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27 January 2017 Kate Upton vs Ashley Graham

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Kate Upton versus Ashley Graham (JMDD)
(Words & Results: Lookout!)


 Before: Kate Upton and Ashley Graham are two of the more famous “curvy” models in the industry today, with good reason. The modeling world has definitely changed over the years and while there are still plenty of models who appear to fit the traditional modeling mold, there are also plenty who defy the conventional wisdom. Both Kate and Ashley have appeared on the cover of “Sports Illustrated” to help turn the industry on its head, with Kate being extremely supportive of Ashley when she did, stating, “"I was so excited. She looks absolutely stunning. So do the other cover girls, but I was excited that it showed all the different body types. I think it's important for all girls to see that. It's great that Sports Illustrated showed that every woman can look amazing in a bikini...No one should be labeled by their body size at all."

To help further defy beauty standards, these two models and friends have agreed to participate in a JMDD bout to get the 2017 year of the Female Celebrity Boxing Association (FCBA) started off right and with a combination of these two, it should be off to a stunning beginning to the year as the JMDD and welterweight division is stronger than ever. The camaraderie and bond between the two models continues as they enter the ring, both of them giving each other a hug as their impressive assets mushroom together, much to the delight of the crowd as numerous photographs are taken of the two and they appear, as you would expect, very comfortable in front of the cameras.

Kate clad in a white bikini and Ashley clad in a black bikini – with matching gloves and hair in fighting ponytails as they look each other over. The two of them are matched evenly in height (with Kate 5'10' & Ashley 5'9'), but it's pretty rare that Kate is outweighed, but Ashley has Kate and likely most of the division beat by over 50 pounds, which means a lot of power in that shot. Kate will just have to use her own speed to make sure that shot doesn't land as she is very determined tonight after recently losing the welterweight title in an upset to Brit Gemma Atkinson.


The two of them touch gloves respectfully and exchange some more mutual respect, before the bell rings and the fight is on....

R1: Not too surprisingly, a complete contrast in styles as Graham is storming forward, her lead leg planted and she keeps her hands up high, while Upton dances, closing and keeping her stance open as she pivots around the ring, allowing her hands to come down when she slides out of range. Upton showing a lot of speed in the first, doing a pretty job of measuring Graham to reach out with stunning shots to touch shoulder and tits with the left, then jabbing in hard with the right to the stomach, even occasionally catching Graham with a shot across the cheek. It's a fast-paced and breezy first for Upton has Graham is forced to adjust, Ashley playing catcher to Upton's pitcher, who pitches a shutout bell to bell.

R2: Ashley able to close range this round, with Upton misreading the chugging lefts and rights that are headed her way, slipping the opening barrage as she tries to pivot out of the way, but getting nailed with additional punches and getting hurt as Graham starts to put some stinging leverage and weight behind a hard right to her tits. Kate coming in to clinch, but Ashley won't have it, rolling her shoulders inside and bashing in blows against Upton's abs, with Kate coming out of it with a pretty stunned expression. Graham barrelling in low, going to slap in lefts and rights, keeping leather constantly on her opponent as Kate tries to slide to freedom along the ropes, but Kate can't keep her gloves up as her defense breaks down a bit and getting caught clean across her cleavage. Late in the round, Graham manages to stun Upton with a crashing left, then drills in a hard whipping right hand to her abs to put the blonde staggering to the corner. Upton is hurt, shaking her head as she drops to a knee, managing to beat the count but in obviously a dire predicament as Graham just stomps in, just windmilling away with wild lefts and rights to her chest, sending Kate crashing to her knees again at the bell. Ashley shoving Kate down to her posterior with a shove against her tits after a disastrous 10-7 round and Kate is examined closely by her corner, making sure she can come out for the third.

R3: Kate is ragged and busted up, clearly confused, but her legs are back underneath her enough to move around the ring and keep Graham off. Ashley coming in hot, stopping her manuevering via slinging the right hand, catches Upton often enough to stagger her blonde foe and win the round with numerous opportunistic potshots in between the circular evasion. Kate able to connect with some shots to Ashley's jugs to let her know she isn't finished yet, but Ashley ends the round on top to keep the momentum going as she pushes all big girl off of Kate at the bell – the two locking eyes.

R4: Kate catching her breathe and keeping it together at the bell, going to pick up where she left off at the first – before the disastrous detour in the second – using her legs and jabs to steer Graham early, resuming control of the ring. As the round continues, Kate goes to keep touching up Graham's abs with her left and then times a slinging right over Graham's defenses or clubbing jab to put Ashley wobbly butt as she keeps hammering at her tits. Graham staggering as her right hand sails harmlessly off balance as Kate is reloading, bending her knees to push at Graham's right shoulder and pouncing in with a hard right hand across the cheek to bid Ashley a good night! Ashley pitches backwards, crashing into the canvas hard as Kate steps away, keeping her right fist coiled just in case but no need for that as it's KO4 Kate Upton in this wild JMDD contest!

After: The crowd is roaring their approval, as well as chanting “J-M-D-D” with accompanying hand claps as they are on their feet. Kate Upton has taken a break from the JMDD division to pursue welterweight gold, which was clearly successful, but starts off 2017 to let the JMDD division know she's not forgetting her pursuit of being the Top Model in the FCBA and she's back in a big way!

It was a short, but brutal bout which surprises and delights the crowd, with the KO power in the fourth borne out of possible necessity as Upton clearly was nearly stopped in the second. But, Upton emerged victorious as she took down perhaps her biggest competition yet – in more ways than one – in a highly impressive match-up.

Listening to the crowd, Kate jogs around the ring a bit, pumping her fist into the air as her jugs are a jumping, blowing kisses and listening to the adoring fans as she then goes over to check on Ashley Graham, who is stirring in her corner. Kate gives a little smile, almost apologetic, although it doesn't quite reach her eyes which are flashing with excitement at the prospect of smothering out her friend and rival. Ashley's eyes widen a bit, but doesn't protest as Kate forgoes her usual post-match JMDD tactics – for example, not splashing her foe in the corner, which is definitely a sign of respect for Ashley.

But, Kate leans forward, going to wrap her arms around Ashley's head as she leans forward. Although Ashley is heavier, Kate has the advantage here in the corner as she leans her weight forward ,grinding her chest back and forth against Graham's sweaty features. Kate rolls her shoulders, working hard to create a tight seal as she goes to mash in Ashley's mouth and nose against her orbs, cutting off her air as she keeps pressing in tight. Kate widens her stance, pushing down with all of her weight as she just keeps up the pressure of her proud, perky pair on Graham's protesting face. Graham hugs up around Kate's waist, pushing at her toned tummy and squirms furiously, but can't escape Kate's massive chest no matter where she looks as Kate keeps up the smother – using up every last drop of Graham with her all-conquering cleavage. Finally, Kate relinquishes the smother as lets Ashley sink to her haunches in the corner, with Kate using Ashley's brunette tresses to dab at her chest, wiping the sweat off of her tits with a flourish and a smirk.

Kate then leans down, giving Ashley's forehead a little kiss as she tells her, “You'll be back...” and then addresses the press to tell them, “But right now, I'm back. Trust me, I plan on continuing to take the welterweight division by storm, but I am not going to forget the JMDD division either. I've seen girls like Hannah Ferguson, Tahnee Atkinson, Hilary Rhoda, Karlie Kloss – a lot of new models coming in, but I am not going to let them get to the top. Not on my watch. If they want to be the top model in the league, they need to go through me or more accurately, I go through them!” as Kate winks, cupping her chest before she struts out of the ring with her hands held high and the eyes of the press, the crowd and the division upon her.



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