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27 January 2017 Ashley Benson vs Candice Patton

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Results: Lookout     Writing: Archer
Ashley: 27 YO, 5’5 (1.65 m), 17-16-0 since 2011, Pretty Little Punchers
Candice: 28 YO, 5’4 (1.63,), 3-0-0 since 2016, Unmanaged


 Before: “This is going to be my biggest fight so far,” says Candice Patton of The CW series “The Flash”  at the pre-fight press conference. “I’ve had wins over Meghan Markle, Ashley Williams and Lyndsy Fonseca, bit neither of them compares to a veteran like Ashley Benson. I know I have my work cut out for me, but when you are unmanaged you have to grab every opportunity that comes your way, It was a surprise that Ashley wanted to fight me, but I am more than willing to take her on. Besides, no CW girl would pass up the chance to take on a Puncher.”

“Nice know The CW girls are watching us. We like fighting them too. I thought Candice’s 3 wins had earned her a fight with me. I realize I have a lot more to lose than she does (especially after that darned Jessica Lowndes beat in in that JMD bout—gonna get you and your boobs yet Jessie!). After all, no will likely notice if I beat her, but she beats me—well, I will have lost to a rookie and that’s never good to have on your record. Still, putting my rep on the line makes it exciting for me and so I am really looking forward.”

“Oh, Ashley,” Candice says sweetly, “Willa Holland asked me to say  she’s always thinking of you and Kaya Scodelario. You know it’s none of my business, but why did you dump Willa for that British jobber anyway?”

Ashley freezes: “If I were you, Candice, I would not mention Willa Holland to me, our friendship is dead and buried. As for Kaya, she’s no jobber and don’t mention her to me either.”

Candice shrugged: “Hey, it’s no matter what you three feud about. It just made me curious.”

“I would remind you what happened to the curious cat,: Ashley retorts.

“I will take the warning under advisement,” Candice said in a mocking tone as she departed the stage.

“You better!” Ashley snapped and muttered. “I can’t believe the people Willa is pulling into this!”

Then Ashley looks up and sees Candice meeting Willa Holland in the wings of the stage. Willa gives Ashley a little wave and a smirk before disappearing with Candice. Ashley turns away and stalks off stage muttering about Willa Holland and her schemes.

The night of the fight finds Ashley Benson in a dazzling red bikini with red boots and gloves (white laces). Her blonde hair pulled back and secured with a red ribbon. Candice in a white bikini with black trim. Black gloves and boots with white laces. Dark hair in a ponytail. Although Ashley and Candice are polite enough during ring instructions, they are giving each other cold looks which promise fireworks in the actual bout. Fans not given much time to ponder this as the fighters have gone to their corners and the bell rings.

R1: Candice goes right to Ashley’s chest to get the opening round going. Ashley not pleased about this and so goes after Candice chest. However, this allows Candice to ring up Ashley’s jaw with some overhand rights as Ashley is leaning in. Ashley falls back to regroup and Candice in with digging hooks just over the waistband of Ashley’s bikini bottoms. Ashley gurgling as the leather sinks in deep and stepping back again, Candice moving forward but Ashley fighting back with the jab. Candice working her way around Ashley and striking mainly at the blonde’s head. Ashley able to keep up and counter with the jab. Candice making some nice head swivel shots late to rattle Ashley, but again Ashley comes back with the jab to prevent any breakthrough. Back and forth punching the rest of the way with Candice Patton getting a close win on the judges’ cards.
(As Ashley sits on her stool, she looks over and is irked to see Willa Holland at ringside whispering up advice. “Too bad Foxfire didn’t kick her out,” Ashley gripes to Cat Bell who has stepped in as PLP trainer while Nia Peeples and Danielle Harris are preoccupied with the Shay Mitchell/Troian Bellisario title fight. “Oh,  I wouldn’t worry,: Cat said soothingly, :”considering her record I doubt Willa could offer much of good advice to anyone.: This makes Ashley chuckle and nod).

R2: Ashley on the counterattack in this round, smacking Candice to the chops with her first punch and then quick right and left uppies to the chin. Candice falling back, but gets her job going before Ashley can do more damage. Ashley then starts trying to work her way around Candice, popping quick ones to head to keep her ducking. Candice moves to block this circling and then engages Ashley with some head shots of her own. Ashley shifting back to pound dark belly meat and Candice responds with hooks to Ashley’s white belly meat. Hard-hitting action as Ashley and Candice go back to each other’s juggs for a round of puppy pounding. Ashley finding Candice’s chin late and pushing her back with additional body punching. Candice not backing up too far but it is enough to secure Ashley a narrow win in the eyes of the judges.
(Willa Holland back in Candice’s corner during break. Ashley trying to ignore this, but Willa can see Ashley watching and gives her a mocking wave. Cat Bell steadies the seething Ashley :You keep your focus on Candice Patton, You can take care of Willa Holland some other time).

