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27 January 2017 Luisana Lopilato vs Rosie Jones

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Luisana: (29, 5’7, 125, 4:0 FCBA, VIXENs)

Rosie: (26, 5’7, 123, 9:3 FCBA/BBU, Lookout! Atlantic)


Luisana proud of her achievements and win-streak so far in 2016, declaring: “Definitely a good year. With any luck, this year’ll be a great one.”

Rosie Jones decidedly more muted in her optimism, having lost to Elizabeth Olsen early in the year but then finding more success in the BBU. “Bottom line is, my experience will trump Luisana’s anytime. She’s gettin’ a beatin’ from me today,” Jones smirking confidently.

Luisana in light green bikini top and bottom, black gloves. Rosie donning a purple satin and lace bra and panties, making for stark contrast with the blonde, with bright red gloves. Referee calls for the start of the 10-round contest.

Round 1: Luisana cautious at bell, but is taken by surprise when Rosie charges out of her corner, swinging punches at her head from the get-go! The Vixen having trouble with Rosie’s unchecked aggression - Rosie takes advantage of Luisana’s turtling up behind her gloves to pepper her forearms repeatedly. Luisana quickly regaining composure, stepping back to gain distance, then as Rosie follows her in straight line, she fires her fist into the brunette’s cheek! Crowd roars as right hands land once, twice, as Rosie too fixated on closing in to brawl, Luisana not allowing her to get close with shock after shock to her cheek. Bell soon rings and both ladies slow to a sway in the ring.

Round 2: Rosie rubbing her reddened cheek as she rises, wary of whether she should switch strategy now that she’s lost element of surprise. This time, however, Rosie’s musings are for naught - it’s Luisana’s turn to charge at the Brit at the bell. Jones grunting as her reactionary fist sails past Lopilato’s head, Luisana planting her fists into the Brit’s abdomen in rapid succession, then snapping her head to the right with a stunning hook! Rosie goes down to the canvas, panting heavily on all four limbs!! KNOCKDOWN LUISANA!

Luisana raising both her hands and strutting about the ring -  rare show of showboating from the blonde for getting such an early knockdown. But Rosie already pushing herself up with a loud grunt before the count of 6, spectators cheer as the referee waves to resume the action. Rosie holding on along the ropes as Luisana repeats her charge, wanting to put away the brunette in the minute she has left. Rosie groaning, bending down low, compacting her body, making it harder for Luisana to plug in her punches, and the blonde finding herself frustrated at the brunette’s defence. Bell finally rings and both girls sway on the spot, exhaustion already kicking in.

Round 3: Luisana cursing in Spanish at the bell, half at the Brit for her resilience, half at herself for not being able to put her away. Both girls close the distance bit by bit, but the fists start flying breakneck speed once they get in close, banging away at tummies but hitting forearms as both girls wisely bringing their guards up to cover their heads. Contest becomes a battle of who has a stronger defence - Luisana still irritated at Rosie’s seemingly impregnable forearms, batting at them left and right, but the Brit quickly able to reset and protect her face from any follow-up punches. Rosie, however, wisely sending her gloves down under, wading in despite the onslaught and slamming them into Luisana’s gut. Luisana realising she’s losing the round only when the stuffing beaten from her body and she starts panting hard. Rosie looking confident, barely receiving any damage this round except for her reddened arms, strutting back to her corner. Luisana’s curses seeming to only get louder, stumbling back to corner whilst massaging her body.

Round 4: Luisana beats both gloves against her cheeks with her fists, reminding herself who’s tougher. Wake-up call can’t come at better time - blonde forced to play a more defensive dance this round, with Rosie exhausting herself whilst chasing her on quicker feet about the ring, all the while being stung by Luisana’s long jab. Luisana finally regaining confidence as she finally starts bunching up brunette’s cheeks, evoking groans from Rosie. Rosie’s turn to curse under her breath, refusing to chase the blonde any further in the last minute, instead bouncing on her toes on the spot and catching her breath. Luisana, thinking her foe’s hurt, rushes in firing stronger hands, buffeting against Rosie’s guard once more. Rosie takes shots to her hands, weaves right - look of shock on Luisana’s face as her fist sails past - Rosie continues abuse on Luisana’s abs with short and sharp uppercuts, making Luisana gasp for breath as she struggles to escape out of range once again. Luckily, referee steps in between both brawling girls at bell. Thankfully too - Rosie almost putting her foe against the ropes with that last exchange.

Round 5: Both girls taking a moment after rising from their stools, half-wanting to take a breather, half-goading the other to come to them instead. Luisana and Rosie circling each other for majority of first minute of round, murmurs from the crowd increasing slowly, rising to an all-out roar as Rosie springs forward once in range, crashing a superman punch into Luisana’s raised arms.Luisana certainly close to being knocked out right there and then, her arms taking the shock of the impact, pushing her a few feet back. However, the Vixen immediately rebounds back, catches Rosie off-guard with a left hand to her head, then follows up with a right hand to her body! Rosie mouth open in shock from quick recovery of her foe, but respite comes when she wraps her arms around Lopilato’s chest and both girls struggle against each other in the clinch. Luisana digs her fists into the sides of the brunette, doesn't realize she’s being shoved back one step back too many, suddenly finds herself against the ropes! Rosie now returning favour, going to town on the blonde’s body, shooting fist after fist into her abdomen in wicked payback. But bell rings once again too early for Luisana to be put away - judges still giving the round to Luisana for her early success, but the blonde not looking like a victor at the end of the round, panting heavily in the corner, body bunched up by the Brit’s fists, who has the gall to smirk and strut away.

