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22 June 2001 Lucy Liu vs Geri Halliwell

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Lucy Liu 06.jpgGeri Halliwell.jpg

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Posted by simguy on 6/22/2001, 6:33 pm

Before: Liu starting to move the chess pieces around - Halliwell a slick piece of match making all around. Geri's hot, but tailor made for the awkward Asian's approach. Beating Halliwell takes options away from Eliza Dushku, "Sure Dushku can fight Geri after Lucy's used her up," notes one anonymous pundit, "but how's it going to look? It's going to look like Eliza doesn't want any part of Lucy Liu - and the more Liu can put Eliza in that situation, the faster she'll get that rematch." Add to that, it's a good old fashioned blonde vs exotic classic pairing - what's not to like. Liu in slick ponytail, black push up, leopard print boycut trunks - Geri in red crop top tshirt, red adidas terrycloth trunks.

During R1: Halliwell brazen - storming in on Liu to make this fight from the outset - a much more respectful Lucy Liu than expected taking no chances, using the ring, walking Geri into gimme right hand potshots, but not sticking around to follow up. Lucy hit and runs her way to points, avoiding extended collisions with the fired up blonde.

R2: E-Z shutout Liu. Lucy dancing, hands at her side - jumping in from weird angles to lay in single shot haymakers, then jumping away or bending back on her hips as Geri misses. Frustrating for Halliwell - she stomps and snorts around the ring, trying to get square to the target but Lucy's not having it. Smart fighting for Lucy - crowd doesn't appreciate her mastery of the situation, rewarding her with boos at the bell.

R3: Geri continues to stomp forward, hands up, but unable to find flesh as the more nimble and defensive minded Asian seems committed to using her legs to win this fight. Liu jumping in with lead left uppercuts, then staying close, bending at the waist to make Geri miss, then lable the blonde with hard right hand counters as Halliwell falls back on her heels just to make some room. Final minute - Liu bounding outside - Halliwell finally cuts off the ring and lands a heavy left hand to the ribcage - Lucy immediately jumping in to clinch and tie the blonde up to the bell. More boos as Liu struts away unrepentant, content to simply bury the Brit under a heap of points.

R4: Lucy still on her toes, strictly one punch at a time, then bailing out to let Geri chase. Halliwell's had it and rushes in with a boldfaced tackle, bodying Lucy to the ropes at the midway point - crowd getting into it as the girls mix it up. Halliwell hard with her head against Lucy's face, bashing away with pumping lefts and rights downstairs as Liu stays calm, sits on the ropes, draws her elbows in to block and moves her upperbody to blunt the incoming. Down the stretch, Liu minimizing Geri beautifully, but the tireless blonde keeps pouring it on - Lucy bends back into the ropes to avoid a hook, tries it again, but the second hook lands like a thunderclap - Lucy's legs spasm and she is HURT as Halliwell piles on. Geri pushing Liu's arms out of the way then giving it to her hard in the belly - it's a smashed up Lucy Liu at the bell as Geri jumps away with fist pumping enthusiasm.

R5: Halliwell charging the ring to keep up the pressure - Liu on flat feet, fading to the ropes, covering up to take then SHOCKING Geri with a surprise left hook out of the crouch - Halliwell frozen by the punch - Lucy spins off the ropes, slaps at Geri's crotch from the side with an insolent low left, then sweeps a crashing right hand into the side of Geri's neck to send the blonde face first into the ropes. Halliwell out on her feet and Lucy goes to town! Tough borderline low left hooks, scorching right hands across the mouth - Geri unable to defend herself finally slides to her side under the ropes - Lucy pushing her to her back with a foot before the ref can body her away. It's OVER as Geri lies moaning on her back, hands above her head, giving it all up to Lucy Liu via KO5.

After: Hurting Liu a big mistake as Lucy pays Geri back for a few moments of glory with a devastating finishing flurry. Geri obviously hurting and bewildered in the aftermath, but classy in defeat: "Lucy's a true champion - I give her all credit. It was a square go, but I never saw that punch she hit me with at the ropes and I couldn't defend myself when I went down. I said she'd have to stop me cold to win and she did it in spades - hat's off." Liu unavailable for comment as she storms from the ring all business - classy fists and feet did all the talking tonight.

Sim Guy


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