R3: Candice going after Ashley’s midsection to start the round. Ashley getting knocked off balance and can’t seem to set her feet to counter. Ashley able to use jab, but Candice able to move around it and still keep working Ashley to the body. Ashley trying to keep her focus gets distracted when Willa Holland shouts: “GO GET HER CANDICE! KNOCK HER OUT OF HER BIKINI!” Ashley instinctively turning in the direction of the shout sees Willa just as a Candice Patton left crashes into her right eye! Ashley staggered from the blow but somehow stays on her feet and as Candice is coming back at her with the right, Ashley able to move her head so that shit whistles by and she scrambles away as Candice stumbles off balance. Action resumes but Ashley has her jab up enough to slow Candice down, but Candice just keeps working to find openings and Ashley getting popped all the way to the bell. Candice books the round by a wide margin, “I would think someone who has been fighting for over 5 years would know better than to pay attention to someone at ringside whose not your team,:” scolds Cat Bell as she tends Ashley swollen right eye. “You’re playing Holland and Patton’s game.”
“I’m trying,” Ashley groans but then spots Willa with Candice again. They are pointing and laughing at her. “—but I can’t stand either one of them!”
“Take them on one at a time and I don’t mean starting with Holland!” an exasperated Cat retorts.

R4: Action resumes before Cat and Ashley can finish their conversation. Candice is on the prowl again and she is showing a lot of deceptive footwork. Ashley forcing herself to shut out everything outside of the ring, but she is still struggling to cope with Candice. Candice striking at random to Ashley’s head and body. Ashley finding it difficult to block the shots and she is being ground down by Candice’s drumbeat of leather. Ashley finally able to get her jab working as the round progresses to give Candice some jarring knocks to the face. Ashley able to avoid a sweep, but she still loses the round to Candice.
“You’re letting her control this fight,” Cat tells Ashley, “you’ve got to regain control. Get her before she gets you!”
Ashley just nods.

R5: Candice showing the fancy moves again, but this time Ashley charges and unleashes a powerful clouting right to the side of the head. Candice suddenly goes from fancy-footed to rubbery legged. Ashley strikes again at Candice’s head before she can duck down behind her gloves. Candice looking very wobbly but stubbornly fighting back as Ashley seeks to follow up. Candice getting firmer on her legs as the round progresses, but she is now getting hit hard to the midsection with some boob busting shots for good measure. Candice able to bring her jab into action and Ashley has to show some tricky footwork of her own to get her late punches in to Candice’s jaw as the clock runs down. Candice still standing at the bell, but she walking very unsteadily back to her stool.
During break Willa actually climbs into the ring and tries to give more advice to Candice, but Candice looking back at her with glazed eyes. Willa leaves the ring looking vexed.
“You’re in charge now,” Cat tells Ashley who nods enthusiastically.

R6: Ashley just plows straight into the still wobbly Candice as the round opens. Candice struggling to punch Ashley back, but Ashley just ignoring the jabs, Candice being slowly used to the ropes as punches slam into body and head. Candice struggling to slide along the ropes to avoid being trapped, but then Ashley unloads a ripping right to the jaw that slams Candice against the ropes and then Ashley step in front to fire a straight right into her nose. Candice’s knees already folding now she is flung back with blood spurting out of nose! Candice on her back almost under the ring ropes.
Suddenly Willa Holland is there yelling at Candice: “GET UP! GET UP!” Candice is holding her nose and rocking back and forth. She seems to have lost interest in comntinuing. Willa storms away from the ring in a huff as the count reaches:

After: Ashley triumphant. Hugs Cat Bell. Lucy Hale, Sasha Pieterse and Danielle Campbell all on hand to join in the celebration. Candice sitting forlornly on her stool when Ashley comes over.

“Your new BFF Willa gone?” Ashley asked.

“Guess so,” Candice says. “I think I need a better class of friend.”

“Good idea,” Ashley said, “you up for a Walk of Shame? I got my reputation, you know.”

“I think you might have broken my nose,” Candice groans, “but yeah, I can go, Guess you earned it. Could you help me up?”

“Haw, it’d be no fun walking you. Willa is the one who made me mad. Now you know what a stinker she is, Go get the nose tended to. You got a lot of talent. Just not as much as me,” Ashley said in a friendly tone.
Candice nods and depart the ring with her corner crew which had been hanging back after seeing Ashley coming over. Ashley then goes back to rejoin her stablemates,

“You know Cat,” Ashley said, “you really helped me tonight. You’re going to fit right in with us.”

“Thank you,” Cat said, “that’s just what I want to do. Fit right in.” (An odd smile flickered across her face, but it quickly gone and no one could judge what could have meant).

Candice Patton has her rookie winning streak broken by a veteran fighter. No surprise there, but she did show some good moves especially in terms of footwork. If she can just find the right management she could definitely build on her talents to achieve more success in the FCBA. As for Ashley Benson, this is a satisfying bounce back from her loss to Jessica Lowndes and should allow her to work her way back into contender status. Of course, fans are interested in what will be next in the Ashley Benson/Willa Holland feud. Not easy to tell now, but it seems clear this conflict is not over.


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