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20 May 2001 Title Ch Lucy Liu vs Sung Hi Lee

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(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Posted by simguy on 5/20/2001, 4:14 pm

Before: Lee maybe the best Asian fighter no one's ever heard of, squandering her talent in meaningless backroom brawls on the sets of Mortal Combat, Queen of Swords and in private mansions and apartments throughout southern California. Liu responding to Sung's challenges in a moment of boredom, and obviously unwilling to tolerate another exotic beauty so similar to herself. "I know how to get in Lucy's kitchen," purrs a confident Sung Hi during prefight, while Liu doesn't even bother to show up for her press conferences. Lucy in black push up, leopard print boy cut trunks, Sung Hi in teal camisol style tankini.

During R1: Lee obviously well prepared for Lucy's antics, quickly gloms onto the champ and takes the fight into the ropes in a smothering first. Sung Hi grafting herself to Lucy's right shoulder, wrapping her right arm around Liu's belly while clubbing the side of her left fist into Lucy's kidneys, or jamming left hands in tight to the jaw out of the lock up. Liu sideways to the ropes, held and hit is forced to brawl in sweaty confines - Lee mauls for points this round.

R2: Ref standing by as Liu is crowded to the ropes once again - Sung Hi taking full advantage with her grip-and-rip offense. Lee with the right arm wrap around the belly, pounds left hands to the back of Liu's neck and head for dangerous rabbit punching, enraging the champ. Down the stretch, Lucy elbows her way out of the clinch, swinging from her hips with sweeping lefts and rights and bashing Lee senseless to midring. Wild crowd pleasing lunging and swinging at the bell as both women open up without discretion.

R3: Lee committed to fouling and holding - trapping Liu on the ropes, cuddling her tough, and working around that right shoulder. Leaning on Liu, Lee disguises several tapping right hands to the trunks, and continues to pound the kidney of her foe - Liu dazed, agonized, takes a knee as Lee rides her to the canvas! Double L takes 8, and Lee fights conventionally for a minute to bludgeon Lucy at the ropes, squaring up and putting combinations together to the trunkline and head with impressive quick mitts. Final minute - Liu swooning slightly, pushing back punches gets caught a crashing right uppercut on the chin and spills sideways into her corner - Lee stepping with her and splattering lefts and rights onto the head and shoulders of the champ. LIU DOWN AGAIN! Lucy on all fours as Lee bends over her to snarl taunts - referee pulls the little tigress away as Lucy gets shakily to her feet. Liu sent back to her corner wobbly butt, abused and bullied through 3 meanspirited rounds.

R4: Lucy restores mobility to the battlefield, dancing to her right, clipping the come-along hook under Sung's chin and reversing direction suddenly to score several satisfying right hands. Lee unable to catch up, takes a potshotting shutout from Liu this round.

R5: Sung boxing more - no sign of the mugging style that was so effective earlier. Lee flicking out a double and triple jab reminiscent of Six Heads Lewis, then stepping in to jar Lucy onto her heels with rigid combination punching to the head. Down the stretch, Liu skips to her left, suddenly reversing direction to nail Lee a butt-wobbling hook on the chops, then jumping to the left to clap a hard right on the eye and LEE GOES DOWN! Sung scooting to her backside with a blasted daze on her face - Liu's turn to taunt her girl in street cantonese.

R6: Liu taking over the bout as she ranges in, out and around her foe, hands down, lifting shocking shots into the body and face of Lee from weird angles. Most effective, crunching lead left uppercuts out of a deep crouch - Lee unable to defend this punch, eats and eats as Liu jumps it in, and midway through, a shattering left torque's Lee's head around - she corkscrews to the mat desperately hurt. Liu pushed back by the ref as a stunned Sung Hi sways on all fours, but manages to beat the count. Liu runs out the round behind backhanded belly taps with the jab, and heartless showboating, sticking her chin out and undulating her upperbody to make Lee miss at the bell.

R7: Lucy snaking her way in with her hands at her sides, going chest to chest with Lee, then twitching short, clouting punches up from her thighs onto Lee's surprised jaw. Sung hurt yet again as her legs go funky, but pride is evident as she reels, refuses to go down. Good two way action the rest of the way as Liu slugs fairly conventionally, standing almost toe to toe and trading short and hard licks to the head as the girls take turns in bursts.

R8: Girls get to hooking midring, and Lee wins a crashing exchange, wrongfooting the champ as Liu staggers away. Sung following up with running lefts and rights manages to stampede Liu to the ropes and it's all Sung Hi taking to Liu's hips, crotch and thighs as the clueless ref shouts "Keep 'em up Lee!" Liu takes a beating, then seeks working woman's justice, trading hard to the groin and backing Sung up in a tortuous sequence. Lee reaching in to clinch and Liu manages to squeak that left uppercut in between the quivering bodies, shutting off the power to Lee's legs - Sung holding on at the bell as Liu wrestles to free herself.

R9: Lucy rolling up on a weary challenger now, lunging in fearlessly from way to far away, dragging overhand rights into Lee's bruised face, or leaping up out of her crouch to clang that chin with the left uppercut. Lee blasted to her butt as she fields a series of monster lefts and rights, but once again struggles to her feet to continue. Liu insolent the rest of the way, bending her face in to Sung's waist, making Lee miss over and over again with sinewy upperbody contortions, countering with guady straight arm lefts and rights to cuff Lee around the ring.

R10: Shutout Lucy Liu. Lee's Asian eyes swollen almost shut, Sung flat footed, shot, but hanging in there - Lucy carries her the rest of the way rather than taking any risks. Long stretches of Lucy with her hands down, toying with her opponent rather than punching - Liu delighting in turning and pirouhetting her foe with nifty sidesteps as Lee blushes crimson at the insult. Comes back UD10 Lucy Liu - Lee sullen in defeat.

After: Liu takes her Asian rival on a long slow walk - parading the vanquished Lee with evident pleasure following a tougher than expected defence. Sung pulling out all the stops, did things to Liu that most girls wouldn't dare - and both girls faces are puffy and sore looking in the aftermath. Liu just too strong over the second half, answering Sung's knockdowns with 3 of her own in a riotous exhibition of high risk slugging.

Sim Guy


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