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30 September 2016 Kelly Rohrbach vs Serinda Swan

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Posted 9/30/16 4:07 pm


Kelly Rohrbach vs. Serinda Swan (Queen of the Ice Hotel)
(Words: FS / Results: Lookout!)


Match up that's interesting, to say the least, even without the back stories involved here. Rohrbach started fighting in the FCBA just over six months ago, and, in that time, she's won four fights and has yet to taste defeat. And, in just her third FCBA fight, she stopped Gisele Bundchen to claim the title of "Queen of the Ice Hotel." And, tonight, she fights Serinda Swan. Who has been fighting for over seven years, but, who, despite a 30-13 record and victories over some top-shelf talent, has never had a shot at a title of any kind. And much of that can be placed at the door of the woman who knocked her out of the title picture and left her buried in her own stable with two consecutive upset victories last year...the very same Gisele Bundchen. And, now, Swan can reverse all that in one night. Or, not. Add to all that the fact that Swan calls Front Street, a stable that's never fought at the Ice Hotel before, home, and you've got quite a story beyond the fact that two of the hottest fighters in the FCBA are about to engage in a blonde/brunette battle that could be the center of any fight poster ever printed. And, both fighters seem to sense exactly what's about to happen.

"No question," says Serinda with a nod, "This is huge for me. It's a chance to finally get past Bundchen, to win a title, and to get back to the top of the lightweight division. It's all right there. All I have to do is grab it. And, that's exactly what I'm GOING to do."

"I was kind of surprised when management told me Serinda would be my opponent," says Kelly with a smile. "I mean, she's kind of old, and kind of old news, too. But, I fight who they tell me to fight. And, I knock out who they tell me to knock out. Tonight, it will be Swan."


Swan out aggressively. She's giving up a little reach, but she's the stronger, more physical girl. She can box at range with the blonde if she chooses to do so, but she does not choose to do so. No, the plan here is to walk the younger girl down, back her up, get physical, and take her out. Rohrbach clearly not surprised by any of this. She's been planning for Swan's tactics and she's countering them pretty well. She's giving a little ground, turning slowly in a circle, using the feet and the good left jab to manage the aggression. Swan staying sound. Not getting sloppy. Not pushing too much. Because, she's also been planning for Kelly's tactics. And, she's dealing with those pretty well herself. She's keeping up a steady pressure, moving her feet, getting to good spots before she punches, and limiting opportunities for counters. This is how it goes for three minutes. Tactical stuff. And a close round to Swan, who leads 10-9.


Second starts just like the first, Swan pressuring, Rohrbach managing. And, that all changes about thirty seconds in, when Kelly puts together the best flurry of the fight finishing with a straight right hand that wobbles Swan's knees! Serinda's hurt and the Queen immediately begins punishing the challenger for her insolence! It's blonde all OVER brunette, who's driven back into the ropes and given a thorough thrashing. Rohrbach goes upstairs, then down, and then RACK and in a BIG way! This isn't JMD, but Kelly's giving a pretty good imitation as she pounds Serinda's cups for all she's worth. Queen all about the punishment right now. Swan takes the licking and keeps the guard high, trying to get out of the round. It doesn't look good most of the way, but, finally, mercifully, the bell sounds, ending the brunette's torment. It's Rohrbach wide and we're even at 19.


Queen looking to finish now. She's right back at Swan, backing her up with heavy leather. Serinda still wobbly and the blonde knows it. And, she's taking full advantage. About a minute in RIGHT HAND, KELLY and Swan's steppin' in fence post holes! Rohrbach is all in again, looking to put down the usurper once and for all and DOWN GOES SWAN! It's another scintillating combination from the blonde and the brunette is dropped to her back! Kelly actually hops OVER the downed brunette on her way to a neutral corner, all smiles as the referee begins his count. Swan manages to get to hands and knees at seven and JUST pushes to her feet in time to beat it. Queen not happy at further insolence from the brunette. And, she makes her pay DEARLY for it. Rohrbach batters Swan mercilessly, trapping her on the cables again and giving the bra another workout. Serinda hangs on desperately, and, again, makes the bell. But, she's now down 29-27, and, more importantly, looking pretty wrecked.


Blonde right back to the offensive. She's determined to, if not finish, at least clean up here, but she's also somewhat gassed. She's fired a ton of shell over the last two rounds and the guns, frankly, need time to cool. Kelly tries to keep them all firing, but it's simply not going to happen. Swan's still woozy, and unable to take advantage of her opponent's need to catch her wind, so Rohrbach is able to stay on the offensive and keep the brunette going backward. Swan counters here and there, but doesn't do much more than that. Defensively, though, she's able to pick off punches and avoid much of the offense Rohrbach does manage to muster. The result is a round with much less action than we saw in the second and third, but, the result is the same, Kelly winning the stanza. This time it's much closer, but the cards still say 39-36 in favor of the Queen.


