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27 January 2017 Emily VanCamp vs Allison Sudol

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Emily VanCamp versus Allison Sudol
(Words & Results: Lookout!)


 BEFORE: It's a challenging debut for any fighter, but the sky is the limit for Allison Sudol, one of the brightest spots in one of the biggest hits of the year in “Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them.”, a prequel set in the Harry Potter universe. Having made the successful transition from music (as A Fine Frenzy) to the world of acting, Allison is going to try to now transition from conquering the box office to conquering a two-time bantamweight champion in Emily VanCamp.

Allison just as bubbly and positive as her character in the film, beaming as she addresses the press, “I really am so excited to be here as we did plenty of sparring on set in between takes, but having an actual opportunity to compete here in the FCBA is going to be quite an adventure. I've been working on different aspects of my career from my music and now to my acting, so now I'm thrilled to find new fans and experiences here in the league.”

Emily smiling as well, “Of course, I really enjoyed returning to the wizarding world of Harry Potter again and I'm a huge fan of Allison's work in the film, plus as a musical artist. As a stable, we reached out to her representatives shortly after the movie was released and wanted to immediately get her a debut into the FCBA. I'm happy to bring her into the league, although I'm afraid it won't be a successful debut for her. I've got the magic around here...” as Emily sticks out her tongue.
Allison gives her a good natured shove as she winks, “I'm not going to be beat by some muggle...”

Emily gives a little mock gasp of outrage, “How dare you!” as she gives a shove right back, “I'm not some squib that you can beat down...”

The two of them laugh and give each other a hug – a rare display in the league, but a welcome one as they end the press conference with a high five.

On the night of the fight, Emily comes in with a pink sports bra that reads “Still Waiting On My Hogwarts letter...” with matching pink shorts and gloves – blonde hair in a fighting ponytail; Allison arrives wearing a pair of baby blue shorts and gloves, with a sports bra that reads “I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good.”, (which is likely to be true tonight) and blonde hair loose around her face.

The referee is happy for once not to have to separate the two actresses, though still gives the standard warnings before the bell rings and the match is on...

R1: After all of the kindness leading into the match, it appears they left that outside of the ring as Allison gets into Emily immediately with a pounding breast attack, just flattening that bra to send her blonde foe back on her heels. Emily a little surprised, unable to get set, spending most of the round covering up and staggering under shockingly crisp combinations from Sudol. In the final minute, Allison lets up a bit, allowing Emily to get some offense in with a stiff jab to her opponent's chest in retaliation, but Allison catches her with a stunning sucker right hand to the face that has VanCamp wobbly-butt at the bell. Allison beaming and jogging to her corner after a big first round in her initial taste of league action and leather.

R2: While Allison surged in the first round, she fades here in the second a bit as she taps out the jab against Em's shoulders, forehead and flank, just jolting in an occasional right hand over Emily's left to keep VanCamp from getting into too much of a rhythm. Although Emily may be getting banged up, but she is stubbornly fighting through it as she goes to work over Allison's abs and tries to make it more difficult for Allison this round as she bangs back aggressively. The ref does have to get between the two of them to separate the two of them this time as they gaze at each other a little less warmly than they did prior to the battle as they are both breathing hard.

R3: Allison bends in with a sucker lead right, bouncing her fist off off of Jen's stunned face, pivoting to the right to snap a hard hook across VanCamp's cheek. Emily stumbling and off balance, finding herself shredded by Sudol's active fists. Sudol putting herself in charge, keeping the punches short and quick, always in combination, just pestering as she drills VanCamp's face and chest with constant scrubbing. Emily unable to get off consistently, still punishing Allison in spots, but still getting touched up by Allison and at the bell, Sudol manages to duck underneath a hook from Emily and comes back with a late right hand that has Emily wobbly-butt once more as Allison emerges resurgent again in the third.

