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27 September 2003 Title Ch Dani Fishel vs Lucy Liu

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(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Posted by simguy on 9/27/2003, 8:59 am

Before: Liu's fists doing as much damage to Dani Fishel as anyone's over the years - champ wincing good naturedly whenever the topic of Lucy's punch comes up. "Lucy's just so dangerous," Fishel admits, "she's an instant title threat WHATEVER division she wants to fight in. She's looked vulnerable this year and I think she's a little directionless without a strong hand like Janet Jones' at the helm, but even just fighting instinctively, Lucy can cause problems. You always want to hurt her early, then work on her body - if she keeps her legs under her, she'll chin you eventually, and we don't this fight to get that interesting." Liu in red bikini, black shoes, Dani in teal bikini top, grey stretch cotton boy cut bottoms, white shoes.

During R1: Dani gets her wish - stunning Liu as the women trade hooks midway through the round - Lucy's wobbly butt, reaching in to clinch. Fishel able to walk her girl to the ropes and body-up - Dani fighting off Lucy's chest, busy to the breadbasket, piling on the points for a thumping shutout first.

R2: Liu's legs not all the way back: that translates into Dani's fight. Fishel crossing her arms, bobbing and weaving in close - bunting Liu in the shoulder with the right palm, then hooking hard to the body as Lucy leans in. If Lucy backs out - Dani unleashes the wide, walloping hook up top - Liu driven ropeside over the latter half, but digging in stubborn. Good greasy work as the women grind mouth on shoulder - each getting under the other and shouldering the opponent off, stepping into hook body, then crowd the receipt. Dani keeping Lucy against the ropes, but both women tested about the midsection and torso.

R3: Lucy much improved on the inside - she goes shoulder to shoulder with Dani, fearlessly trades hooks in tight. Liu consistently outworking Dani, then shoulder-bumping her back - Fishel's back touches ropes and she's put under pressure over the latter half. Brawny stuff from Liu - snatching punches in behind Dani's elbows, using that left elbow/shoulder to prop Dani up, then getting back to the paunch. Girls working hard, cheek to cheek, pulling at each other's arms downstairs - anything to get a little opening.

R4: Big banging Dani Fishel shutout. Liu posing right hand at her cheek, left across her body, rolling her torso to blunt the incoming, retreating, pointing her left shoulder at Dani, but not making Fishel pay. Champ able to thump the body, bump with her shoulder, shove and jostle Lucy at the ropes - fight is rugged, but unfolding essentially the way TE planners drew it up. Fishel grinning at the bell - she's getting a tough fight from Luch, but winning it handily through 4.

R5,6,7: Hard fought, intense action fought out in little 3 foot square patches of canvas at the ropes. Liu laying in flat footed - when girls aren't punching, they're cheek to cheek, pushing and pulling downstairs, trying to nudge or tug each other off balance. Both getting off with hooks to sturdy tummies or chubby jugs. Dani using her right hand as a kind of hard shove, but sometimes turning it over blunt to the uppercut chest or shoulder, setting up her hook. Liu more apt to close up, turn on right uppercuts as she lets Dani fall forward. Liu's back to the ropes for the most part - she'll occasionally turn Dani to reverse positions, but Lucy seems content to lay on the perimeter, get off supple and fight Dani toe to toe. Rounds are competitive, razor thin victory margins - but it's Dani the busier fighter, and clearly dictating what kind of fight gets fought tonight: judges award the champ all three rounds close.

R8: Dani mauling Lucy on the ropes, head rough under Liu's chin, hands rudely palming biceps, opening up the torso for bludgeoning two-fisted work. Constant shoving and slugging, but Liu alert, hanging in there, just getting low on occasion, shouldering Dani off, then laying back to allow her back in. Down the stretch - Liu bends, eases Dani back with the shoulder, and this time runs the champ onto a quick left uppercut as Fishel pushes forward. Dani baby-stepping hurt on the spot - Liu steps right, slashes a vicious outside-in right uppercut to the chin and Dani's in trouble! Fishel turning to square up, folding forward - Lucy stepping back in good order and walking the kid into unspeakable left and right uppercuts. Bell sounds - Dani all wobbly butt and woozy - Liu chests up and forces eye contact with the stupified champ.

R9: Writhing, pushing, hard working 9th - girls just laying in cheek by jowl to get it done downstairs. Liu just doesn't seem to realize she's not winning this kind of fight - She's wallowing in the trenches with Dani, taking turns reaching under the champ's arms, bodying her back, hooking her body, taking the same in return until Fishel can finally bundle Liu into the ropes. Dani's weight forward, fists bashing away hips and arms when the good stuff isn't available - another busy Fishel round puts a hollow look on Liu's face.

R10: Lucy laying in, but standing her ground midring - gives her the room to step back and get those sneaky right uppercuts as Dani falls forward. Liu managing Dani's body very well - firm right uppercut, slapping left hook, then sliding around to the left. Fishel moving her feet, usually in contact with Lucy, but not set to punch - Dani's outworked this round as Lucy helps herself to ribs and paunch with slashing, cuffing blows. At the bell, Dani straightens, takes a cheap clouting left on her jaw - tempers flare as the ref gets involved. Comes back close, but UD10 for the winner and STILL champeen - Dani Fishel.

After: Bleak look of disappointment on Lucy's face once again - she's beat up, hurt in the body and punished by a big hitting bantamweight tonight. Liu hurt early, but had enough time to recover and re-establish her circus style: Lucy's making bad decisions, bad fight plans without Janet Jones in her corner. Fishel strutting with taped hands high - any win over Liu is a cherished moment for Dani and all of TE. Lucy cooperated tonight, got in Dani's kitchen and paid the price all night long.

Sim Guy


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