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27 January 2017 Yvonne Strahovski vs Katy Perry

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Yvonne Strahovski versus Katy Perry
(Words & Results: Lookout!)


 BEFORE: It's a rematch more than a year in the making between two proud lightweights here tonight – a blonde and brunette rivalry – in a highly anticipated bout that comes after Katy Perry famously snapped Yvonne Strahovski's winning streak and took the lightweight title in the process. Yvonne and Katy have both been vocal about a rematch with their management – Katy to prove it wasn't a fluke and Yvonne to prove that she CAN beat Katy Perry. It's an important match for them both to start off 2017, with both of them recognizing the high stakes.

“There are some losses that really stick with you and losing the title and that fight to Katy Perry was one of them. It's a match that was really important to me – being able to take down promising and physical brunettes like Katy is crucial in this league, especially if I want to be the best blonde in the league. Not just the best blonde, but I want to be one of the best fighters this league has ever seen and to do that, I have to take down girls like her. Sorry, Katy, but that's the way it is...” Yvonne states confidently, fixing Katy with a hard stare.

Katy, for her part, seems non-plussed as she shrugs and smiles, “Of course, lightning can strike twice. Yvonne is one of the best blondes in the division and in the league. No question about that, so beating her was one of the biggest nights of my career here in the FCBA. I plan on having another career night here and it's just as important that I beat her. Front Street has a very competitive lightweight roster and if you don't win, you can get buried. You've got Serinda with the Ice Queen title, which seems to suit her and of course, Gemma is holding onto my title, so matches like this is a chance to separate from the pack. And when it comes time to deciding pack Alpha, they will be looking at the girl who beat Yvonne Strahovski not once, but twice...”

Yvonne arrives the night of the fight in a black string bikini with matching gloves and hair in a fighting ponytail; Katy in a neon orange bikini with matching gloves and hair in a fighting ponytail as well. Both blonde and brunette chesting up to one another during referee instructions, but demonstrate respect for one another as they touch gloves and head to their respective corners to await the bell, but once it rings, the battle begins!

R1: Both girls engage in a lot of staredown theatrics, just glaring at one another as they circle one another, but it's Katy who displays a lot of her physical power here in the first as she jabs her way in to fight off of Strahovski's chest and bringing nice compact strokes to bear on Yvonne's hips and ribs. Perry with an especially effective, short right hook to Yvonne's abs that has her breathing hard and off guard during the first.

R2: Yvonne is wheeling and moving her legs much better this round, lifting a rising jab off of her hips to spike right into Perry's forehead and keeping that right hand coiled at her chest, spitting out the jab into Katy's chest and torso to keep her a little bit breathless. Perry is turning, but can't seem to get off and can't seem to close distance over that rangy jab as Strahovski restablishes herself here in the second.

R3: Yvonne mixing in a right cross now along with the jab, knocking Katy back on one foot on more than one occasion throughout the round, getting good extension and pop on her punches. Katy making some forays to the inside, but she is rebuffed as Yvonne snaps off lanky uppercuts and scoring with swift one-two combinations. Perry getting in some offense, but it's Yvonne really showcasing her power through three at this point.

R4: Yvonne is getting into a rhythm now, just stalking Katy with her left hand low and right hand at her chest, just twisting into whip-action left hooks and bending into crushing right hands that are finding the mark through Katy's strong guard. Perry a little surprised as she has her back consistently in the ropes, fighting well off of them and spitting out jabs at Strahovski's chest to keep her off, yet unable to get off as Strahovski opens up and lets her hands go.

R5: It's a shutout this round as Yvonne is fearlessly stalking her foe, whipping punches in aggressively as Perry is wobbly-butt. Katy covering up as Yvonne is clubbing away with hard punches, fists bouncing off of Katy's shoulders and body, clouting her face when her guard drops for a moment and rotating her hips to get in with a lanky delivery. Yvonne starting to smile confidently, just bursting up Katy with right and left uppercuts, chugging in punches to land with heavy thuds against Katy's solid body and chest.

R6: Katy is starting to come apart a bit as Yvonne came tonight to fight and it's turning into a bit of a rout, jabbing Perry into the ropes and then working those rangy bombs from the right and left, thudding with both hands. Strahovski is enjoying herself a bit, just thudding an occasional hard right into Perry's chest to see the resulting gasp and pout. Katy fights well off of the ropes, still demonstrating a lot of resolve, working rights and lefts to Strahovski's body, but Yvonne finishes well with alternating uppercuts to Perry's strong bod, smashing her fists in as Katy is forced to soak it up, trembling with anger or exhaustion or a little of both. Strahovski nods, smiling as she jogs back to her corner, pumping her fist into the air as her corner encourages her to stay focused.

