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16 February 2017 Atlantic Queens Intro

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We are live from the main deck of the SS Virago! As you can see before us, the entire placed is thronged with people here to witness the VIX/SIR: Atlantic Queens Press Conference, the event itself taking place in mid-February. You may be wondering: where on earth is there space to host the lovely ladies everyone is here to see, but if you were to train your eyes upwards, the press conference and weigh-ins will be taking place on that elevated platform above the masses, where everyone gets a crow's nest view of the action. If that's not enough, I'm sure you'll be able to catch every word (or blow) on one of the many giant LCD screens set up along the length of the main deck. Without further ado, let’s introduce the girls of our first match!


Offcial Match-ups / Fight-card:


1. Luisana Lopilato vs Clara Alonso (Lightweight)2. Nina Agdal vs Mathilde Gohler (Lightweight)3. Kelly Rohrbach vs Danielle Robertson (Welterweight)4. Co-Main Event: Emily Ratajkowski vs Diana Korkunova (Flyweight)5. Main Event: Bo Krsmanovic vs Hailey Clauson (Welterweight)

Press Conference / Weigh-ins:

1. Luisana Lopilato vs Clara Alonso


“I beat the shit out of Pia before, and now all she can do is ambush me in my room?” Luisana fumes, her long blonde hair tied up in a neat bun behind her head. The Vixen scans the audience from a table perched on the highest of decks, granting her an eagle-eyed view of the crowds below her. “And come on… Pia is not even here to face me next week. She’s running scared,and wants to l sends a little rookie to do her dirty work? I say bring it on.”

Clara Alonso, the ravishing Spaniard, is seated opposite her opponent, her devilish grin magnified on the giant flat-screens on either side of the conference table. “Well, this ‘little rookie’’s gonna floor you, Lopilato,” Clara declares proudly, sporting a fleeced woolen sweater covering nothing but her black lingerie.

Hmph, Luisana exclaims, hands folding across her chest. “Just like Pia - overconfident and cocky. Are you her little b*tch, Alonso?.”

Clara enduring the blonde’s condescending words no longer, immediately rises from her seat and strides towards Luisana, spewing Spanish all the way, before ROCKING the blonde’s face with a tight SLAP - Luisana shocked, and Clara doesn't waste time, grabs blonde hair with both hands and thrashes her head back and forth. Luisana sends two bare fists into pit of Clara’s tummy to dissuade her attacker, but it’s left to officials from both stables to pull both ladies apart and back to the locker rooms. One thing’s for sure though - the VIX/SIR crossover is off to an explosive start!

2. Nina Agdal vs Mathilde Gohler


“Who does this b*tch think she is?” Nina exclaims, her snow-white bikini top showing off her curvy, swimsuit-worthy body as she lounges at the conference table. “She’s just another upstart Danish model looking to de-throne me. Nice try the other night, by the way. NOT.”

“Of course, Agdal has more fights than me. But let’s not forget - Danish blood runs in both our veins. Fighting blood.” Mathilde declares proudly into her microphone. “And last night was just an example of how easily I outwitted her.”

Nina not impressed, retorts: “Hmph, the only fights you’ve been in your life were in bars and catfights. We’ll see who’s the true boxing queen of the Danes,”

Nina disrobing for the weigh-ins, removing her silk-white robe off her shoulders, revealing her lean body, and then tossing the garment at her opponent’s direction, ending with a wink for good measure. The Danish brunette beauty stands up with a smirk, undraping her purple robe to reveal her white underwear briefs and bare breasts to the ogling reporters. Mathilde, however, not frazzled and not to be outdone, takes the podium, unbuttons her purple satin robe to reveal that she’s not wearing anything at all underneath! Cries of joy from the men are met with a shrill cry of outrage from Agdal.

“Why you little sl*t,” Agdal begins, and is stunned when it’s Mathilde’s turn to casually fling her discarded robe into the blonde’s face.

Both girls have to be physically restrained from charging at one another by officials from both stables, and they continue trading incomprehensible verbal insults at each other as they are herded backstage in opposite directions.

