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27 January 2017 Demi Lovato vs Lindsay Lohan

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Demi Lovato versus Lindsay Lohan (JMD)
(Words & Results: Lookout!)


 Before: It's a big match between two established industry stars, both of whom have had troubled paths in Hollywood and the FCBA. Although the two have often been compared as rivals in various tabloids and media outlets due to shared romantic interests, Demi Lovato has been very supportive of her star as they have both had body image, substance abuse and rehab issues. Demi has come back successfully in Hollywood, while Lilo has not yet made it all the way back. In the FCBA, Lohan has been a recent JMD (Jugs of Mass Destruction) champion, with her career revitalized by her time in Ginny's Academy while Demi Lovato has had her career on the upswing since moving over to Lookout! Boxing. Given their similar career trajectories, at times, it's surprising that the two haven't fought before but it's a new year and a new opportunity to take each other on!

It's clear that Demi respects Lindsay or at the very least sympathizes with her, but it's not clear whether Lindsay feels the same towards Lovato. As the two arrive for fight night, it's becomes quickly clear that those feelings are not mutual. Any attempts by Demi to speak with or give Lohan a hug are quickly rebuffed, with a quick bounce of Lohan's jugs against Demi's globes causing a bit of an impromptu scuffle, both of their tempers elevating things quickly as the ref intervenes to pull them apart as the two glare at one another. Sources within both celebrities' camps definitely speak to a pattern of jealousy between them, arising from any number of factors, but certainly jug pride is right at the top of the list and that's why this particular match was requested between them. Demi coming off of a big win over Kylie Jenner and Lindsay suffering a loss to current champ Jessica Nigri, so plenty of motivation for them both in addition to the obvious confidence in their chests.

Demi arrives in a black bikini with matching gloves and hair in a fighting ponytail; Lindsay clad in a bright red bikini that matches her fiery red hair and temper – with matching gloves and hair in a battle bun as the two put their assets on display early as they head right to the center of the ring. The two of them roughly touch gloves, jugs jiggling as they push each other backwards and the ref warns both of them that he wants a clean fight. Whether he'll get one is anybody's guess, but the bell rings and the fight is on...!

R1: It's an aggressive start by Linday as she is stalking early, pumping up the double-jab to set up the overhand rights, eager to deliver a heavy left hook into Demi's tits. Lovato showing good defense and speed, hopping out of range as needed and pivoting to her left. Lilo is the aggressor in the firset until late, when Demi manages to hop in and tag Lindsay with a devastating right/left/right combination to her face and jugs. Lohan is HURT as she is staggering wobbly butt, covering up with her gloves at temples and Demi turns it up a notch, eyes blazing as she surges forward to tear at Lindsay's midriff aggressively! Just burying her gloves into Lohan's belly as it's crowd-pleasing stuff, just battering away to belly as she hops back, bouncing short rights and lefts to Lindsay's jugs as her redheaded rival staggers forward. At the bell, it's Lovato who is pumped, nodding her head aggressively as Lohan is visibly trying to focus, shaking her head and blinking her eyes as she staggers to her corner after Lovato steals a clear Lohan first!

R2: Lovato trying to pick up where she left off, building on the last round by crowding Lohan, just going to bully her foe around inside. Both of their curvy legs are planting firmly against the canas, leaning in mouth on shoulder, each just clamping the other close for tight sparring with jugs jostling and bodies bumping against one another hard. Demi showing surprising speed on the inside, just showing off a snappy delivery as she gets off, but Lindsay showing off her veteran versatility and power as she goes to boss Demi backwards. Lohan not shying away from Lovato's abs or jugs, just going to both of them deliberately with hooks and shoveling right hands. Linday showing her skills at clutch-and-punch tactics, just scoring and tying up before Demi can retaliate. While Demi may have superior speed, she can't demonstrate it as her offense keeps getting smothered, sometimes almost literally as Lohan keeps bumping her jugs forward, with Lovato flustered as she is getting hurt more than she needs or wants to as Lohan shows off her fighting savvy.

R3: Demi switches gears, showing some versatility here as she utilizes more footwork and lateral movement, just slashing in-and-out this round. Demi's eyes narrow, focused and intense, baring her teeth as she gets off as the crowd cheers their approval. Demi's jab is chippy and quick, shooting off of her hips as she catches Lindsay's jugs and face before Lohan can react. Lovato establishing position with her feet, just chopping that right hand off of cheek and cleavage, just getting 100% behind the shot as she keeps surging forward. Demi planting that left (lead) foot and just whipping it across Linday's jugs when the opportunity presents itself. Linday proves herself sturdy, just covering her torso and tits well, blocking a lot of shots but unable to get her own offense going or cut off the ring on her foe here in the third.

