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11 November 2016 Nina Agdal vs Katrina Bowden

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Posted by Caspian on November 11, 2016, 6:38 pm



Nina Agdal vs Katrina Bowden
(Words: Vixens / Results: Lookout!)

R1: Katrina bouncing confidently on sand, eager to win her first fight this year and more importantly erase all her losses from 2015. But, not if Nina has her way with her. SI model feels the pressure to continue winning streak by beginning with powerful jabs to elbows and a few glancing off Bowden’s cheek. Bowden for most part looks troubled by her foe’s longer reach, struggles to defend quick jabs that start to show irritation. Older girl decides she will have none of this bullying though, deflects a long left from Nina and punts her in the nose with a POW. Nina shocked as another jab-jab combo lands on right cheek and jug. Round ends however with younger woman still slightly ahead from earlier offense.

R2: Katrina still on fire!! Neutralises Nina’s long jabs with pure aggression - stuns the model with a bob, weave and straight combo to tummy and breast. Nina covering up and doing much retreating this round, unable to stop charging bull even while returning painful gloves to face. Bowden just looking determined to win: left hook to Nina’s guard staggers her, follows up with right straight to middle of forearms, throwing model back against ropes as her arms and elbows looked reddened from abuse. But bell rings before she can fully capitalise.Katrina clearly coming back from previous round in dominant fashion!

R3: Nina has a pained look on face, arms look weak as she raises them again at bell - knows something has to change. But ON COMES BOWDEN, WHO SMELLS BLOOD. Blonde throwing punches like it’s last fight of her life - Nina is turtling up from large hooks to her shoulders and sides - decides to attempt a counter-hook to blonde’s face, and BAMMM - model’s face gets BASHED IN by Bowden’s faster right hand! Nina’s eyes contort in pain as she stumbles back to ropes, mouth goes ooouhh as tummy pounded on by Bowden left-right-left before Nina wraps arms around Bowden’s back in desperate clinch. Katrina wants to finish, but is also utterly spent from sprinting past two rounds - digs to Nina’s side now devoid of power as she breaths hard into brunette’s shoulder and muted groans returned into hers. Clearly another superb round for Bowden, but she didn’t manage to put Nina away.

R4: Fans cheering at further exchanges between fighters, but secretly anticipating knock-out finish anytime soon from either beauty. Katrina still looking to be dominant, trying to muscle Nina back to ropes for more punishment again, but she’s too tired and spent - Nina now better controlling the slower blonde’s advances, again slapping her repeatedly in the cheek with long jabs. Stubborn Katrina relentless, jabs at belly, but leaves herself open to left-right combo to her nose and lips, which stagger her for micro-second. But it’s enough for Nina, who wades in now, one foot at a time, snapping blonde head back once, twice, THREE times with short uppercuts - Bowden guard looking far from airtight as Nina surgically just blasts left and rights that pepper her face and jugs. Bell rings and Katrina suddenly looking worse for wear, completely losing momentum from her earlier advances.

R5: Both girls playing cautious this round as they just catch their breath. Nina eager to capitalize on her gains but wary of earlier beating - tests jabs to Bowden’s guard proves the blonde has also learnt her lesson - mitts now close to face and forearms guarding precious chest. Unfortunately this leaves much to be desired for blonde’s offense - she throws few counter punches but takes several shots to guard, and many more to her stomach and ribs from probing Nina. Nina again looking more energetic at this point in match, but reality is neither competitor is showing a clear advantage overall so far.

R6: Both ladies kick sand at each other as they close distance, showing renergised will to stand and brawl! Nina once again peppering blonde’s guard with stiff blows to cheek, but Bowden now throwing larger counter-hooks from her turtle position, BASHING a stunned Nina as she’s ROCKED by a big right hand to face. Bowden still turtled up, steps in and WHACKS at brunette abs with brutal uppercuts, then WHIPS Nina’s head back with an inside fist to chin!! Nina groans all the way down as body slams into canvas!! Bowden celebrating with arm raised in painful fashion, stumbles over to neutral corner.

3...4… Nina rolls over to side, lips still exhaling hot air to canvas.

6...7… Model manages one knee as arms hand over top rope.

