at least hope the fans enjoyed it and I will continue to work on getting the experience to take down the big fish of this division, so let's see who is next"
The Girls Friday group leave to get changed as the Wildetime girls turn up for their comments.
Tabrett is still too weak to give a coherent statement, so Tania does as she says "Kelly is a joke, Tabrett gave her all and that bytch showed no respect to her at all"
Tania seems to calm down enough to say "by the looks of it, Penny Higgs winning last weekend, got them hot and bothered, so I hope they learn to act professional and accept defeats instead if that crap."
Tania leaves with Tabrett before she starts a stable war as bad blood flows between both stables after this past two weeks.



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