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27 January 2017 Sienna Miller vs Natalie Portman

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Sienna Miller versus Natalie Portman
(Words: Empire / Results: Lookout!)


 Prefight: Nat using her clout to force Miller to meet her just above the flyweight limit, leading Sienna's seconds to scurry in the days leading up to the bout, long awaited clash between little stalwarts proceeds nonetheless. "Natalie has always been one of the iconic names amongst the smaller weight classes. I'm confident in my chances tonight despite the weight shenanigans" states Sienna. "Sienna thinks a couple extra pounds in her belly will deter me from destroying her? She's clearly just as terrified of me as she was after she somehow beat Lacey all those years ago. She ducked me knowing I'd expose her and fought Scarlett instead, we all saw how that turned out for her, tonight I'll beat her decisively and put Kendrick on notice" responds a confident Natalie Portman.

Sienna out first escorted by Jaime Pressly and Kate Hudson, she disrobes to reveal a pink bikini, white gloves and boots, short blonde hair framing her face. Natalie out next, she disrobes revealing a lemon yellow bikini to the oohs and aahs of the crowd as Sienna stomps her foot in disgust.  Portman's world class physique on display, sculpted abs rippling, rivaling those of even Vanessa Hudgens. Natalie smirking as she works her way forward for the refs instructions,  chesting up to her foe, playing mind games as she refuses to touch gloves, skipping back to her corner as she awaits the opening bell.

R1: Natalie out to make a statement, charging Sienna as she turns to begin the round and slamming her left shoulder into blonde breasts bunching up her stricken foe as she ducks beneath a left hook, countering with a beautiful right hook just above the hip followed by a pair of lefts off blonde belly as Sienna wilts forward behind her mitts, brunette bending at the waist, evading Miller's heaviest shots and absorbing leather on her shoulders and arms, responding in turn with a left uppercut swiveling blonde head and forcing Miller to clinch in desperation as the crowd roars! Natalie muscling her stunned foe into the neutral corner, using her forearm to steady her blonde before digging more hooks into Sienna's body. Blonde sobbing into her mitts,  trying to slide along the ropes to retreat to the open ring as brunette gives pursuit. Miller finally able to get off the ropes,  pumping out half hearted jabs as she seeks to shake off the cobwebs staring bleakly as Nat snaps her head back with a trio of left jabs, followed by a right cross as Miller falls backwards barely held up by the cables! Blonde swooning against the ropes just as the bell sounds! Portman sauntering back to her corner as Sienna limps back to her stool puffy eyed and discouraged as brunette imposes bell to bell dominance in the first. Jaime trying to get her girl back in the game between rounds as Natalie taunts her, urging her to throw in the towel before any further embarrassment.

R2: Sienna nodding as Jaime provides solid wisdom, setting up at the ropes and luring hurricane Portman forward, greeting her with needling right jabs opening up a razor thin cut above her left eyebrow, winning a snarl from her foe. Miller pulling her brunette in close before fitting her for punishing shots to the belly,  blonde using brunette navel as a bullseye, slapping shot after shot off finely sculpted belly and flanks. Nat answering back with short hooks to the ribs, eventually arching past blonde elbows and pancaking battered breasts.  Ladies trading at the ropes, Miller leaning against the cables for support as she twists into her shots, taking a close one as Natalie firms in the final moments, temporarily stunning her with a compact left cross at the bell.

R3: Natalie working her way forward behind the jab,  stinging Sienna with crisp one twos before working her way inside to hook Sienna's breasts, blonde crying out upon impact,  Portman sidestepping as Miller attempts to counter,  feeding her another right to her left eye before wading back in for more Miller, DOWN GOES NATALIE! Sienna lands a desperation hook on brunette chin dropping Portman to her backside as she stares upward in glassy eyed bewilderment! Natalie makes a shaky eight,  setting up at the ropes as Miller wades in! Blonde throwing a storm of right hooks and left uppercuts to the belly and breasts before double tapping left jabs off her raised guard, Nat grimacing but able to spin her way off the ropes,  using her legs to keep out of trouble, stinging her foe with quick jabs as she lunges forward lustily.

R4:  Sienna working her way forward confidently,  pumping out quick successions of jabs before retreating back to the perimeter. Miller jutting her chin out before spinning away ti her left infuriating her foe. Nat bobbing her way inside, eating blonde jabs to deploy arching hooks to Miller's belly and chin, slamming her left elbow into blonde breasts to keep her in position, following up with a pair of lefts just above the trunk line as Sienna moans in pain. Portman stacking her girl up, slugging away as she subjugates blonde body, leaning in belly to belly as Miller whines in protest.  Nat beating her foes belly into putty, Sienna sagging forward, burying her chin into Portman's right shoulder, tears streaking her face as Nat chugs away to the bell.

