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12 October 2016 Kate Upton vs Kelly Brook

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Posted by Los Ingobernales on October 12, 2016, 3:41 pm


Kate Upton versus Kelly Brook
(JMDD Bout)
(Words & Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: The crowd going wild as tonight is the return of a legend in the still young JMDD division with Kate Upton, who had her massive winning streak ended by blonde rival Charlotte McKinney as she lost her belt in shocking fashion. Pundits declared it a massive upset and wondered whether Kate would return to JMDD after being humbled by her rival, watching as she switched her focus to the welterweight division as she ripped off another win streak, culminating in her recently winning the Welterweight Championship against the one and only Amanda Righetti. Kate brings the Welterweight Championship with her here tonight as the crowd roars their approval – Upton clad in a gorgeous white bikini that can barely contain her cleavage as she bounces her way to the ring.

Brook pouting and glaring at the fanfare greeting Kate Upton as she is quick to remind the crowd of a similar buzz during their first bout (2011) and hopes for a similar outcome tonight as she grins, “Listen, last time we met, you would've thought Kate was God's gift to boxing the way she came to the ring and she certainly acts like she's the best thing to ever hit the modeling world. But, before Upton came along, there had been plenty of strong and curvy women around – myself included – who don't appreciate her stepping into our space and trying to claim it for her own. I showed her that she doesn't belong last time and I will show her again tonight. If she thinks otherwise, she's just plain dumb – but that's obvious after she ended up in my jugs just a few months ago after thinking I would ever share the spoils of my wins with her! It's going to be the same tonight – dumb Kate ends up in better jugs!”

Kate furious at the mention of that incident as she talks about how different she is and hoping, of course, for a different outcome from her last meetings with Brook, “I don't ask to be declared the best – I can't help it if people gravitate towards greatness and recognize it! Everything I've achieved, whether in the modeling world or in the boxing ring, is because I've freaking earned it! I'm not saying I'm the first model to capitalize on her curves – there have been plenty of trailblazing women in the modeling world – but I am not going to shy away from the fact that I certainly DO belong. I've been the JMDD division champ, I'm now the welterweight champion and when it comes to the Top Model in the FCBA, I plan to be in the discussion from now on. But, I can't with Kelly standing in my way and tonight, I plan to be standing over her!”

Kate in a dazzling white bikini and matching gloves, blonde hair falling to her shoulders; Kelly in a bright red bikini and matching gloves – hair in a fighting ponytail. The two of them chesting up against one another, with both chests mushrooming aggressively as they each seek to bully each other back with sheer power and curves – legs planting in the canvas as they dare one another and each of them bumping each other back, breasts practically spilling out of their respective bikini tops as they jiggle and jostle against one another! Glaring into one another's eyes before the ref pulls them backwards, ordering them to respective corners as he foregoes the traditional glove touch as the match is set for ten rounds in the JMDD division. It's a tense staredown between the two, even across the ring, as this is the first time these two are meeting since Kelly's “ambush” in June of this year, with Kate seeming eager for revenge and Kelly hungry for more!

R1: It's a tense but hard-hitting first round with both women pivoting and punching around the ring, looking for bombs early to take each other out. Brook keeping her hands low and Upton with her hands high up at her cheeks, chin tucked as they circle one another, pouncing forward aggressively at times and displaying patience on other occasions as they test each other out. Upton showing off some determination here as she taps Kelly with the jab, feinting as if she's going to come in and then backing up to coax Brook forward. Brook keeps up the pressure, squeezing left and right hands from her hips to come in between Upton's mitts to back her up. Kate pivoting nicely as she squares up and down the stretch, Kate takes the lead with some sharp and sneaky tummy touches to eke out the round close on point, leaving Brook doubling over slightly as Kate grins confidently.

