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3 February 2017 Kim Kardashian vs Carmella DeCesare

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Kim Kardashian vs Carmella DeCesare

Prefight interview:
Kim is up first in the interview room, sitting with a pink robe on, the first question is about her little sister Kylie Jenner kicking her out of Khaos, the stable she made.
"Kylie is a spoiled bytch! I was such a good big sister to her, but now she's grown a fat ass, she thinks that she's eclipsed me, you never eclipse me honey and while yes she beat me in the ring last year, I can still take her behind the woodshed as you guys say right and just beat some respect into her"
Asked about why she's there, Kim replies "to show people that I am not a fat bytch as Kylie says" Kim standing up and dropping the robe off to reveal a pink one piece swimsuit that hugs her figure.
"This isn't fat and if Kylie were to look in a mirror, then she'd see what fat looks like, I mean remember her in that red swimsuit, I would make it look classy"
The interviewer tries to change the subject to Carmella and gets a "who?" In reply, as the interviewer tells her who Carmella is, Kim says "oh her, I'm in a bad mood so let's get this on"
Carmella now gets interviewed, the playboy model and former WWE diva search contestant sits cross legged and quickly swaps legs over as she mimics Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, as she wears a fluffy white robe.
"So Kim Kardashian gets to fight me? It must be her biggest nightmare" claims Carmella as the interviewer doesn't even get a chance to ask a question.
"Just to clear things up, I'm here to slap that bytch silly and probably get my own reality show of kicking Kardashian ass right" continues DeCesare as she winks at the camera.
Then stands up and sees Kim's pink robe is behind the chair still and drops her white one on top to reveal she is wearing a white one piece swimsuit, showing off her lithe figure.

The Fight:
Both girls enter the bedroom and the fight is on alright, Kim knowing she has to stick to the much larger Carmella, it's the classic stocky fighter vs rangy one.
But Carmella kicks Kim straight into her stomach and as Kim gasps and bends over, her opponent with a wide grin pulls her down to her knees by her hair.
Controlling Kim by her hair, she's ringing slaps to the face of Kim and the control are sensing a second early end to a fight.
But Kim manages to get enough air back to power off her knees, Carmella still in control, wrenching Kim around by her hair and loving the grunting sounds from Kim.
Kim finally gets in range to tackle Carmella against a door, a thud sounds and Carmella groans but tries to get her knees into the tits of Kardashian to really hurt her.
That let's Kim catch a leg and she pulls Carmella back into the room, without the door behind her, she falls to the ground and Kim mounts her for in a full mount.
Carmella covering up as Kim picks her slaps, looking for openings as Carmella is in the worst spot she could be right now, below the slightly heavier Kim.
Getting sick of being on the bottom, Carmella goes for the hair of Kim and pulls her off to the side after a struggle, the girls grapple on the carpet, Kim trying to grapevine the legs of Carmella, while the Ohio girl goes for a body scissors.
In the end Carmella forces the girls to separate, but Kim surprises her by getting to her knees quicker and diving onto her back.
Carmella tries to buck Kim off, but the Kardashian sibling latches onto her hair with her left land and slaps with her right hand the face of her opponent.
The taller girl is groaning each time a slap is landed but manages to finally buck Kim off her, the girls separate and Carmella gets her reach once more.
Slinging slaps to Kim's face from long range, Kim can't block them well enough to find an opening to attack herself.
When Carmella starts kicking her legs out from under her, the crowd is sensing victory for Carmella as Kim starts limping in retreat.
But as Carmella gets cocky, she gets too close and Kim catches her leg once again, dumping Carmella to her side.
Kim dives onto her, turning her around so her back is to Kim and Kim locks in a sleeper hold, she turns to her own back, making it harder for Carmella to escape.
She's rifling elbows behind herself, but they are not doing a lot of damage and when Kim adds the grapevine to her legs, Carmella knows she has to submit, tapping the ground beside her.
Kim does relent, allowing Carmella freedom from the hold, both girls give each other a hard look, but they get up and leave through opposite doors before any more trouble can start.

Winner: Kim Kardashian

Winners interview:
Kim surprisingly to some in the room watching these fights wins and heads back into the interview room to discuss the fight.
Asked how she was about to over come the height difference, she answers "I'm stronger, I mean look at her, she's like a string bean, I'm in perfect shape for fighting"
She adds "I hope Kylie watches this, I hope she is feeling jealous right about now, but I'm sure she can tell me face to face in future"
Then she storms off out the room, clearly getting worked up by thinking of her sister, she can be heard sobbing as she leaves to go get cleaned up to go.
Carmella tells some of the organisers off camera (or at least that's what she thinks) "what a fat bytch, don't get me a heavyweight next time, get me someone in shape, before she storms off to go change and leave herself in a bad mood, a rare case of two fighters both leaving upset.



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