R5: : Sienna showing heart after sponging up a beating in the fourth taking advantage of a gassed Nat as she wades forward and slams a left uppercut through her mitts forcing Portman to back peddle, ducking beneath a retaliatory left and grazing Nat's cheek with a counter right, Miller willingly exchanging with her foe, trading hooks to the body before deploying right hooks upstairs, Portman taking punishment well, working her way up the middle as she tries to re-establish her right jab, Sienna forced to up the pace less she be overwhelmed by Nat's blistering handspeed, pumping out her own jabs before twisting to her left and gambling to pepper brunette chin with cuffing hooks, Miller takes the round by a hair,  but now she's exhausted,  mouth wide open as the bell sounds.

R6: Natalie snarling as she darts out of her corner, punishing a drained Sienna with relentless left jabs followed by a right hook past her raised mitts sending her blonde staggering to the ropes. Miller gritting her teeth slugging away in desperation as they exchange tight hooks to tender bellies and breasts, leaning forward cheek to cheek, whimpering upon receipt as shredded bodies tremble upon impact, Sienna begins to fall behind on output as Nat lands a trio of unanswered shots to the belly, going for broke as she slams a left hook off Natalie's forehead stunning her foe and leaving an opening for Sienna to gut her with a hook to the liver as she covers up earmuff. Portman letting out a loud "guhhh" as she staggers forward,  showing veteran moxie as she snares Miller's bottoms to avoid going down, wrapping her left around Sienna's right pulling her forward and eating a few tapping lefts before the ref breaks it up. Miller gassed, but finding enough in the tank to further blast brunette body, slamming hooks off her ribs as Natalie sobs aloud behind her mitts! Brunette legs holding up under shelling, ref looking on attentively as the bell sounds, saving Portman from certain doom.

R7: Sienna out to pick up where she left off, stinging Natalie with a pair of perfectly placed right jabs into her swelling eye followed by a left uppercut into aching brunette breasts.  Portman covering up, twisting and bending in the pocket as she tries to evade Miller's hateful lathering, latching her left around blonde neck and pulling her into a tight headlock, brunette flailing away with her right,  stitching hooks off blonde navel, Miller staggering forward clumsily as Nat slams a pair of rights below the belt followed by one just above the trunk line as the official looks in. Blonde bunched up, stricken, mouth wide open in shock as she staggers past her punch drunk foe, temporarily draped over the top rope as Nat stumbles forward,  battered beauties clinch, swaying on spent legs, Portman relishing in her foes suffering, working her quivering body with punishing hooks before working in compact uppercuts that blast apart blonde guard, Miller fighting back desperately, but clearly in trouble as her face begins to swell, Sienna forced to clinch yet again in the final moments, holding on for dear life as Nat sneaks back into control though eight!  Miller in agony in her stool, Jaime icing her battered body while Kate tends to her face. Natalie slightly better for wear, head arched back as she stares upwards at the lights, seconds tending to her core and eye.

R8: Nat takes clear advantage of her foes plight in the seventh, working her way inside shoddy Blonde defenses and slamming away at her aching body. Miller covering up earmuff, twisting and turning at the ropes as Portman shreds her body and breasts, leaving deep pink tracks of hurt across her core. Portman using her elbows and head to pull Sienna's guard apart before prying her mitts down, biceps flexing as she gradually drags her hands below her navel, loading up for more as Miller bawls, Nat slams a right hook off blonde temple as Sienna desperately tries to spin away freezing her on the spot and leaving her vulnerable to a follow up left uppercut that sends a cloud of sweat shooting across the ring, Miller swiveling sideways before slamming against the top rope and falling down onto her backside,  right leg bent beneath her, battered blonde's head sinking into her chest as she sags against the post,  Portman bellowing into the crowd to a mix of roars and boos, bringing her right across her throat as the count hits ten! KO 8 Natalie freaking Portman!

After:  Nat seething, chest heaving, staring with pure hatred at her downed foe, she storms past a stunned Jaime Pressly and drags a blubbering Sienna off the canvas, twisting her arm behind her back in an arm lock and snaring her bottoms with her left. Nat dragging her hapless foe a short distance before tossing her into the ropes, Miller landing with her chin over the top strand as Jaime lunges at a departing Portman. Sienna found in her dressing room by reporters shortly thereafter,  towel draped around her neck as Kate tends to her battered body, Miller biting her lip when asked about the seventh round, demanding a rematch in the near future.



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