R4: The barrage to the body has Emily hurting, with Sudol shoulder-bumping her foe off balance, clipping a short right and left shot combination that has VanCamp hurting. Emily frustrated, getting tagged, finding difficulty getting on track as Allison is moving with surprising speed, constantly touching and turning VanCamp around the ring. Down the stretch, the two of them are locked in the middle of a phone booth, just battering at one another's midsections with pure aggression as Allison shows some savvy as she suddenly pivots to the side, allowing Emily to fall forward as she walks her into a sneaky right uppercut to her cheek and a quick left hook to her face as Emily spills to all fours, shocked as she gets up quickly. The bell rings to keep them getting at one another as the ref orders them to separate corners – Allison beaming and Emily scowling – sweating from a hard match so far.

R5: Allison charges across the ring, catching Emily a little slow off of her stool as she goes to just batter her foe senseless. Emily is covering up a bit in the corner, butt pressing back against the turnbuckle as she soaks up the body blows and it's clear Sudol is going for it all right here. Allison is slugging furiously, pelting her fists all over Emily's toned frame, occassionally shoulder-bumping or bodying her foe up to reset. Emily fights well from the corner position, blocking as best she can and using her legs to hold her up as down the stretch, Allison starts to slow down a bit from fatigue. A shellshocked Emily goes to respond, answering with banging hooks to breadbasket as she bunches the 'Fantastic Beasts' star up and at the bell, it's Sudol who is falling in to clinch – both girls almost hugging and breathing hard with exertion as they shove away from each other.

R6: Emily getting a second wind, looking to take control now as Sudol slinks to her right, batting Emily's jab out of the air while staggering in retreat. VanCamp lunging, sending a hard right hook to Sudol's cheek and Allison spills sideways into the ropes, setting up shop though to counter as she keeps her right at her cheek and left tight across her body. VanCamp punching a jab out towards Sudol's chest, then hooking a left to the face and then pounding a hard right hand to Allison's abs. Sudol is wincing, soaking up punches against her as she looks for openings, though VanCamp showing no signs of slowing down. VanCamp slamming in shots against her abs and drilling a hard left hook across your cheek, just going to body her back up but Allison takes a knee, gulping in air. Sudol shaking a bit, making it back up at 8, breathing deep and digging in as Emily storms right back in. Allison looking to use the ropes, hoping to bob and weave her way inside, but Emily is not having it. VanCamp stacking up her foe, then twisting her hips into scorching hooks that just thud right into the breadbasket, brawny shots with VanCamp's full weight crashing behind them as she hears her foe mouth-breathing as she grins and keeps ripping away to the tummy until suddenly Sudol spilsl to the canvas. Allison is out, hugging herself in agony as it's KO6 Emily VanCamp!

AFTER: An impressive, if not victorious debut, for Allison Sudol as she falls to her blonde foe after a stunning start. Emily takes a moment to bellow out into the crowd, pounding her chest a bit after taking down her foe in dramatic fashion, but grinning as she goes to check on Allison, who is recovering in her corner. After a few words, not all of them pleasant judging by the looks on their faces, Allison gets up into Emily's face and for a moment, it looks the two of them might go after one another again – as if those brutal six rounds weren't enough.

But, then the two of them break into smiles and a hug, both of them whispering into one another's ear as Emily then leads Allison into the middle of the ring – holding up her hands as the two of them pose in the center of the ring as the loudspeakers play the theme song from “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.” for a minute to celebrate the debut of Allison Sudol, before switching over to the theme from “Captain America” for the victorious Emily VanCamp. The two of them beaming at one another as they give each other a high five and VanCamp tells Sudol, “You'll be back...” as Allison exchanges a wink, confident of this fact as she heads out of the ring to give Emily her moment.

Emily beams as she addresses the press, “I meant what I said there too – she'll be back. on a scale of 1 to 10, how ready is Allison for the FCBA– probably 9 ¾?” as VanCamp chuckles, “Seriously, you all saw in there that Allison is legit – gave me all I could handle in there, but I don't back down not from anybody, not even 'Queenie' in her debut match. Because these are magic.” as VanCamp pumps a double bicep flex, grinning, “And if you're wondering whether they are going to still be after all this time – the answer is: Always!” as Emily sticks out her tongue and pumps her fist into the air, heading out of the ring after a spellbinding start to 2017.



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