R2: Kelly picks up the pace here in the second, moving quickly to punish Brook with the jab as she doubles up, catching her brunette foe by surprise as Brook backpedals in shock. Upton moving to her left, just twisting into a digging hook behind the elbow with her left and a hard straight right hand to Brook's abs as Kelly doubles up hurt. Upton keeping up the pressure into the final minute, pushing for a knockdown but it's a mistake as Kelly manages to walk her blonde rival into dangerous uppercuts rising from her knees that hammer into unsuspecting tummy and jug. The round is even, with both fighters going back to a little shopworn – but Kelly acknowledging that Kate is getting to her body too often for her corner's liking!

R3: Kelly looping around the ring, delivering hard potshots that bomb away at Upton, then bouncing backwards, jugs-a-jumping but Upton refusing to unravel as she is harassed around the ring. Kate keeping her guard high and tight, picking up most of Kelly's offense and continuing to touch up brunette tummy with a spearing jab. By the middle of the contest, Kate is dipping side to side, slamming shots into her foe's body and ripping up shots into Brook's waist with compact blows. Kate has Brook cringing, slumping into the ropes as in the final minute it's all shoving and slugging from Kate. Kate coming on with a vengeance – bullying her foe at this point – sending her a message and back to her corner confused after another bruising round as Kate chests up to her, barking into her face with a smirk.

R4: Kelly answering her critics and Upton's challenge this round, toughening up through three as Kelly shows off some bouncy, powerful legs, hammering her way forward into Kate, jumping in with hard rights and then slamming in the left home with a thunderclap! Pushing her backwards against the ropes as Kate is forced to absorb the shock – Upton adjusting her guard to keep her gloves up high underneath her chin to protect against the uppercut, but opening up her body as Kelly goes to town. Kate taking Kelly's power, but unable to answer back as Brook pounds out her first clear points of the night!

R5: Kate breathing hard and listening to the sound of Brook's fans filling the air as Kelly starts to take over the bout on sheer power. Kate crouching forward, protecting herself as she staggers a bit, but the brunette just getting into a rhythm now as she bounces confidently forward, jiggling and jumping in with sudden force, driving her fists into Kate's body or spitting out shots between her gloves with wild haymakers. Upton unable to get off as in the final minute, Kelly clouts her rival with a hard left to her ear and then stunning Kate with a jolting right uppercut from the hip that sends Upton staggering back towards the ropes. Kelly is excited, hands raised up high with triumph as she looks at her glassy-eyed foe, then jumps forward to finish off her rival. Kate dazed as she has Kelly just crashing her gloves back and forth across Upton's abs, jugs and face, sending her staggering along the ropes. Upton able to clinch and bob her way to freedom, but Kate is clearly hurt after the bell. Kelly pursuing Kate to her corner to tell her just how hurt and taunting her until the ref pulls her backwards as things only grow more intense between these two models.

R6: Kate definitely woozy, but coming out determined as she goes right after Kelly's waist with ferocious slugging. Upton not wanting to risk any more rounds like the last one against her foe as she seemingly kicks it into overdrive, putting Kelly into a mild panic as she is battered back up against the ropes. The crowd catching on, as does Brook, that Kate is going for the win right then and there, with Kate just swinging wildly in an aggressive bid to put her down and out! Kelly grunting and glaring at her foe, bending at the waist, trying to roll with the punches and slide her way to freedom, but it's a steady whirlwind of punches as Upton keeps pouring it on! A right hook manages to get through Brook's guard to crash across Kelly's cheek, sending her swooning to the side as Kate knocks her back up with a left hand coming from the other side. Kate chesting up, propping her foe upwards to take a seat back against the ropes and then just letting her hands fly – digging into the taut tummy of Kelly Brook and then clouting her foe's gorgeous face from side to side as Kelly's eyes are fluttering. As Kate starts to shift down to batter Brook's breasts back and forth, just pancaking them with powerful punches, the crowd calls for the ref to step in and HE DOES! The referee puts a stop to the jug assault as a deliriously happy Kate Upton jumps for joy, jugs-a-jumping as she emerges the TKO6 victrix!