R4: Lindsay using her jab to stabilize things, timing her foe and just going to work Lovato's proud bod. Lindsay delivering a short hook to the ribcage a short swipe to set up a clouting overhand hook to her head up top. Lovato wobbling out of orbit, head spinning as Lindsay is able to connect it clean and Lohan keeping the right up at her temple, stepping in against Lovato as she retreats. Lovato getting hurt HARD to the body as it's steady pressure from Lohan, just walking down Demi, hammering hooks to flank, tummy and jugs, just reaching in with her gloves to grab at Demi's biceps and shove her backwards into the ropes. It's good stuff on the inside from Lindsay, just sending right uppercuts to take Lovato in her lungs, leaving her breathless as she slumps butt-in-rope against the onslaught, Demi dong a lot of shaky-legged clinching down the stretch to buy herself recovery time. At the bell, it's Lohan on top as she looks into Demi's eyes, which are currently blinking back tears, groaning out as she hugs her body. Lindsay is hard-eyed and contemptuous during the break, nodding in agreement at advice to “stay on her body” from her corner.

R5: Lindsay comes out to do just that as she has Lovato hurt, but not about to back off. Lovato just chipping away with the jab, then bouncing backwards, circling and turning Lohan in the middle of the ring – before jumping in from a fresh angle. Lovato moving quickly, just tattooing Lohan's arms and tits, forcing her to cover up, allowing Demi to pivot away and escape. Midway through, Lovato is able to break through with a sneaky right hand, just nailing Lohan in her jugs and Demi adding a hook to go along with it, the quick combination to her cleavage sending her foe wobbly-butt. Lohan is still determined, although hurt, just going to keep punching down at Demi's body as the two trade shots in a phone booth. Lovato bouncing snappy rights and lefts off of Lilo's globes, with the ref intervening at the bell as the two exchange hard eye contact and both girls breathing hard, with hard competition through five.

R6: Demi senses a little blood in the water, with Lovato seeking to up the tempo as doubled jabs allow Lovato to get her way inside, then letting her gloves shoot out in crisp, but clouting combinations, then hopping back as Lohan is mouth-breathing a bit, eyes widening in confusion. Lohan surging forward, keeping her guard up and offense shooting out aggressively as the two of them circle around one another, just whacking and walloping away. Midway through the round, Lovato steps to her right like she's going to pivot away and Lohan lunges in, but Lovato catches her off guard as she just hooks the taste right out of Lohan's mouth. It's a gorgeously timed step-away hook that staggers Lindsay, with Demi pouncing in to take full advantage with a chopping right hand to spank at Lohan's abs. Lohan staggering backwards, shook up and startled, with Demi pursing the redhead to ropes. It's a blistering flurry as Lovato's eyes flash as she is just tearing it up now on a dazed Lohan. Lindsay slumping forward behind her mitts, just taking a thick and brawny beating into her breasts and breadbasket. Demi just digging in hooks, putting all of her weight behind the stunning shots, using so much power that her right foot is skidding off the canvas as she just rips away at Lohan's jugs like they are going on sale and as the ref listens to Lohan bleat in shock no longer, jumping in as he cradles Lohan away to the ropes and Lovato lifts up her mitts, bellowing with excitement and triumph in triumph via TKO6!!

AFTER: A lot of dormant resentment between these two stars out on display here tonight as Lohan is obviously distraught, protesting the stoppage – but the ref stands behind his decision and just as importantly, Lovato stands behind Lohan as she goes to wrap one arm around her waist and the other tugging at her hair as she pulls her out for a WALK OF SHAME!

Lindsay is fighting back tears and to get free of Lovato's tight grip as Demi brings her hands up to Lovato's jugs, cupping and pointing to her foe's cleavage, “I did that! Those jugs are mine....I owned those...MY jugs stopped HER JUGS!”, declaring loudly over Lohan's shoulder as Lindsay can't even look at the crowd. It's a tough site for Lohan fans, but Demi's supporters are cheering loudly as she takes down one of the biggest names in the JMD world in comeback fashion. Demi just beaming, face shining with excitement as she finally goes to TUG on Lindsay's hair to pull her around to face her and more importantly, her jugs. Linday's nose practically brushing Demi's boobs as Lovato rolls her shoulders back and forth, slapping Lohan's face with her proud pair and saying coolly, “Breathe 'em in, because next time, these are going right on your face, so watch out...” before shoving a furious Lohan back to address the press with a big smile.

“This is SO huge for me. Before tonight, everyone would have thought Lindsay Lohan was out of my league: now they know better! We've both come a long way in Hollywood, but trust me, I'm back. I genuinely hope Lindsay will too, but not tonight and not against me. I want to be a serious threat at bantam or in the JMD division, so this win really helps to establish my credentials at both as far as I'm concerned. We'll just have to see what the rest of the division thinks, but they better take me seriously from now on!!” And with that declaration, Demi exits the arena with her jugs thrust out and hands held high in victory, starting off the year with one of her biggest wins yet!



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