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27 January 2017 Amanda Righetti vs Sarah Wayne Callies

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AMANDA RIGHETTI (33 y/o, 5 ft 8, W: 67, L: 25) vs SARAH WAYNE CALLIES (39 y/o, 5 ft 9, W: 2, L: 1)
(Words: Bonzo / Results: Lookout!)


 Before: Righetti coming off a loss to upstart sensation of the year, supermodel Karlie Kloss (her second loss in the last three fights following a nine-bout winning streak and long title reign) – she wanted to get Karlie back into the ring for an instant rematch, but welter’s new it girl turned her down instead. Angry with her past performance and hungry for action, Righetti’s agreed to a challenge by unmanaged free agent Sarah Wayne Callies, the brunette known for her stints on “Prison Break”, “The Walking Dead” and now “Colony”, in which she co-stars opposite her on-screen sister, Righetti. Callies has fought in the league before, her crowning achievement an upset decision won over Ashley Scott in 2008 that failed to get her career running, plus she went one-to-one in back-to-back bouts against Bridget Moynihan in 2011. Callies long eager to challenge her Colony co-star…with the Kloss rematch off the table, she finally gets her long-awaited return to a PPV card. Callies a slender-built, lanky brunette – yet she’s no longer the string bean battling zombies on the “Walking Dead”, having built up considerable strength, especially in her arms, and has agreed to meet Rigs at 130 pounds. Women friendly, really fond of each other off-screen, but Callies still makes sure what she expects from the fight, “I’m not supposed to be competitive, I know, a fill-in. But I’ve been around Amanda for a while and I’m not scared of her at all. She’s vulnerable to off-beat power, and that’s what I’m packing,” she says, flexing her arms. – Righetti happy to give Callies a shot at PPV fame, but determined to end it there, “friendships don’t translate to the ring. She won’t be spared a thing.”