AFTER: The ref comes over with the welterweight title and to raise Kate's hand, but Upton waves him away as she isn't done quite yet. Ref watching with apprehension as he listens to the crowd chanting with excitement “J-M-D-D” over and over, with accompanying hand claps as Upton goes to surge forward as Kelly is slumped in her corner, being attended to as she pushes any attendants out of the way and reaching underneath Brook's forearms.
Kate's jugs pressing in against Brook's as she leans into her face with Brook groaning, trying to turn her face to the side as Upton grins, breathing in hot as she practically purrs, “You thought these jugs...” as Kate leans backwards, then slamming her chest forward into Brook's, “Were going to end up on my face again? I don't think so, honey. I am not the same Upton you beat all those years ago...” as she slams her chest into Brook's again, driving her body backwards into the turnbuckle, “And I'm not ever going to trust you again. We were stablemates once and part of me really respected you. But, those days are over...” as she slams her body and breasts into Kelly's again, leaving her foe breathless against the turnbuckle, “And as far as I'm concerned, so are you. There is only room for one Top Model and it freaking sure isn't going to be you. Who has the best jugs, bytch?” Kelly coughing out, unable to respond as Kate smirks, leaning forward to give Brook a kiss on the forehead, “It's okay – I know my jugs typically leave people breathless, but you are going to know who has the best jugs here in just a minute!” as she gripped Kelly's hair and whipped her across the ring to an opposite turnbuckle!

Kelly's back thudding into the turnbuckle as she crashes back against it with a thud, arms slinging over the top ropes for support as she blinks, struggling to catch her breathe but Kate, of course, has no intention of letting that occur. The crowd on their feet as they know what's coming and at the last moment, so does Kelly. But, she's too dazed to stop it as Kate Upton bounds across the ring, flying as if shot out of a cannon and then just like a cannonball, slams into her opponent with a huge CRASH as she splashes her foe, jugs pancaking down against Brook's chest with a thud as she smashes her back into the turnbuckle as Kate's trademark splash leaves its mark!

Brook staggering forward as Kate swiftly slams a hard thigh up into Kelly's tummy with a thud as she groans out, doubling over as Kate folds her forward into her cleavage and locks on a breast smother. Kelly panicking, trapped in Kate's own feared smother for the first time as she breathes hot against her breasts, shoving at Upton's forearms and flank, trying to turn her head free as she struggles to free herself. Upton flexing her biceps, curling those welterweight champion-level arms around her foe's hair, fingers digging into her hair as she pulls Kelly's face deep into her cleavage. Following the match and the devastating splash, it doesn't take long for Kate to go under. Kelly smirking, just letting her foe pool down to her knees, face brushing against her jugs and tummy as Kate goes to hold her up with a hand in her hair as she keeps her propped up on her knees.

Kate looks down at the dominated brunette with a smirk, beaming as she calls for a microphone, “So, who has the best jugs? Is it me, bytch?” as she pulls Kelly's head up and down in a puppeteer's nod, laughing. The crowd watching and cheering their approval as Kate asks again, “And so, are you sorry for beating a bytch to me the entire time we were stablemates and ambushing me earlier this year with your inferior jugs?” Once again, Kelly's head nods up and down with Kate's guidance. Kelly licking her lips as the crowd cheers and jeers at the two of them, with Upton asking one last question, “And so, in your opinion, am I the Top Model in the FCBA?” Kelly nods in the affirmative with Kate holding onto her brunette tresses and Kate beams, laughing, bringing the microphone back up to her lips, “To the rest of the models in the FCBA – any questions?”.

Kate drops her foe and the mic – letting them both hit the canvas with a thud – before sauntering off, taking the welterweight championship and the cheers of the fans with her as she makes a successful return to the world of JMDD and a statement to the rest of the division in the process!



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