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27 January 2017 Gemma Atkinson vs Bridget Regan

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Gemma Atkinson (Beevers Babes) v Bridget Regan (Bazz Fight Club)
(Welterweight Championship) 
(Words: Knowlesey / Results: Lookout!)


 32 year old Gemma makes her first defence of the welterweight title tonight against 34 year old former champion Bridget, the Californian telling the media that she has ‘no respect’ for Gemma, describing her as a ‘jumped up BBU girl’, whilst Gemma has countered with, ‘Bridget? Her best days, like her fat ass, are all behind her!”
Bridget is first into the ring, wearing a black one piece outfit with matching boots, and red gloves, and she looks confident tonight, but, as ever, it’s Gemma who catches the eye in a tight white sports bra and knickers set, with matching gloves and boots.
Round 1
The girls start out slowly, and Gemma’s not really getting through with her punches in the opening exchanges, but Bridget is – and she’s planting her left jab firmly into Gemma’s waiting face far too often for the champ’s comfort, reddening the skin around her right eye with some really good puching.  Gemma’s form seems to have deserted her so far in this fight, and Bridget continues, showing the Brit no mercy in a big opening round, and she wobbles her with a peachy right hook to the jaw, and Gemma’s having to hold on to stay upright, whilst Bridget hits her to the body in close, really giving Gemma a battering here, and she’s ending the round by trying to poke Gemma back into a corner to knock her around some more, the bell surely saving the champion from a humiliating defeat.
Round 2
Bridget just can’t wait to get stuck into Gemma again, and she’s straight at the blonde, throws a left and a right – but eats a right uppercut from the champ, finally showing some form, and giving Bridget some punishment on the counter attack, swinging in some heavy punches to Bridget’s body as the brunette backs up, trapped on the ropes while Gemma hits her at will, the speed gone from Bridget’s earlier work as she gets a taste of what she dished out before, Gemma’s white gloves bruising the American’s ribs up with a brutal body attack, and she starts to swat her face as well as Bridget’s gloves drop, the poor brunette protecting her body, but exposing her face, and Gemma’s certainly back in this fight!
Round 3
Gemma’s beginning to work Bridget around the ring now, and she’s looking to get through Bridget’s guard with her uppercut again, the punch she loosened her up with in round 2, but Bridget’s blocking her well this time, and maybe she’s got more resistance than the blonde had thought, because she’s stopped Gemma from hitting her and started landing her own punches again, classically smacking home some great jabs to the champ’s mouth, and she gives her a big, cuffing right hook which lands on her ear.  Gemma covers, and holds, and the referee breaks the girls apart, but Gemma’s not set, and Bridget hits her with another right hook, and down goes Gemma!  The champ’s up again at 7, but she looks dazed, and Bridget pours the punches into her face, a face which is now smeared with blood from a cut right eyebrow, Gemma looking a sorry state at the bell, with her nose dribbling blood as well.
Round 4
Bridget again looks like she wants to get this fight over with, and she presses Gemma backwards with some heavy punches to the blonde’s face, immediately reopening her cut eyebrow, and this is making Gemma clinch again, although she’s hitting the brunette to the body in close, and giving her a good roughing up inside – Bridget’s hurt!  She took a BIG left to the solar plexus there, and she’s gasping and struggling after that, Gemma pressing home her new-found advantage, and pressing  Bridget backwards, she swipes her to the face, left, right, left again, and Bridget drops to her knees, clenching her eyes against the pain of those banging punches.  The brunette gets up at 8, but looks very unsteady, although Gemma doesn’t manage to land any more decent punches before the bell in what’s becoming a brutal fight.
Round 5
The girls are trading big punches again, with Gemma getting on top early, jerking Bridget’s head backwards with another of those uppercuts, but then when she tries it again, she misses, and Bridgets just starts pounding her face with left hooks, and Gemma’s eye is a real mess now, cut to the cheek as well as the brow, and she’s definitely wobbling as Bridget gives her another beating in this round, and she has her stumbling after landing yet another left, Gemma’s eyesight surely blurred by the swelling and the blood now, and she doesn’t really return fire as Bridget pokes her backwards into a neutral corner in the closing seconds, soaking up a lot of punishment to her body this time as she keeps her gloves up nice and close to her head.
Round 6
Gemma’s slower to rise than Bridget, who really looks like she’s ready to finish the fight at any moment, immediately banging Gemma in the face with three solid jabs and a right cross.  Gemma steps back, and Bridget comes after her, then throws a punch, where Gemma ducks her head, and Bridget’s right glove lands awkwardly on the top of Gemma’s head, making the brunette squawk – she’s hurt her hand with that effort, and Gemma allows herself a little grin as she takes advantage, and now she’s the one unloading savage punches, Bridget unable to protect herself with her right hand, and that’s presenting a problem for her, as Gemma gives her some hard punishment, first the body, and then the face, and now Bridget’s cut, and it’s a nasty one to her right eyelid, her blood oozing down her cheek as the round ends with two big girls looking like they’re struggling to go much further.
Round 7
Both girls look badly hurt, and this is going to be all about who wants it more as they start round 7.  Bridget throws a right hook, wincing as it lands, because that hand is still hurting her, and she’s not getting her gloves up in defence properly, Gemma hooking her beautifully to either cheek, Bridget’s legs quivering, and she gets the uppercut again, and goes down!  Poor Bridget – she’s trying to get up, but twice collapse, on to her ass first time at 5, and onto her face at 9, and it’s all over!
Result:  Gemma Atkinson knocked out Bridget Regan in round 7.
 Gemma retains the welterweight title, but what a battle!
Gemma refuses to celebrate her win until she’s sure that Bridget’s OK, and now she hauls the brunette up to her feet, not for a walk of shame, but for a lap of honour, the exhausted amazons walking around the ring with their arms around each other’s shoulders.



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