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27 January 2017 Alyssa Lynch vs AnnaLynne McCord

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Alyssa Lynch vs AnnaLynne McCord
(Words: Vixens / Results: Lookout!)


Alyssa: (21, 5’7, 120, 3:2 FCBA, VIXENs)

AnnaLynne: (29, 5’7, 110, 7:14 FCBA, The Fighting Academy)


Before: AnnaLynne waving off her opponent with a dismissive hand. “Spare me the drama and details. I have no sympathy for any beef she has with other fighters. Her beef’s with me today, but it’s clear the girl’s already damaged goods.”

Alyssa looking even more unsure of herself after hearing the cocky AnnaLynne’s remarks, especially after coming off a loss against Ms Charlotte Church in her last bout. “I loss that one big time, yes,” she admits. “But I’ve been training hard every day since then.” She smiles at trainer Corey Saucier, standing beside her for moral encouragement. “I’ve got the support of my stablemates today, so I’m not gonna disappoint them.”

AnnaLynne stretching her lean body in pink bikini and jet-black gloves. Alyssa in white sports bra and briefs, showing off her packed and ripped bod, slamming black gloves together in anticipation. Bell rings and we’re set for 10 rounds in the Bantamweight division.

Round 1: Gut-checking commences bright and early, both ladies seemingly eager to pound the stuffing out of each other. AnnaLynne definitely the more experienced fighter, keeping her elbows tightly to her chest whilst banging away short uppercuts, rocking Alyssa Lynch in the opening minute of the round. The brunette grunting and grimacing but locking her own mitts in close and low to her body, stinging short uppercut grazes AnnaLynne’s chin early, dazing her and leaving body open, allowing Alyssa to hook in left and right hand combi to the blonde’s lanky sides. AnnaLynne grunting with a ouuff, immediately regrets underestimating the rookie’s defenses. Bell rings, ending a close round for both girls after testing and feeling each other out.

Round 2: AnnaLynne growling as she comes out fast and hard (seems like play-time’s over), trying to intimidate Alyssa right before ploughing her right hand straight into her chest. Alyssa lets out sharp, involuntary yelp as the right hand sneaks in between her guard, but counter punch only lands on blonde’s forearms, before Alyssa’s own chin snapped back by a follow-up short fist from Annalynne. Spectators cheer as both girls refusing to back down… Alyssa winces hard as she flies back to ropes, but doesn’t see enough stars to want to be trapped there by her adversary, weaving out of the way of another straight hand from AnnaLynne. Look of surprise from the blonde as her body’s pounded by resurgent Lynch, who then tries to clinch to pause the action. Both girls grunting as they wrestle in each other’s arms. Alyssa shocks AnnaLynne again with a clean fist up into her sternum, and then another, before AnnaLynne shoves her back and stings her face with a left-right combo. Action continues till last seconds of the round, when both beauties reset in the middle, opting for long jabs to protect their bodies.

Round 3: Girls on equal terms at this moment, as far as the referee’s concerned, and both of them aim to change that. AnnaLynne’s surprisingly stamina pushes her forward on lanky legs, surprising Alyssa with another right hand that slams straight into her gut. Alyssa’s eyes bulging, abs rocked with more follow-up blows left-right-left-right, blonde just walking her back towards the ropes and stacking her up. However, Alyssa fighting back valiantly every step of the way, slamming her gloves into her foe’s cheeks, knocking AnnaLynne’s head left and right, but the blonde pulls her adversary in close and jams her right hand into Alyssa’s body over and over again. Alyssa not build for close combat - all she can do is cling on tight, denying her body as target practice as well. Blonde seems too hungry, trying to wrestle Alyssa to the ropes, but still meeting resistance. In last few seconds, Alyssa huffs, having had enough, shoving the blonde back and SHOCKING HER WITH BIG RIGHT HOOK TO CHIN!! AnnaLynne goes HUHHGG, body spinning back to ropes, but referee sounds the bell, saving her from a ferocious-looking Alyssa who wants payback.

Round 4: It’s all Alyssa now - that last punch really seemed to have re-arranged AnnaLynne’s marbles in her head, the blonde still shaking the stars from her head as Alyssa charges forward, eager to take back the lead and shut the naysayers up once and for all. Alyssa stuns the blonde with jabs to the head, then gets in close and personal with hard, painful shots plugged upwards into AnnaLynne’s belly, folding her body in half. AnnaLynne trying to fight back with weaker punches, but seemingly having no effect on Alyssa, the brunette smelling blood now, that same crazed look etched on her face - the same one we saw in her opening fights against Alexis Ren and Diana Agron. Alyssa drilling her right hand as hard as possible into AnnaLynne’s ribs and tummy, determined to break her body in half, leaving the blonde whimpering and cradling her tenderised midsection at the bell. “DARN IT REF,” Alyssa growls after being ordered back to corner. “What do I have to do here to win??” she exclaims, exasperated at being a TKO in the fourth.

Round 5: Again, after four rounds, the score is almost even between the two combatants. Both girls moving much slower at the bell: Alyssa’s fists raised high, but Annalynne stumbling forward, both hands guarding her gut and hiding the abuse from the previous round. Alyssa remembers everything though, eager to exploit the blonde’s weakened middle. The brunette closes the distance with another long jab to AnnaLynne’s nose, then another smacking into her cheek, making the blonde wince but refusing to relinquish guard over her midsection. “COME ON, BLONDIE-- auugh!!” Alyssa yells, before AnnaLynne fights back with a left hand that tags her in the cheek, followed by a big swing hook to her right, aimed at Alyssa’s other. The brunette weaves down, bending low as AnnaLynne’s fist sails over her head - Alyssa finally spots the targets she’s been looking for, and RAMS both her fists up into AnnaLynne’s midsection! The blonde’s gumshield shoots out of mouth like a speeding bullet, spittle just dribbling down the side of her mouth - strength leaves her body and her legs collapse to the canvas in a heap, leaving a panting Alyssa standing over here. Referee takes one look at AnnaLynne’s battered frame - she’s barely making any effort to move her legs to stand back up - waves off the fight.

Official Decision: Alyssa Lynch defeats AnnaLynne McCord via KO5!!

After: Pundits and naysayers already dubbing this match as Alyssa’s comeback performance, a dominant and convincing win over McCord and the brunette physically looking the best she’s ever been. Official raises Lynch’s hand, whilst others check on McCord in the corner. No sympathy in Lynch’s eyes, however, as she grabs the microphone from the announcer and shouts a warning into the hooting crowd: “REN. You think this is over? I’ll be watching to see how you fare against Charlotte Church tonight. After she’s through with you though, we’re gonna resume our little dance.” Alyssa tosses the mic aside, quickly exiting the ring before the throng of reporters manage to corner her, leaving another wrecked blonde sprawled out over the white ring.



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