3. Kelly Rohrbach vs Danielle Robertson

“This is bullsh*t,” Kelly exclaims to the reporters in her thick Germanic accent, after finding out that her match isn't the main event of the evening. “How is little-miss-Bo-beep part of the main event?? Didn't I beat her ass last month?”

Tall, ripped Australian, Danielle Robertson concurs from across the table: “While I think that Kelly and I are both main-event material, I think there can only be one main event winner tonight, and that's gonna be me.”,

“Give me a break,” Kelly responds, sitting back in her chair with nonchalance. “I’ve beaten bigger girls before… case in point: Bo. You’ll fall down the same way, Robertson.”

First weigh-in of the evening that doesn't erupt into violence. Kelly visibly shorter by a few inches as she squares up against the Australian, but the SI model doesn't let that bother her, plants both fists steadily into Danielle’s chin and tummy, and the Australian doing the same with a confident smirk on her face.

4. Co-Main Event: Emily Ratajkowski vs Diana Korkunova


Emily emerging from backstage in a black silken robe, dark violet lingerie beneath, both hands waving to the cheering crowds - there’s a reason this match got bumped to Co-Main Event status.

Her fresh-faced opponent, Diana, sporting a sports bra and loose-fitting jeans, is eager to introduce herself to the boxing world with a baby-faced grin, rising to the challenge of facing someone as popular as Emily Ratajkowski.

Both ladies surprisingly respectful throughout the interview, except for one verbal exchange:

“Diana, you're the only Fly/Bantamweight of the Sirens. Does that make you an asset or a liability”

Diana bristles at the question - one that has come up often. “Ask any one of my teammates,” she begins. “They’ll tell you I can go toe-to-toe with the bigger girls, and even little girls like Emily.”

Emily lets out a short laugh, retorting, “This ‘little girl’ thinks she can take me on, and win? She’s in over her head. And that's something my fans here seem to agree on, no?” At the mention of their names, the crowd roars from below-deck.

Weigh-in civil apart from condescending smirk on Emily’s face, a more nervous one on Diana’s.

5. Main Event: Bo Krsmanonic vs Hailey Clauson


No-one seems to know why this fight got pushed to main-event status, and neither does Bo it seems. The brunette, coming off yet *another* loss to Milena in January, is eager to get out of this losing rut, but her lack of confidence is also evident on her face. Hailey, however, is yet another blonde with nothing to prove, seeking to capitalize on Bo’s recent woes and capture her first win in the boxing world.

“I know that I have many naysayers, but damnit, I’m *not* gonna be another Milena Govich and lose seven times in a row, over a period of two years!” Fire in Bo’s eyes as she says these words, but will words be enough for the brunette bombshell to win?

Hailey not convinced either, retorting back, “Milena’s the one who just kicked your ass, sweetie. I’d say that means you’re scheduled to lose another 3-4 fights, by my count.”

“Zero-zero’s better than two-four,” Bo tries to retort, but Hailey clearly disagreeing again with that definition.

“No it isn't, babe,” she says with a smile. “No, it isn't.”

After successful weigh-ins, fighters square off on the raised platform, with a bird’s eye view of the gathered crowds below. The audience cheers as they pose, bodies almost touching, fists raised to each other’s chins.


And that concludes our press conference for the evening. Do tune in mid-Feb, where we’ll be broadcasting a blow-by-blow account of each fight, along with keeping score of which stable comes up top at the end!

Our best wishes to the girls!


Luisana Lopilato was lounging on the bed, in one of the bedrooms on the lower deck of the SS Virago. The ship had set sail a few days ago and was already in open waters, but it was not due to make anchor in the middle of the Atlantic for a while now, where her match with Clara Alonso was scheduled to finally take place along with the other Vixens and Sirens’ matches.

In the meantime, Lusiana was bored stiff. Besides her daily training routine and some close encounters with the Sirens, there really wasn't anytime else to do besides lazing in one’s underwear and reading the latest copy of Boxing World magazine. Her roommate, Nina Agdal, was currently in the gym for a training session, so Luisana was left alone in the small, but still luxuriously-furnished room.