Queen Kelly again the aggressor. She's getting her wind back now, upping her work rate, backing Swan up with solid flurries. Brunette still on the defensive as she has been since the second round. Blonde swarming, pressing her advantage, looking once again to finish the older woman and bring the festivities to a close. BOOM! On a dime, less than 30 seconds in, the fight turns. Swan times a right hand and catches Kelly coming forward. And Rohrbach is GOBSMACKED! She stops dead, covers up, and Serinda immediately goes on the offensive. Swan now winging away with both hands, backing up the Queen, sending her forces retreating in disarray. Blonde routed, driven back to the ropes, trapped, battered with everything the brunette has. Serinda concentrating upstairs, looking for the finisher, but not ignoring blonde body. She digs ribs and midsection, punishes Kelly, returning favor after favor from the previous few rounds. Blonde hangs on desperately, makes the bell, but it's Serinda wide and the Queen's lead narrows to 48-46.


Brunette rampaging now, all in on the Queen from the opening seconds, thumping her with hard shot, sitting down on everything, giving Rohrbach a beating. Things getting very grim for Queen Kelly. She's taking fire from everywhere, can't stabilize her front, in full retreat, doing little more than countering off the back foot in occasion. Swan swinging for glory, using all that power, all that physicality to pile up the hurt on the younger woman. Again, the work is mostly upstairs, but she doesn't ignore the body, pinking Kelly up with work on the ribs and midsection. And, late in the round, things get even worse. Kelly's trapped on the ropes, taking fire, when Serinda goes rack. It's more payback for earlier in the fight and it's nasty stuff. Blonde with the gloves high, screaming into them, trying to keep the elbows in to protect the bust line, but Swan taking what she wants, abusing the blonde right to the bell, grabbing the round by shutout to cut the lead to 57-56.


Now, it's the brunette who's a little gassed. Swan somewhat arm-weary after two huge rounds. She's still aggressive, though, just not punching as much. Instead, she's coming forward, tying up with Kelly, thumping some body, wrestling around with the younger woman. Blonde responds nicely. She takes advantage of the respite by tying Swan up and shows she knows the inside game by pulling down her rival's head and wrapping it every chance she gets. Swan definitely the stronger of the two, able to shake free of whatever Kelly does, but Rohrbach's playing a smart game here, slowing Swan down while getting her own legs back. By late in the round, Kelly's firmed up her base and is able to start getting her jab on and score at range. Swan still walking the Queen down, but it's Kelly who's getting the better of things in the final 45 seconds, and it's enough to get her the round close and extend the lead back to 67-65.


Rohrbach gets going early, getting the jab on, getting the distance she wants, imposing ranged warfare on the brunette. Challenger OK with this. She's fought gun-platform many times before and she's plenty good at it. Things settle down into tactical shelling almost immediately, with both fighters working their left hands and dropping in rights at every opportunity. By mid-round everybody's in rhythm, putting punches together. It's flurry and counter-flurry as some of the best two-way action of the fight takes place. Then, everything becomes one way in an instant. A thunderous overhand right from the challenger SMITES the Queen! Rohrbach's head swivels and she RAGDOLLS TO HER BACK! Place going crazy as the referee begins to count over the fallen blonde. Queen with her eyes closed, starfished on her back, unmoving, as the numbers get higher and higher and the count PASSES HER BY! It's OVER! And your winner by KO8 in one-punch fashion and the NEW Queen of the Ice Hotel is 'The Hottest Player In The Game', Serinda Swan!


Front Street corner into the ring. Hargitay, Park, and Jewel on site in South America for this one while other bouts take place back in the U.S. both at the pay-per-view and in Philly. Los Ingobernales crew has helped a still dazed Kelly to her stool but is ready to stand aside for the new Queen to take what's hers. But, that's not how this is going to go down. There will be no forceful eviction on this night. Instead, the Front Street corner has some words for the Los Ingobernales crew, which helps their girl both out of the ring and through the revolving door that leads her out into the snow, leaving the hotel to its new Queen.

"Queen," says Serinda with a lovely smile. "Now, that has a RING to it." She stops and looks around the hotel, then turns back to the interviewer. "A girl," she says, smiling more broadly, "Could get USED to this..."

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