Fight: R1: Righetti smooth, composed – she attempts to build up control by introducing Sarah to her bulky, rhythmic left, stepping in circles. Callies a tall, muscular fighter, working on her heels outside range…it’s a leggy look for her as she tries to lean, step, duck out of ‘Manda’s wide, rangy jabwork…her own jab a-tappin’ forward, weight on left foot, not yet punchin’ it home. Sarah turns that torso in steady, dip n’ duck fashion, trying to negotiate her way closer past Amanda’s own stomping jabs – Righetti controlling things via that poke, but not really catching her girl cleanly, increasingly having to side-step an aggressively pursuing Sarah with her legs, unsure what to make of Callies’ strategy. Second minute: Callies more assertive – she’s bringing her lefts to target now, really forcing Rigs to tighten her guard, punching her onto her heels at one point with two chop-chop combination lefts lashing onto ‘Manda’s collarbone, followed by a rising, right cross bumping into her tits. Righetti stepping back as a result, then forcing some clever clinches/holdings to calm things down…she’s making Sarah feel her power body-to-body, not budging an inch against her – but Callies stays surprisingly patient, not a rookie after all, making sure to start working via hard, straight lefts when separated just to make a point. Third min: Righetti slaps her left more stiffly to guard/chin/arms, plop…plop….plop, working to open Callies for a combination right, but Sarah’s observant, making Rigs’ aggression run dry at one point via her lightweight-ish, circumventing legwork…and then, she’s countering her with off-rhythm hooks! Replay scene: Callies SLAMS an unbowed left hand straight between Amanda’s mitts to her mouth with authority – a pinch-mouthed, staggered Righetti’s torso TILTS to the left at first, but she’s able to straighten her legs to tread back, but she’s takin’ baby-steps. Bell: Callies steals a close first round, actually looking dangerous, precise and authoritative, confident with her jab.
R2: Callies really making a point of her lanky, muscular strength, the lightweight-ish bobbin’, weavin’…she’s trying to set the rhythm early via a tapping…tapping…stinging left. Righetti, forced into the defensive, tempts the brunette yet more forward, skippin’ around Callies, hoppin’ her steps near ropes, lowering her arms…Sarah stalks her accordingly, really trying to whiplash her ranging left to Amanda’s mid-section. But just as Callies luuuunges in via the jab tapping ‘Manda’s right flank, Righetti already SWOOPS down on her with a precise left uppercut counter, bashing into her foe’s face…Sarah’s hurt! Punch hitting the far end of her jawbone on the right side of her face…and oh, she’s a rickety vixen now, her knees sagging in ugly fashion until she straightens up in pain, skippin’ backwards. Amanda immediately gets to work: she loosens up Callies with that hard, PUMPING jab, uppin’ the tempo, uppin’ it, uppin’ it…until Sarah hits the ropes, her right shoulder starting to slump into top rope…and Righetti finally drives through that sloshing right hand all the way into Sarah’s gut, oooh-ooooh, bunching her up hurt, gasping. Beatdown at ropes – as Sarah hovers, staring on, ‘Manda pins her down, ramming in rights to the body, rights to the body, then separates via left, pak-pak-pak, applying steady drumbeat punches to her foe. Callies gets beaten badly, directed to various ropeside positions throughout a long round for her…but she’s proving stubborn, resilient – she’s still moving her head well, legs hopping when separated…she’s still looking serviceable after three minutes of Amanda’s poke.
R3: Callies recovers well, immediately jabs-with confidently, her pumping left arm knocking steadily at Amanda’s face from the start…Sarah diggin’, dippin’ that torso, now really trying to read/time Righetti’s left hands to answer strongly, instantly. Amanda attempts control via straight-jabs from rigid, firmly planted stance, obviously surprised by Callies’ legwork acumen, those more effective counter-jabs. Early scene: Callies tucks series of left hands into ‘em ribs/tummy, really smiting Rigs via crossing hooks there, making her girl shudder – Sarah’s quickly inside, her torso/upper body bending well, her left-hand punching very rhythmic, clean-fashioned stuff. Tuck, tuck, tuck – Callies out-jabs Amanda in the first, then in the second minute, too, her guard strong/flexible, reading ‘Manda well, stepping-with her in tight, circles, keeping her girl close for jerking little body uppercuts into ribs, beneath Amanda’s chest – when Rigs has been punched passive enough for her taste, Sarah rolls into a BOSSY right-hand uppercut, really knocking back Righetti’s guard left hand to her skull, getting Amanda’s strong-planted stance to falter, baby-step away from her. And then she pulls another right-cross, bashing ‘Manda upside the chest – Righetti suffers on impact, stooping a bit, her mouth opening in shock, those pretty eyes staring in confusion! Callies lanky, pretty strong…she’s punishing Righetti here, working her to ropes via precise counters, then actually taking over, her jab leading the rhythm – third min, Amanda stops punching entirely to move into solid earmuff or muscular short-term clinching, her butt hittin’ ropes, getting steadily out-worked. Callies settles into a commanding position now – she’s using a wide left to body-punch, keeping Rigs pinned to the spot, then working her straight rights to hurt Amanda leaning in, bashing thick to guard/skull, guard/skull…she actually shuts out, almost dominates Righetti until the bell! Callies with a veerrrry long into Amanda’s eyes at bell…no words needed, as Righetti stomps to own corner, her upper lip split by one of Sarah’s early counter-jabs, seeming just a bit disheveled.
R4: Callies follows her game plan – she again tries to keep inside, bend/duck/turn her head and torso outta range, picking her way forward with her own jab, always answering Amanda’s signature left poke punch by punch –girls trade harm! One early counter jab pak-paks Righetti’s jaw, then next one just driiiiffts past her face, then Sarah rolls into a powerful almost-gotcha right hand, again forcing her redhead to shy away a bit, twisting that head, stumbling some steps to the right…Callies shifts weight left, working via outstretched left arm, pokin’ it, pokin’ it, her eyes wide in anticipation. Late in the first minute: Callies has driven Rigs to a ropes position, but Amanda’s back’s just slightly off ‘em, both girls weavin’, bobbin’ their shoulders, punch arms…suddenly, Righetti jerks her straight left home to target, and that one has a devastating effect…punch ain’t sneaky, but strong, effective…Callies hit upside her right eye, instantly looking hurt, uneasy. Rigs shifting weight, pop-pop goes her left…Sarah tottering backwards, hoppin’, but wobbly-butt, shaky. Amanda again with the left, the left, the left…she’s pasting to Callies’s guard, the third punch straight finally loosening it up, splitting her girl’s mitts, as Sarah gasps in pain – and Righetti now throbs the right hand against Callies’ left side of skull, whack! And whack, again! It’s the second right that does it…just a violent, hacking punch to skull…Callies unhinged, her arms flailing helplessly as she’s tottering off the side…and then she’s down! Brunette’s torso swivels sideways, her body thudding onto the canvas – Callies is awake lying on her back, staring up at the five count, but she’s just making no attempts whatsoever to rise, whacked into rigour by a KO4 Amanda Righetti!
After: No hard feelings after the fight when Sarah’s been helped to her stool – Righetti tender, respectful to her frail foe, making sure she’s okay. “Kudos to Sarah all the way”, Amanda says later, “I knew she was strong, but her legwork and her counter-jabbing were pretty amazing, I have to admit. I felt she was becoming dangerous so raw power felt like my best option, and thankfully I found the off switch. I don’t know, but I can actually see Sarah getting fights at lightweight, totally, people should have her on their radar.”



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