Just then, Luisana heard knocking on the door to the suite. Curious but cautious of a possible ambush, she got up and made her way down the narrow hallway, making sure to peep through the keyhole first to determine the person’s identity.

“Who is it?” she called out, making sure she sounded as normal and cheerful as she could.

“Complimentary room service, madam,” replied the sharply dressed young man in black suit and tie, holding up a silver tray.

First red flag, Luisana thought to herself - it was a an odd time at night to be serving food to guests, complimentary or not. Before she could tell him to get lost though, the young man, perhaps sensing her hesitation, added: “Your roommate, Ms Agdal, requested for it personally, madam. She made it a point to threaten the entire staff that if the wagyu steak wasn't cooked to a perfect medium-rare, she would personally come down and butcher the staff."

Luisana rolled her eyes and unlatched the door - that sounded like Nina alright… the little glutton. The young man looked relieved and nervous as the door swung open, clarifying, “Her words, madam. Not mine.”

“Just put it down on the table,” Luisana intoned, already turning her back and heading back to her bed and magazine.

“Yes, ma’am,” Luisana heard him reply, as he hoisted the tray of silverware onto his shoulder... and then proceeded to carelessly topple everything to the floor with a loud BANG.

“What the hell??” Luisana cried, whipping around, only to be tackled to the ground by none other than the SIRENs’ Mathilde Goehler, a huge grin on her face.

“Hello, blondie!” the brunette hisses, in her thick Scandinavian accent, whilst straddling the blonde’s body and slapping her on her face over and over again.

Disorientated and stunned, Luisana groans as she’s pulled to her feet by her hair. The Danish model now twists her body around and locks both her arms behind her back. Luisana’s vision begins to clear as she finally sees her true assailant: Pia Miller strides in the open door, throwing a wad of cash at the nervous bus boy and telling him to ‘Scram!’. Then the brunette locks eyes with Luisana’s, calmly strides over to her captured foe. “Gotcha, damita,” Pia coos, before sending a hard slap into Luisana’s cheek.

“F*ck you, Pia, this isn't allow-- huuugghh!” The blonde tries to resist but is held back by Mathilde’s restraining arms and cut off by one of Pia’s fist to her gut.

“Shhhh. I’ve been waiting for this a long time, Lopilato.”

Luisana gurgles and chokes as Pia sends another uppercut into her body.

“Fight me one-on-one then, coward!” the blonde rasps, renewing her struggle by flailing her legs at her enemy in front of her.

“Oh, we’ll have our dance, damita” Pia grins, slapping her feet away, then cupping Luisana’s chin with one hand. “But first…”

From behind, Mathilde pulls Luisana’s hair back and whispers into her ear. “Where is dear Nina?”


“I don't wanna know, know, know, know, who‘s taking you home, home…”

Nina Agdal was certainly enjoying herself, dancing along the carpeted hallway, phones in both ears and adrenaline still pumping through her veins from her post-workout session. Dressed in a pink sports bra and black tights, her blonde hair tied neatly into a raised ponytail, the Danish model was feeling famished, then elated when she saw the door to her room slightly ajar, a tray of silverware haphazardly spewed out in front of it. Nina shaked her head in disbelief at inconsideration of her roommate for not leaving any for her.

“Luis, I’m baaaack, you pig,” Nina shouted playfully, louder than usual, the music in her ears screwing with her sense of volume. The blonde only then noticed that the entire hotel room was in a mess, with items scattered on the floor and the bedsheets and pillows in tussled places. Outside, beyond the steps of her balcony, the deep blue Atlantic rolled silently on. The little b*tch must have had a party without me, Nina mused to herself, taking off her earphones for the first time and hearing the sound of running water coming from behind the closed toilet door.

