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1 March 2000 Title Ch Nia Peeples vs Gillian Anderson

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Posted by Simguy on Wednesday, 01-Mar-2000 08:06:41


Before: Nia with designs on unification, then a move up for a mega dollar showdown with bantam queen Electra may not appreciate the redhead in front of her tonight. Anderson not flashy, but she’s a heady fighter who is adept at overcoming superior athletes with peerless ring generalship and cool decision making. Still, Peeples the two time conqueror of Lucy Liu a comfortable favourite against a slimmed down Anderson, who most feel just doesn’t have the horsepower to deal with the elite small women. Peeples in black sports bra, red aerobics bottoms, Gillian in white sports bra, light blue adidas terrycloth trunks.


R1: Anderson knows she needs to get respect early, and she takes the fight to Nia early with thumping body shots, working off a short stumping jab to land hooks in behind Nia’s elbow. Peeples twinging early, fires back with gusto, strafing Anderson’s breasts and belly with meaty 2 handed bombs, but it’s Anderson getting the upperhand down the stretch, Gillian popping the jab at close range, backs Nia up with hooks to the right side, then bends over into potshotting right hands off the face and following through into a crouch as Nia misses over the top. Exquisite inside fighting from Gillian, and a slap in the face for Nia who drops the round.


R2: Nia committing inside despite her corner’s objections, obviously has something to prove. She buzzsaws into Gillian, hammering the redhead up against the ropes, and the crowd roars as Anderson suddenly wilts. All Nia as she leans forward, fists churning, bashing off Gillian’s huddled shoulders, digging into her gut and slashing across her lower back as Anderson writhes and rolls with the abuse. 3 solid minute if work leaves Anderson a little tremble bodied at the bell as Nia pumps her foists en route to her corner at the break.


R3: Gillian opportunistic as always, jumps into an innocent looking up the middle, bouncing her fist hard off Nia’s sternum, then crouching low to put shoulder into Nia’s waist. Peeples not taking the shot well, grimacing and getting shunted on to her heels—Anderson takes over. Gillian knows she has Peeples hurting and dives in with lefts and rights to the solar plexus, chopping her fists into Nia’s study body, then ducking down, giving Peeples nothing to swing at. Anderson working methodically, coming up out of her crouches to snap at Nia’s chin or body, then back into the crouch with a shoulder or forearm against Peeples’ body to keep her in range. Peeples soaking it up, hears it from her corner who want Nia to use her legs and box.


R4: Gillian continues to confound the experts, chipping and chopping at Nia’ taut brown midriff, and Peeples looks hurt. Nia standing behind her guard, gritting her teeth, coughs up another shutout as Gillian stays busy, working up and down on Nia, pivoting around inside to keep Peeples off balance, and constantly touching the champ with leather. Anderson’s defense is superb, staying low when she’s not punching, making Nia miss, and banging the champ with crisp, clean combination between the hips and on the jaw. Nia goes back to her corner down 3 rounds to 1 and doesn’t look right.


R5: Nia continuing to body up, fighting Gillian’s fight, but at least moves her hands  early in the round to buff up Anderson’s pale gut. Gillian diligent, stepping to the right, works a curling sidearm right in around Nia’s left elbow to bite at kidneys, while turning her shoulder back inside to snap the left into the sternum. At the midway point, Nia goes wobbly butt, baring her teeth in pain as she stumbles forward to clinch. Gillian stepping back, pivoting to either side, rips at Nia’s body with rising lefts and rights and has the little brunette gurgling. A bashing right uppercut catches Nia’s overhanging face, swiveling her head, and Gillian pivots to her right, ripping the right uppercut again into Nia’s teeth. Nia busted up, guard dropping, stumbles forward in a daze as Gillian pivots again to the right, turns her shoulder into that spanking right uppercut and Peeples head rocks back, eyes wide and staring. A final, perfectly placed left with all Gillian’s weight behind it, digs into Nia’s unprotected liver and PEEPLES GOES DOWN! Nia in shock, on her haunches, beaten senseless can’t beat the count! Gillian Anderson the winner and NEW Reebok Flyweight champ!


After: Stunning upset has boxing world abuzz as Anderson leaves Peeples battered in a surprisingly one-sided affair. Nia letting her pride get in the way, fought Anderson’s fight all the way, never once getting up on her toes and dancing to exploit Gillian’s pedestrian footwork. Anderson  getting into Nia’s head, lured the brunette into a war of attrition and took the champ apart in what has to be a career best effort for the up and down redhead.


Reposted by Archer 1/4/10.

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