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27 January 2017 Sarah Shahi vs Mila Kunis

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Sarah Shahi versus Mila Kunis
(Words: O & E / Results: Lookout!)


 Before: Bad blood leftover from 2015 title fight evident all through 2016, every photo shoot, or soiree, or gala; exotic brunettes encroaching on each other space, getting right up in one another’s faces, trying to back the other up, prompting repeated scuffles, eventually leads to separate weigh-ins.

Mila Kunis wears a golden bikini and red gloves. Black hair tied in a sleek ponytail.  Sarah in a black bikini, gold trim with gold gloves and black laces.  Hair in lush gypsy curls down back and shoulders.  Fighters not only refuse to touch gloves, BOTH girls have their guards up throughout ref’s instructions.
R1:  ACTION! Sarah stepping to Mila, tossing a right hand into her tits...Mila responds in kind as flyweights square away midring. Batting, lathering small-girl hup-hup: not a lot of damage done, but MAN - the fur is flying. Pretty faces tense with hate; eyes blazing; lips alternately curling off teeth or pressed in tight lines - girls just taking turns batting each other around. Shahi eventually suppresses Kunis, backing her up under snatching rights and lefts to waist, forcing the late clinch, grabbing to hold on at the bell as Sarah bangs out close points.
R2:  Wide ranging, two-way exchanges, all around the ring. Mila now actively trying to take the lead - circling to her right; doubling up the jab; slinging right hands to head or wide to flank. Sarah jerking short left uppercuts when Mila's trying right hands wide to body; Kunis swinging tidy right hands upside Sarah's head; Shahi flurrying at Mila's tits during Kunis withdrawals. Nip-tuck fighting between two skilled brunettes - a few tasty connects scored by both, but down the stretch, Mila's limber legs seem to be dictating terms as Sarah goes over to defence.
R3:  Sarah adjusting, taking little half-steps back to create gaps, coaxing Mila inside. Kunis pouncing into swift one-twos, but coming up short, getting nailed ripostes on her head and shoulders. Once Mila's gunshy from counters, Sarah goes over to offence, double jabbing to close, then snatching her clever fists off Kunis's sleek ribcage. Effective body punching has Mila flat-footed, Sarah moves in pate to pate, chugs both hands hup-hup-hup to gut, then comes up top hooking to chin. KUNIS IS ROCKED! Mila’s buns give a shimmy...she backs away all how-could-you eyes...Sarah frisky as a puppy in pursuit - stepping in a hard jab to face; cleaning up via overhand rights to head/left hooks to breasts, bell sees Kunis ropeside in a fog.

R4: Savage battle joined as Mila tries to win back control while Sarah slugs furiously to retain it. Withering two-way punches, Kunis driving Shahi back with pouncing lead rights/rising left hooks: Sarah bobbing and slipping in the pocket, countering first to ribs, then looking to clean up chin...both girls come away bruised, frazzled from the engagements. Down the stretch, Shahi in nice oily groove...she slips just outside Mila's slicing right crosses, leaning in with stubby right hands inside Kunis's right, punching chin. Mila stubborn enough to absorb several of these crashing blows...she finishes up wobbly-butt, disheveled, and demoralized as Sarah slams the lid down on this fight.
R5:  Sarah once again the aggressor early - whacking Mila an exploratory right to belly; hooking left cheek as Kunis is leaning away. Shahi spitting jabs on a hopping approach, then she's back at Mila's waistline. Tart, popping spank from Sarah's mitts on Mila's meat, hounding her around the ring early. Middle minute Shahi cuts off the ring, jabs Kunis into crouching earmuff, then RIPS her a hook behind right elbow. Mila bobbing up to kiss Sarah a stubby right uppercut to chin in receipt. Girls fighting tousle-to-tousle now, dukes at cheeks, dipping and digging to offending ribcages & tummies. Shahi stronger in the exchanges, forcing her kind of fight on Kunis, often muscling Mila back then walking her down. Down the stretch, Kunis absorbing another right hand in her gut backs away frowning, Shahi pounces and eats a tasty, straight one-two on the mouth! Sarah's legs give a shimmy as she blunders into more hurt: Mila over to offence with lashing hooks, raking Shahi's right flank. Mila's right fist slams into Sarah’s lat, looking for the kidney.  Then Kunis jerks a close-in left uppercut to chin as girls heads almost clash. SHAHI DOWN! Tumbling to all fours, face in open-mouthed wonder...Mila turns away, puts hands on hips, looks over her right shoulder and winks all saucy as poor Sarah's dealing with knockdown-tremble!  
R6:  Delicious feint from Mila leaves Sarah open, Kunis pouring in pasting the right hand across Shahi's mouth, turning her head, punching her mouthpiece across the ring, putting her wobbly butt.    Mila bouncing on her toes, making a series of false-charges, then circling to her left, turning Sarah midring. Shahi wary, dukes up, wants to time her girl for a chopping overhand right. Kunis dealing the odd straight right hand lead while she's wheeling clockwise, popping Sarah in the mouth. Halfway mark, Mila steps in, ducks under Shahi's right, straightens up into the world's shortest left hook - basically jumping into Sarah's chin. DOWN GOES SHAHI! Kunis lands square on the button – Sarah’s head swiveling violently as legs stiffen, butt goes back, sending her crashing to her back, hands up above her head. It's over: Shahi out cold, lips parted, eyelashes fluttering like hummingbird's wings.  KO6 as Mila Kunis shows HISC still has the goods on Sarah!

After: Mila squealing with delight – getting ready to duck through the ropes to join a joyous pack ringside, but Nat and Mishy are waving her off, hands over there heads pointing at Sarah still trying to scrabble to her feet.  Kunis descends on a weepy Shahi, jams her back into turnbuckle. Sarah all shabby - right arm along bottom rope; left hand coming up to push lightly at Mila's oppressive tummy as Kunis mounts the corner. Mila presses in close with her body, back of Sarah's left hand to her left cheek as beaten girl turns her head to her right, distraught beneath the weight of Kunis. Mila exuberant: blowing kisses with both hands to the roaring crowd; taking Sarah’s curls captive in left hand while pumping the right fist overhead; taking gypsy luxuriance in BOTH hands and reefing up on it as poor Shahi whines in protest. On and on - Mila leaves her tummy scent on conquered Sarah; fellow Swan and Wolfpack clapping and standing around like a bunch of cute little thugs as Kunis enjoys herself.



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