Round 6: Close quarters action sees both ladies wanting to regain or solidify their early successes, throwing all caution to the wind with wild hands and body shots in the middle of the ring! VIX trainers panicking at Luisana’s choice of strategy, the blonde not designed to go toe-to-toe in a boxing ring, none the least against an experienced brawler like Rosie Jones - but the Chilean fighter seems to have her blindsides on, eyes fixated on paying her Brit opponent back blow for heavy blow. Rosie methodical, throwing heavy hooks to her foe’s face with such force that they buffet against the blonde’s arms and throw her body to the left and right. Rosie not backing down herself, proving why she’s a great brawler with heavy under-hooks to the blonde’s midsection and chest, drawing OUUFs and HNGHHs and AIEEEs from Luisana’s lips. To finally give her credit, Luisana shows her resilience by absorbing the blows as they come, dishing out another power-hook that THUNKS into Rosie’s already-battered guard - Rosie lets out a yelp as her forearms finally surrender to the onslaught - grin on Luisana’s face as she capitalises: BLASTS the brunette with a return left hook that just lands on face like a bullet hitting a bullseye! British beauty’s body sent flying to her left, sprawling along the ropes. Rosie stunned again as Luisana’s left hand pierces her tummy, but follow-up knockout blow doesn’t come, stopped by referee just in time by the irritant bell to end the sixth round.

Round 7: Fighters panting hard even after the brief mid-round rest. As Luisana straightens up, extent of damage inflicted on her body becomes clear, with large patches of red forming on majority of her abdomen, further evidenced by the blonde cradling her midsection well into the seconds of the opening bell. Rosie’s smirk also obviously missing as she fights back tears from the abrasions of red skin forming on her arms and other parts of her body. The girls elect for caution in the first minute, circling with long jabs and feints, each eager to exploit the first hole of weakness. Luisana not wanting to let her advantage go nor allow Rosie’s hands time to recover, wades in and BANGS a fist straight into the center of Rosie’s guard, hoping it will again break under extreme force and sneak itself through, but is surprised when it’s stopped by the brunette’s defence, is shocked even more when Rosie counter-punts her head back with a wicked uppercut to the chin! Luisana’s eyes shut as her head and body fly backwards, hitting the canvas on her back, the blonde shaking her head from side to side in disbelief. KNOCKDOWN JONES!!

Referee steps in as Rosie verbal shouts abuse: “Stay down, rookie!” she bellows, but Luisana is already rolling over to one side, struggling to get bacl to her knees.

5...6… Rosie returning to neutral corner, chest heaving in and out, looking like she can definitely continue brawling. Luisana grabbing onto the middle rope, testing the durability of her legs.

7...8… Scowl returning to Jones’ lips as she sees Lopilato rise to both, but the blonde having a greater difficulty straightening body up due to the Brit’s prior abuse.

But the referee waves for the fight to continue, and Rosie charges in, knowing there’s not much time left on the clock. Luisana knowledgeable of this fact as well - tells herself that all she has to do is to hang on! Blonde lets out a pained yelp as Rosie crashes both fists up into her body, one smacking into her belly, the other a digging hook into her side. Rosie licking her lips, using elbows to pry apart the blonde’s own flimsy guard, then jamming her right hand into tummy flesh as Luisana just sobs against the ropes, covering up best she can. After the longest 30 seconds, Rosie finally feels arms grabbing her from behind on her shoulders, pulling her off her prey. “HELL NO, I’M NOT DONE WITH HER” she screams to no one in parricular, before hearing the crowd’s cheers and her own trainers’ shouts for joy.

“Your winner, by TKO in the seventh round… ROSSSSIIEEEE JONES!!”

VIX personnel rushing the ring to check on their girl slumped in a heap at the bottom of the ropes, both hands cradling her middle. “I’m not done! I’m not f*cking done!!” Luisana sobs into her own chest, letting out a pained cry as she’s helped to her feet.

“Out of my way!” comes that familiar voice - Rosie pushing through both teams to come face to face with Luisana. Officials bristle at the confrontation, but Rosie leans close to her rival and gently caresses her reddened middle with her glove, grinning into Luisana’s face as she coos: “You hit hard, babe. Not everyone can break my guard so easily.”

Luisana insolent, choosing to remain silent, still apprehensive about what her victor has in stall for her.

“Tell ya what babe - that sh*t referee has no idea what he’s doin’ - I promise you, the next time we meet, we’re gonna go the distance, you and me, my fists and your tummy.” Rosie lets out a sassy laugh, patting Luisana’s body with her fist.

Luisana fights back a moan as pain resonates from her sore aba, still refusing to give Rosie the satisfaction of any confirmation that she’s better. Rosie, however, already striding away with both hands held high and waving to the crowd, acting as though she’s just won the match, her promise to Luisana having no meaning whatsoever.

Official Decision: Rosie Jones defeats Luisana Lopilato via TKO7.



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