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1 January 2017 Kylie Jenner vs Kendra Wilkinson

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(from Valparaiso, Chile)


Posted by OddManOut on January 1, 2017, 4:58 pm



Before: The fact that she’s starting over at her second stable in a year notwithstanding, Kylie is insistent that Kendra hasn’t run big sister Kim out of boxing, despite the original Kardashian sister having to buy her way onto cards these days. “Kim’s got better things to do than chase after some trashy blonde. It’s my turn to show her that her place is firmly beneath us!”

Kendra on her way into the paint shed not showing any sign of trepidation at facing a foe two inches taller and twelve years younger. “I’ve got her outclassed completely. The better body, the better breasts, the better booty!” pulling her robe taught across her backside before giving it a slap.

Kendra’s outfit recreates her first body paint costume. A pink, blue and white bandeau style top with ring connection between jugs and at the hip, Horizontal stripes across rack and rump for a widening effect. Blond hair in a battle pony, barefoot with white gloves. Kylie’s costume a violet long-sleeved turtleneck halter, deep purple high-waisted bottoms, violet thigh-highs. Brunette hair up in a top-knot, barefoot with black gloves.

R1: Kylie in a relaxed crouch, right at her cheek as she paws out jabs. Shorter Kendra bobbing, weaving, cute little parries with her right hand out front of her face, head moving to either side of her as she dips forward. Wilkinson doubling a jab to Jenner’s jugs—blonde forcing brunette back to ropes with a thumping right/left bouncing off taut young midriff. Kylie snarling, answering back a swishing right hand into the pit of Kendra’s stomach; turns into compact hook—all torso, no arm swing—taking Playmate to chin. Wilkinson wide eyed, twists to the right, licking a hook across Jenner’s face, tries to twist back into a slicing right which Kylie ducks under. Back and forth—girls just digging in and slugging, Jenner coming hard off the ropes to tackle Wilkinson to the sand, backs and arms thoroughly coated as they roll in a mutual bearhug until ref pulls them up, gives them a talking-to. Cute stuff dispensed with as girls stamp in sand for forward momentum as they bull into each other. Holding and hitting, wrapping their lefts around backs to fit bellies and breasts for shoving rights. Bell: Kylie turns, struts white sandy glutes all jiggly to her corner—she held her own against her sister’s conqueror at her own game.

R2: Fighters leaning forward during the break, both in eagerness to get at each other and because they have so much sand on their painted derrieres it’s not comfortable to sit back. Kendra forward fast & strong, bobbing her torso, short shots from hunched shoulders, literally bashing Kylie backwards, gorgeous brunette forced to improvise. Jenner sets up pocket defense on the ropes, trying little dips and slips, lean-back into the ropes. But Wilkinson is relentless, pounding away at chest, arms, waist, knuckling up to push Kylie into the ropes, then pushing off light & stiff to reset. Jenner slashing back slick single counter shots, turning into the shots and curling up on follow through, but Playmate much the busier beauty.

R3: Kylie hammering at Kendra’s gut toe-to-toe—blonde grunting, can’t advance. Grueling shoulder-to-shoulder short-arm slugging going on—women moving their heads to either shoulder, tucking in punches to offending waists, short hooks to jaws inside. Jenner able to make expensive headway, banging Wilkinson’s midsection, swatting her luscious jugs, then shouldering her off and walking her down. Kendra’s back hits the ropes; she scowls, crosses her arms, bobs on the spot: much less cute than Kylie was against the cables. Jenner pushing in with her left shoulder, then easing out to get off combinations. Swiping and swatting Wilkinson about her face and breasts, Playmate absorbing her beating like a trooper. Jenner making sultry eye contact, checking for signs of quit at the bell.

R4: Kendra marching forward, neither woman doing much in terms of lateral movement, both trying to walk-and-slug directly through the other. Kylie unable to hold her ground this time as a blunt trade in rising rights and lefts to body steadily backs her to the ropes. Wilkinson methodically working Jenner over - jabbing her hairline and shoulders; clipping the right uppercut to body and chin; hooking in behind the right elbow and across heaving jugs. Kendra not shy about putting a body on Kylie and making her take weight. At one point, painted beauties smearing each other along the ropes, Playmate lifts her inner right thigh, slapping it to straining purple guts. Warning for Wilkinson as ref pulls her away, Jenner hugging her body, gets a moment to recover.

R5: Withering body blows, brunette to blonde, Kylie’s lips curling off her teeth as she digs in; Kendra doubling up, face pinched in hurt. Jenner pushing Wilkinson off, walking her down, relaxed, twisting into shots, showing her class: she’ll swipe a right hand across Playmate face; placing a follow-on hook beneath the right elbow. At the ropes, Kylie’s pushing in on Kendra’s rack with the left shoulder before snapping and snatching hooks at her, Playmate trusting her curves, absorbing thrilling shellack, doesn’t have a lot of answers when her back’s on the ropes. Jenner openly grinning en route to her corner—shining sweaty and bronzed in the sun, BIG smear of purple across Wilkinson’s breasts.

R6: Brutal, hard punching beach boxing bingo here. Kendra landing a right to chin, a shivering hook to stomach, Kylie answers back a pair of rights to skull, Playmate rocked, driven back to ropes. Jenner squares away, brawny-bumping her girl’s shoulders, beating Wilkinson with blunt right hands in her body. Kendra hurting throughout the first minute, face cringing in grimacing, arms crossing against her body: brunette beats blonde unmercifully, but can't get those curvy legs to give way. Down the stretch, Jenner tiring - Wilkinson begins to score, turning into stout lefts and rights, backing Kylie up with chin shots. Straight left hand startles Jenner to face, putting her on her heels: RIGHT HOOK PUTS HER DOWN! Kylie on her back, face twisted in pain - she's a shabby beauty rolling side-to-side trying to struggle to her knees. Kendra hooting - hands above her head, strutting the sand in the neutral corner as the count gets higher & higher and IT’S OVER! KO6 Kendra Wilkinson as she continues her dominance over the Kardashian clan!

After: Kylie sobbing in her corner, resting her forehead on the turnbuckle, Kendra scooting up behind latches onto Jenner’s hips & hair and shoves her face-first through the ropes! Playmate limbos under the strands, wrestles a slithering Jenner onto her back, and mounts her!

Kendra lowering her chest onto Kylie's face, brunette writhing to her right - throwing her left arm out and across, forcing blonde to throw HER left arm across Jenner's throat and wrestle her back down. Kylie wriggling side to side, delaying the inevitable, but Kendra eventually able to push down and wrap both arms behind the brunette's head to cinch her in tight. Crowd gathering on foot as bleachers empty, encircling prone battlers. Wilkinson smiling/panting - occasionally picking her head up to grin into the crowd as her jugs do the hard work of reducing Jenner. Kylie's hands palm at Kendra's ribs, trying to shunt her to one side or the other; bucking her hips, trying to dislodge blonde until exhaustion sets in. Brunette slowly extinguished - growing slower and more sluggish in her movements. Finally Kendra pushes up to sit on her haunches in Kylie's stomach, hands on knees as she grins down, purple all across her torso. Jenner's face well coated in bluish white smear - damp black hair strewn out across sand - eyes closed, lips pursed prettily, hands up above her head.



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