8...9… has Luisana Lopilato shouting out, “YES!! Referee, she’s up!! She’s upppp!!” Ref confirms the claim as he waves for a still stunned Bowden to continue beat down.

Blonde herself part exhaustion, part incredulity, takes full ten seconds before she stirs forth from corner. Nina still draped on ropes, body just jerks, shudders as Katrina pounds on it with lefts and rights, but Nina still has sense to clinch and wrestle with her foe for self-protection, ending round with a devastating knockdown in the 2nd minute by Katrina Bowden.

Both fighters in disbelief over how much abuse has been given and taken - both assumed opponent would go down quick and easy. They advance foot by foot towards center of ring and then just SWING WILDLY! Loud grunts as they shock each other with punches to cheek and chest. Bowden ever the aggressor, Nina’s left hand bunches up her cheek as she ignores pain and wades in, powering right hand straight into Nina’s gut, folding her over with a hnnnhg. Bowden decides she's had enough of this brunette b*tch - left glove reaches behind to grip at ponytail, pulling Nina’s body back upright, then right fist just compacting her tummy once again in ofren repeated manouever! Nina groaning as her abs are beaten on… but tries ro capitalize - next time hair tugged painfully upwards by blonde, Nina clenches fist, uses momentum and PLOWS her right hand straight to Bowden’s chin! Bowden’s entire face wires shut as body flies back - shocking blow just putting her brain out as she rebounds againsy ropes and lands face-first on sand with a THUD. Nina panting hard, body hunched over aching belly as ref starts needless count.

3...4… Bowden barely stirring - her hands flop up and down randomly like a reanimated corpse.

5...6… Blonde manages to roll over, sits on her knees, panting heavily.

Nina’s eyes go wide with disbelief as ref is at count 7… 8… and Bowden manages to drape herself over middle rope!

Niiiiine…. Katrina Bowden still wants to fight!! Her back to Nina, half her body folded over top rope but both legs still standing!

Before ref even waves to continue, Vixen rushes in to kill - chopping lefts and rights to Bowden’s kidneys, shocking her lithe but spent body. Nina returns favor this time - tugs hard at blonde hair, spinning her around - Bowden’s face screws in pain as Nina just DECKS her left right left right with BIG hooks! Soon, blonde’s eyes glaze over completely - spittle flies right as Nina hooks again into cheek, then a left hand to tummy simply speeds Bowden’s journey to the sand once again. Blonde collapses fave forward in the hot sand, bikini bottom sticking up and this time, she barely stirs from slumber. Nina managing a painful grin as referee finally waves it off!

Official decision: Nina Agdal beats down Katrina Bowden via KO7!

After: Nina staggers about four corners in celebratory walk, fist raised in pain. She slowly makes her way over to Katrina’s still-prone body, kicks sand into her side, drawing a low moan. Nina uses her foot to shove her onto her back, then plonks her body down on Bowden’s breadbasket, more due to exhaustion than any malice, but has intended effect of waking Bowden up quickly with a GNGHH. Nina sinks two hands into matted blonde hair, tugs her head back and forth and taunts, “Thought you had me, did you, b*tch?” Nina starts slapping her reddened cheek, until blonde starts squealing in pain, hissing back: “B***tch!! Get the f*** off me!” 

Nina mock-sighs, hands till pulling hard on blonde locks. “But you’ve made me so tired! I think I’m gonna rest my tummy for a while… On your face!” Nina grins as she suddenly bends body over, slick abs just engulfing shocked blonde’s face. Two hands in hair, Nina tugggs blonde’s face firmly into tummy, occasionally scrubbing the moaning blonde’s face up and down, left and right, for a full tour. Katrina’s hands slapping and scratching at sweaty back at first, but to no avail. Nina not done - smiles, lifts her tummy upwards, and drives it back down again onto Katrina’s features, her abs pounding helpless blonde’s face over and over into knocked out submission.

Satisfied, Nina finally relinquishes hold, gets to her feet slowly. She pats her tummy like a job well done,digs her toes into Bowden’s prone one, posing for the flashing cameras. “This will be you, Barbie, come New Year’s Day! You’re gonna be eating the paint off my body!”



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