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6 November 2001 Lucy Liu vs Brooke Langton

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(Thanks to FightFan for this  repost)

Posted by simguy on 11/6/2001, 6:24 pm

Before: Liu fighting her way back into shape, takes another pitstop at bantam before settling in at fly. Langton the proverbial thorn in Liu's side - if any fighter in the FCBA can be said to own Lucy Liu, it's Brooke Langton. "I don't know what it is," says a relaxed Brooke in pre-fight, "I'm not amazed by Lucy, I'm not intimidated - a lot of girls get caught up in watching Liu instead of fighting her, but I seem to pick her up real well. I'm bigger and stronger than she is - I take her punch better than she takes mine. And at the end of the day - Lucy Liu doesn't know how to box. She's got her hands down, she over commits - I just pick her apart as the fights go along." Liu in black push up, leopard print boy cut trunks, slick ponytail, Brooke in lavender sports bra, red aerobics bottoms, messy ponytail.

During R1: Liu at her rambling, gambling best - cruising outside with her hands down, leaping in at Brooke, changing up the arm angle on occasion to sweep sidearm rights hard against the brunette's midriff. Potshotting shutout Liu as Langton comes out cold.

R2: Brooke stays focussed, starts chipping away at Liu this round. Langton moving her feet better, stepping back as Lucy charges in, often clipping Liu on the ear with a catspaw hook on the way in. Brooke's getting her jab on Lucy, disrupting the Asian's timing, and lateral movement is forcing Liu's feet to adjust rather than pounce.

R3: Brilliant Langton counter punching this round - she just fades back with the onrushing Liu, tagging her with a crisp, cuffing little hook, then sending her on her way with drilling straight right hand in the first minute. Touched up - Liu gets sloppy and midway through, she lunges in, missing a gaudy left uppercut, but eating that little Langton counter hook and LIU GOES DOWN! Timing punch drops double L but doesn't really shake her up - Liu beats the count, but falls completely apart - rushing in wild, getting picked up sweet as Langton fades and counters to the bell.

R4: Nothing's changed - Brooke still anticipating Lucy's rushes, stepping back, picking her up with a clipping hook, and Liu is sent reeling from an early counter stroke along her jaw - Lucy's hurt. Brooke transitions to lead, tapping Liu with the jab, stepping in with that biting hook and trying to put the right hand straight down the middle - Liu bending and leaning back at her waist, floundering all around the ring as Langton hunts her down. End of the second minute, Liu gyrating wildly, hands at her side, but she's making Langton miss, and popping out of a deep crouch, Liu crams a right uppercut into Brooke's teeth, twists into a slapping hook on the temple, then chases Brooke to the ropes with a right hand poke to the forehead as Langton's legs go funky. Brooke all messed up - covers up and takes a seat at the ropes - Liu squaring away and hoisting her mitts up into the brunette's flanks - Lucy keeps it up after the bell as Brooke wilts in pain - round to Liu.

R5: Easy, breezy shutout Liu - she's back to cruising well outside, hands down, leaping in from odd angles, heaving sweeping right hands into Brooke's belly or up around her guard - Langton still buttery-thighed can only duck and cover as punches splatter against her.

R6: Brisk two way action as Langton recovers some poise, but Lucy still aggressively lunging in, taking chances, and scoring from odd angles. Lucy's brazen attack wows judges - but Langton's shored up the defense, keeping her hands high, blocking a lot of shots.

R7: Brooke starts to turn the tide - sound fundamentals giving Liu problems. Langton cute with her left hand, patting Lucy on the top of the head while stepping to the left, pestering Liu's face when not hooking hard. Brooke's doubling up nice on the hook, licking across Liu's belly, then stroking her jaw with tight, snapping delivery - Liu not answering back at the bell.

R8: Brooke getting big on Lucy's body - concerted midriff attack has Liu seated on the ropes, staring and hurting as Langton goes to work. Oh that double hook! HARD to the belly, HARD to the jaw - Liu stooped forward, head snapping repeatedly to the left as Brooke bangs away - Lucy's stupified. Brooke setting and ripping with vicious leverage - Liu soaks up all 3 minutes and looks shellshocked at the bell as Brooke struts back to her corner with hands held high and mouth smiling wide.

R9: Liu ashen faced, hurting, paints herself into a corner as Langton walks her down. Looking exhausted, Liu suddenly drills a jolting straight right hand to the temple and BROOKE GOES DOWN! Langton on her back, face pinched in agony as the shot electrifies her body - Lucy all business in the neutral corner, glaring at her foe as Brooke gets achily to her feet. All Lucy Liu as Brooke covers up behind a high guard - Liu swaying in to deposit the batting hook under the elbow, swaying back out onto her right foot, then driving in with hammering force the right hand between the mitts. Langton doesn't dare reach in to clinch against Lucy's handspeed, instead lolling helplessly against the ropes, turning her shoulders to slip and block punches as Liu darts in and out. Liu bodies up after the bell, forcing eye contact - Langton groaning, badly busted up - both girls are feeling it going into the 10th.

R10: Liu creeping close on flat feet, using her supple upperbody movement to coax jabs from Langton, then quickly answering with the straight right on the mouth or the batting underarm hook to the belly. Brooke stays in the pocket, letting Liu get off, but getting the timing down and scoring with her own hook to Lucy's dusky midriff. Midway through, Liu lunges in with the left uppercut as Brooke fades back, tags her clean with that cuffing little hook and LIU GOES DOWN! Lucy sprawling to her back, caught SO sweet - she punches the canvas in disappointment as she waits for feeling to come back to her legs. Liu takes a quaky 8 and on comes Brooke. Langton feeling it now to the body, doubling up her hook to the tummy and jaw, forcing a battered Lucy Liu to the ropes. Liu digging in grimly - right side of her face swelling badly as Brooke pulps up at the bell. Girls are separated by the ref as tempers flare - comes back a one point duke for Brooke Langton!

After: Jubilation from Langton contrasted side by side with the blank stare of dejection from Liu - beaten once again by an increasingly irritating thorn. Least convincing win of the series for Langton who has broken Liu down in the past - late knockdowns proving that both girls were teetering on the verge of a stoppage in this pitch and catch affair. Langton boldly calling out stablemate Kelly Hu as well as genetic rival Brittany Daniel, "they're going to have the pleasure of trying, and the bitter disappointment of failing. Kelly's done nothing with the belt and Brittany owes me another look. It's my time now." Where have we heard that before?

Sim Guy


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