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8 March 2000 Katherine Heigl vs Jennie Garth

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Posted by Simguy on Wednesday, 08-Mar-2000 23:24:57


(Heigl the big girl on “Roswell”—has other credits, but that’s the current one.)


Before: Heigl a strapping young 20 something, getting promoted along the same lines as Garth herself once did, but jenny not about to give up the passing lane. “I’ve seen Katherine Heigl work out,” says Jenny in pre-fight, “She’s not ready.” Once in the ring though—Heigl much bigger and stronger looking—Garth will need every ounce if experience to counter the kid’s power and youth. Katherine in white sports bra, little blue adidas terrycloth trunks, Jennie in teal sports bra, navy speedos, slick ponytail.


During R1-2: Garth pitching shutouts, couldn’t have scripted a better opening. Jennie’s legs look strong tonight—she keeps up good lateral movement, stopping, popping combinations, then circling to keep Katherine off balance. Heigl with at least one novice tendency, covering up and letting Jennie get off instead of punching with the smaller girl. Garth breaking her girl down with a solid jab, starts picking spots to potshot right hands to Kathy’s face and bicep with drilling accuracy.


R3: Heigl finally cuts off the ring, lifting a curling right hand up into Jennie’s breasts, and intent on putting the left hook on top, but Jennie has other ideas. Midway through the round, a collision of simultaneous hooks goes  Garth’s way, sending Heigl to her backside in rough shape, Kathy up at 8, but her eyes are sad and vacant—Garth moving in, pounds a double hook into Heigl’s ribs, and kisses the right hand hard off Heigl’s teeth to drape the big girl on the ropes in a daze. Punishing work to the bell as Garth gets off with both hands pounding out cracking blows on Kathy’s arms and jawline, leaving Heigl in a swoon.


R4: Jennie strangely tentative, suddenly realizing she’s hit Heigl with the kitchen sink, and Kathy is still coming forward. Heigl touching Garth to the solar plexus with firm right hands, but Garth still much busier, shutting Kathy down with combinations, circling to the right or left and drilling well timed counters whenever Heigl tries to throw, Heigl’s left eye starting to close as Jennie bangs it hard with right hands late.


R5: Jennie taking a round off to rest those legs—Heigl bodying up has her best round,. Strength of the youngster is obvious as she walks A sturdy Jennie all over the ring, and Heigl’s punches, though infrequent, spank loudly against jennies ribs and shoulders as Kath clubs away with Foremanesque style. Jenny coughs up the round, content to take to the body, but careful to move her head, slipping under anything aimed upstairs.


R6,7: Jennie on cruise control, stepping forward behind a crisp double jab, backing away behind a biting left hook, and countering with hard, single right hands from the shoulder batters Kathy’s face raw after 7. Heigl just not quick-mitted enough, and not punching at the right times—her big body and pretty face irresistible targets for the veteran blonde opponent. Still, even with the high connect percentage, Jennie can’t back Kathy up, and must continue to move or be walked down.


R8,9,10: Good two-way action rounds, with Heigl actually gaining confidence, stalking her foe, and bashing the odd single shot off Jenny’s stomach or shoulders as Garth won’t stay around for any follow up heat. Garth still peppering her foe, seems to have given up hurting Katherine, content to win the fight with her legs, putting just enough heat on the kid to bag points. Kathy obviously frustrated late, pouting as she plods after Jennie, but simply unable to manufacture any offense. Lopsided decision Garth as she almost sweeps Heigl off the cards.


After: Near total boxing mastery from Garth as she puts it to Katherine for nearly very minute of every round—perfectly executing a well conceived fight plan. Heigl soaking up a great punch in this fight, made a mockery of Jennie’s decent power, and could very well have made this interesting with proper footwork or even a rudimentary jab. Organizers quick to spin the outing as a leaning experience for Kathy, who might be a threat with a stationary target in front of her.


Reposted by Archer 1/4/10.

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