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27 January 2017 Leah Dizon vs Elodie Frege

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Leah Dizon vs. Elodie Frege
(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)



One of the more interesting fights on the card, this battle pits exotic brunette Dizon, who had a successful run in the BBU and is now trying to parlay that to success on home ground in the FCBA, against French redhead Frege, who's shown she can claim impressive scalps, but has been in quite the slump of late. Neither woman lacks in confidence, despite the fact that Leah has yet to claim a win in the FCBA and Elodie's last victory was just before Hallowe'en 2015.

"Look," says Leah with a smile. "I couldn't handle Ridley in my maiden, but, look around and see where Daisy is right now. I proved in the BBU that I'm a top-flight bantam, and Elodie's about to find out exactly what that means."

"No, I haven't been fighting well lately," says the Frenchwoman with a shake of the head. "But, you've all seen what I can do when I'm at my best. And, I'll be at my best tonight."


Dizon showing her typical aggression early. She's right at Elodie, backing the redhead up, but, she has to know what's coming next. Frege gets to the ropes and forms the pocket. And, the siege begins. Dizon careful, sound, as you have to be in situations like this. Get sloppy, get too aggressive, and you play right into the redhead's hands. So, the American doesn't. She's clearly been training for this, and that training pays off. She's able to find the small weaknesses in Frege's defenses and score with both hands. Elodie has success as well. She's landing off the counter and at times putting punches together well enough to force Leah to cover up. But, it's mostly the brunette on the offensive, and that's going to tell, because, in close, two-way round, it's often the more aggressive fighter who claims the points. And, that's the case in this one. The honors go to Dizon, who leads 10-9.


Leah ups the aggression just a bit. She's still staying sound, still getting the hands back quickly, trying to limit her rival's opportunities to counter. But, Elodie's getting in rhythm now. She's landing hard shot in combination every time Leah throws leather, and it's beginning to tell. Dizon's backed up, not once or twice, but consistently, as Frege steps forward out of the pocket to press her advantage, then slips right back to the ropes as soon as the brunette can get off the defensive. It's good, veteran stuff from Frege, who's always had class and quality, and it's frustrating for Dizon, whose normal response to something like this is an all-out assault. But, not this time, because that will just make things worse. Instead, Leah ends up spending a lot of time covering up and taking leather, and, when the bell rings ending the second, Frege has the round wide and we're even at 19.


Dizon gets a talking to in her corner, and she gets right back to work. She's been lectured about her work rate, and she's going to get it up. It's a trick doing that and still limiting the counter openings Elodie has, but Leah manages it. Then, she manages something else, a pretty, perfectly-timed right that staggers Frege. Elodie's hurt! And now Leah's all in, throwing bombs and DOWN GOES FREGE! Elodie slides along the ropes and lands on her right side. Dizon to a neutral corner, bouncing up and down in excitement, but, no. Frege's pulling herself up on the ropes and she beats the count! Leah charging across the ring to renew the assault. She's battering Frege as Elodie leans back in the ropes and CATCHES HER WITH A STRAIGHT RIGHT IN COUNTER! Dizon's HURT and DOWN SHE GOES! Frege with a nasty flurry and Leah crashes to her back! Now, it's Elodie in the neutral corner, but the redhead will be disappointed, too. Dizon is up at eight with about 30 seconds left. And, they are a LONG 30 seconds for the brunette. Because Frege gives her a clinical but vicious beating right to the bell. When it sounds, Elodie's swung the fight by three points, turning a 10-8 round for Leah to a 10-9 round of her own and the cards now read 29-28 for Frege.


Dizon more than a little unsteady as the fourth begins. Frege does not go to the pocket. Instead she boxes at range, picking apart her rival with hard, accurate shot. Dizon trying to cover up, giving ground, but she's taking a beating and Elodie, hungry for a win, is giving her no time to recover. It's desperate times for Leah, who's trapped on the ropes and taking heavy fire. Referee's looking in. He's not going to watch much more of this. Dizon desperately trying fire back, trying to get off the ropes, and FREGE HURTS HER AGAIN! A right hook from Elodie and Leah staggers. Ref about to step in when Frege lets loose a four-punch combination and DOWN GOES DIZON! Leah crashing to her back, staring up at the referee. He counts it off, but, about half way through, the brunette drapes her right arm over her eyes. The legs and body won't work. She can't get up and it's OVER! And your winner by KO4 in action-packed fashion is Elodie Frege!


Frege triumphant. Long losing streak? Over! Good fighter with an excellent record in the BBU? Vanquished in four rounds. "This is what I have been saying," she exclaims with a smile. "When I am at my best, I can beat any bantam in the FCBA. I was at my best tonight, and, even a fighter as good as Leah couldn't handle that."



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