R7: Cue comeback? Perry is beat up, but unbowed, coming forward behind a no-nonsense stick, keeping her chin tucked and guard up, bodying up on Strahovski again, just slinging in short strokes to Yvonne's abs. Strahovski grunting, eyes flashing a bit of surprise as she doubles over, clinching as she tries to tie Katy up, but Katy doing a good job of shoving Strahovski off. Katy gets a shoulder into Strahovski's chest, punching in combination to torso and ribcage, even slipping in a little bit of jug mugging at the bell to have Yvonne squealing in outrage and hurt.

R8: It's all Katy as she just storms across the ring, just banging at her foe with a series of punching and pivoting counters, ducking down as she makes Yvonne miss over the top with that right hand. Perry is just scorching the rib cage on the right hand, just sending Strahovski butt-in-ropes as she is folded over and breathing hard. Midway through the round, Perry snaps a short left hook out of a guard position, just taking Strahovski hard in her ribcage and maybe her liver, bringing the blonde to her knees with a loud shout of pain. STRAHOVSKI IS DOWN, but is back up at 8, a look of panic on her face as her legs are shot. Yvonne is seated on the ropes, doing a masterful job of fighting off of the ropes from keeping Perry from bodying up at the bell. But, Katy still takes this round wide with the knockdown.

R9: Strahovski appears dazed as it's all Katy Perry this round, with Yvonne getting walked back and her arms loose around her back as she cliches, punching at Perry's abs to try to keep her backwards. But, Katy business like and putting leather firmly on Aussie torso and jerking a swift left hook in behind Strahovski's elbow to repeatedly shake the blonde's legs. Strahovski frustrated, sitting much of the round in the ropes, soaking it up as Perry is all up in her business, butting her with her shoulder, clubbing short one twos to her midsection or clouting her cheek with hard right hands. Perry just whittles away at the blonde's big lead, working hard to put her down but Strahovski's legs hold her up for another round as the two are pulled apart at the bell.

R10: Perry bodying up on her blonde rival, muscling Strahovski to the ropes as Katy puts her head against Yvonne's chest to work the midsection again, enjoying the sound of Yvonne mouth-breathing. Perry leaning in, perhaps too far as Yvonne goes to slip to the side, legging away along the ropes and then rips a vicious right uppercut into Perry's face. Katy blinks in shock, badly hurt as she staggers into the ropes as Yvonne lights up, just scoring with right and left hands against Perry's back and ribcage. Katy pushes her foe backwards as she turns around, but Yvonne pounces forward with a barrage of rangy right hands looping up top that has Katy seemingly out on her feet. Katy tries to bring her guard up as her eyes start to flutter, with Strahovski all-in right now, just bashing away with full bodied left and rights. Katy sliding to the floor as she rolls to her back, with Yvonne shouting in relief and triumph, the ref pushing Strahovski back as officials come in to award Yvonne Strahovski the win via KO10 in a thrilling bout!

AFTER: What a roller coaster match between these two and one that definitely lived up to the hype. Of course, it's very early in the year, but there are many sections chanting “FOTY, FOTY”, though that will likely change many times before the year ends. It was a stellar contest, one that ended in dramatic fashion with a tenth round knockout, Yvonne displaying that power at just the right time as it looks like Katy had finally turned things around. It was an amazing effort by Katy, but Yvonne just managed to pull off that little extra something that set her apart this time around. But, as you listen to the roaring of the fans, they want to see these two in the ring again.

Yvonne grinning, pumping her fist into the air as she beams and runs her fingers through her damp hair, coming off of the turnbuckles as she was posing for the fans as she comes over to address the press, “Wow! That was definitely a tough match and I think Katy showed the fans, without question, that her first win over me wasn't a fluke. But, I think I showed why I'm the best blonde and for what it's worth, the best lightweight in the freaking division. Taking down Kesha, Mary and now Katy back-to-back, I'm not going to stop now. Gemma, when you're done playing around, you know where to find me. I want MY titles back but in the meantime, I'll just keep working the division, so girls, watch out!!” Yvonne flashing a smile as she then strolls out of the ring, looking relieved at having redeemed herself against physical brunette Perry to start off the year, but with the lightweight division deep as it is, just looking forward to many challenges throughout 2017...



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