Wanting to surprise (and confront) the probably drunk and wasted Luisana, Nina twisted the metal knob and swung the toilet door wide open,, only to be greeted by the sullen eyes of her pleading roommate, pinned against the shower wall, her body pounded upon by Pia Miller’s fists. “Nina… RUN!” was all Luisana managed to get out, before her tummy was gurgled by another hard punch. Nina, shocked, could only mouth the words ‘What the hell--?!’ before she was tackled from the side by Mathilde Goehler, who had been hiding around the corner of the room and was waiting for that very moment to reveal her existence. Nina groaned as her body was slammed backwards into the front door, pinned against the frame by a grinning Mathilde, who wastes no time in gut-checking the blonde with repeated knee-lifts. “Welcome home, Nina!” Goehler laughs, hands sinking into blonde hair, knee folding her body in half with another shot to her gut. Haauugghh, Nina groans, eyes popping, hands flailing, trying to fight back from the ambush...

Inside the toilet, Luisana was faring no better. Pia had wrestled her into a corner of the tight room, leaving little space to maneuver. Both girls were grunting and tugging at each other’s hair for leverage, other hand slapping, punching, and even gouging at flesh. Luisana, already drained at having two opponents sicced on her at once, decided to trip Pia’s legs with her own, making the Chilean beauty shriek as she loses her balance and tumbles sideways, falling into the tiny carapace of the bathtub whilst taking Luisana over and on top of her. Momentarily stunning Pia after slamming her head into the hard porcelain side, Luisana wills herself for vengeance, clambering over her foe, now raining punch after punch, slap after slap into her stunned face.

Outside, the fight has been taken to the bedroom proper: Mathilde straddling Nina’s head with a devilish grin, pinning her shoulders to the bedsheets with her thighs in a classic school-girl pin. Nina has a look of defiance on her face as Mathilde simply slaps her cheek over and over again, but the blonde wills her body to resist by bucking up hard, the nature of the soft mattress below making it easier to throw her tormentress off her with a grunt. Mathilde lets out a shrill cry as she’s flung off to the side, and now Nina letting out a scream of anger as she lunges at the b*tch who thought she could take her on, flattening the Mathilde’s body with a HOOF and AAUGHH. Agdal now wrapping her biceps around the model’s head, pulling her hair backwards, scooting her body forward bit by bit, pushing her jugs closer and closer to Goehler’s face! Look of terror now on Mathilde’s face as she shrieks, “DON’T YOU F*CKING DA--MMFGHHHH!!”

“Whaddiya say, b*tch? I didn’t hear ya.” Nina grins as she smothers the struggling brunette out near the edge of the bed frame.

Suddenly, loud crashing and banging of fists at the door, and shouts of “Open the door RIGHT NOW!!” The girls freeze for a moment, before adrenaline and pure hatred forces them to continue, hurling themselves back at each other. The door CRASHES open and security pours inside, immediately rushing forward and tugging all four girls apart. The last two people to enter the room are Head Coach of the VIXENs, Steve Boyd and newly appointed Head Coach of the SIRENs, Henry Carvill. Both men survey the damage to the bedroom: torn and shredded bedsheets, shattered silverware, a broken full-length mirror, a cracked bathtub, and of course, four damaged women, bruises and red welts covering the length of their bodies as security personnel stand them up (and apart) to await trial.

Steve creases his eyes with two fingers, shaking his head as he surveys the damage. “I hope your side’s paying for this, Carvill.”

“My side? For all intents and purposes, it was your girls who led them here and waylaid them.”

“It’s clearly the other way round, Carvill,” Steve intones, as he gestures to the nervous-looking bus boy in the corner. “He said as much when he came running to my staff.”

“Hmph, who are you gonna believe? He’s obviously been paid off by your girls!”

“It’s true - we had nothing to do with this--” Luisana interjects, looking sullen, but Steve cuts her off with one hand, clearly motioning to his girls that they’ve done enough damage for tonight.

“Get out of here, you lot,” Steve orders to Pia, Mathilde, and the rest of security. “That includes you, Henry.”

Henry scowls back. “This isn’t the end, Boyd,” he threatens as he ushers his Sirens out of the room.

Steve only smiles back. “You’re right, it isn’t,” he replies. “We’ll see each other in a few days. Until then, hands off my girls.”

As the door to the room shuts, Steve is left confronted with Luisana and Nina, both swaying on the spot, looking worse for wear, and on the verge of tears. “I know, I know,” he softens his voice. “Before you say anything else, let’s take a look at those wounds.”



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