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17 February 2017 Brooke Hogan vs Ali Landry

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(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)


The next bout sees Brooke Hogan step into the ring to take on a Hall of Famer in Ali Landry here in Melbourne's own Rod Laver arena.
Brooke is 28 years old, 5'9 and holds a record of 1 win by knockout and 1 loss in her FCBA career, but she has a lot of fans amongst pundits due to her strong athletic build.
On the other side of the ring will be Ali, whose just an inch smaller than Brooke, a Hall of Famer in the first ever class of inductees, her record is 100 wins, 60 knockouts and 51 losses with 4 draws in her career.
The 43 year old has held 15 titles across the past 17 years to show her legacy isn't build on nothing, but hard fought fights to make her a true legend.
Both girls meet for the first time ever and instantly their appears to be jealousy on both sides at the press conference.
Bumping chest to chest, the girls look each other up and down as they separate and do a slow circle, the world around them seems to disappear, as these two athletic girls measure up to each other.
Then without warning, Ali slaps Brooke, cameras pick up her tell the blonde "I don't like spoiled bytches" but gets slapped back by the youngster.
Heels are kicked off as the girls pile into each other, Brooke trips Ali down to the ground and the two fighters rip at each others hair, till security can finally get these two powerhouses apart.
The organisers try to restart the press event, but Brooke Hogan says from her side of the room "f***ing old hag" and Ali tries to get back at the blonde.
Shaking their heads, organisers tell security get them off stage, "we can't jeopardize the fight tomorrow" says one organiser to the other as the girls are finally dragged off stage.
The girls instead are asked off site, their opinions of each other is clearly not friendly, Brooke telling the media "Ali is a bytch, pure and simple"
While Ali tells the press "I have seen the way Brooke goes on, her daddy gave her everything on a plate, her job in TNA just happened to be when he was there, her singer career is a shambles and now she thinks she can come into my ring and be handed wins on a plater, she has to earn them or get the hell out of my ring!"
Fight night, out comes Brooke first wearing a yellow sports bra, red trunks with Brookemania in gold lettering on the waistband and red gloves and shoes.
Unlike her last fight, Brooke doesn't look interested in playing to the crowd, instead her eyes are focused on the ring as she marches down to it.
Entering the ring, she does wave to her fans, but quickly gets back into zone, warming up with her coach, as the crowd turns to the entrance ramp and sees Ali Landry making her way towards the ring.
The Hall of Famer is wearing a light blue sports bra, trunks with HOF in gold letters on the waistband and finishes with light blue shoes and gloves.
Ali looks in a similar mood to Brooke's, marching down to the ring and upon entering it, stares over at her opponent with real anger behind those eyes.
Asked to come to the ring centre, both girls surprisingly look calm, till Brooke says "shame you're all washed up.." But before she can finish Ali's face turns red and she attempts to swing for Brooke.
The referee gets between the girls as coaches pull their fighters back and the referee shouts "just get back to your corners!" Clearly not in the mood for this.
After each fighter is calmed down enough to get their gumshields in, the referee signals for the bell to begin 10 rounds of welterweight action.

Round 1:
Off we go, the girls circling; staring behind their guards at each other before they start to trade stiff jabs to try and open up said guards.
Brooke tries to quicken the tempo, stepping forwards to try and land something to for the legend back, instead though Ali uses her expert footwork to step out of the way and then lands a good body shot to start her own charge forwards.
The girls start trading in close and Ali decides quickly that isn't a wise idea, timing a Brooke straight to step back, making the blonde just about miss and then lands a three punch combo to the head of her opponent, before taking a right to the body.
Brooke quick retaliates with a hard jab, then two body shots of her own to press Ali back a few steps.
That's till Landry parries two punches towards her head, then steps in to land a right hook that Brooke has to shake off.
Ali though keeps on the blonde, trying to keep on top of the powerful fighter, but Brooke shows her power, by shoving Ali back.
Then she lands a right cross of her own and a left straight to press Ali back towards the ropes, which the brunette deftly moves off and lands a lunging straight of her own to knock Hogan back onto the ropes.
The girls start ripping shots around the others guards to a cheer from the crowd, both girls names being chanted as they slug it out.
Brooke clinches up with Ali, only to try and grapple her to the ropes, both girls wrestling and Ali trips to her knees as their feet tangle, the ropes stopping Brooke from an embarrassing fall.
The referee steps in to stop any sneaky shots being thrown, but the girls want to beat each other up fairly, this is about proving whose the better fighter and woman.
Not long left in the round and both trade to score points to win it, throwing quick punches, not looking for a knockout yet as they parry and throw their own punches.
The bell rings with both girls jogging back to their corners, Brooke stays standing, staring over at Ali, wanting to get back at her as quickly as she can, even banging her gloves together as her coach cleans her up and gives her advice on how to win this.
Ali meanwhile just sits and focuses her mind on what she's going to do in the next round, her coach goes through the positives and negatives quickly, as this isn't the first dance for either.
Round 2:
Brooke comes roaring out of her corner, trying to stamp her authority on the fight, but Ali is calm, simply moving out the way of Brooke, using her punches to catch Brooke after she makes mistakes.
Hogan is showing her rookie skills, making mistakes trying to land that one key punch, while Ali dodges those punches, before coming back with her own shots.
Catching Brooke to that left eye the most, clearly Ali hoping to damage that eye, shut it and tee off on the blonde when she finishes up.
The girls fight all over the ring, but Ali is clearly dominating the early part of the round, leading Brooke almost by her nose as the experience factor is having a major role here.
When Brooke finally does land a right cross, Ali quickly comes back at her, landing a left cross of her own, then an uppercut to put Brooke onto her heels.
The Hulksters daughter is being forced back and Ali looks to be rolling the years back with this fight, controlling the younger girl.
Brooke though shows her will to win, stepping back into the fray when she lands a double jab, Hogan looking to have learned her mistakes or just being forced back has forced her to change up her attack.
Ali still manages to land another good right cross and a left to the body, but Brooke is starting to come late in the round.
She lands two hard body shots, before eating another right to that left eye, it's starting to swell already but Hogan keeps coming forwards.
A right hook from Brooke before the bell turns the head of Ali and her legs wobble slightly to a gasp from the crowd, as the bell rings before Brooke can land another haymaker like shot.
Both girls turn and head back to their corners, not as quickly as before, both girls getting marked up but Brooke almost wants to rub her sore left eye.
But Brooke stays standing, her drive to charge Ali is making her stay up, even as her coach wants her to sit, he gives up and focuses on reducing her swelling face.
Round 3:
Out rushes Brooke again, but she has learned from her mistakes it seems, not lunging in this time, instead she starts parrying Ali's punches from midrange.
Then as she spots her chance, she lands a right to the side of Ali's body, the Hall of Famer groans as she steps away.
Brooke though charges into the gap between the girls, forcing Ali to fight in tight and while she still shows she can go, this isn't where she wants to be.
The girls ripping away to each others bodies in tight, heads nearly clash as Brooke gets right into the face of Landry.
Ali clinches up to force the referee to get involved, dragging the girls apart, now Landry has some space to work, landing a two punch combo up top, making Brooke wince.
But Brooke comes straight on to land a right cross to the head of Ali, knocking her back a step and then sends four punches to the body.
Landry is in trouble for the first time in the fight, needing all her boxing knowledge to use her left to shove Brooke to the face and then step into more space.
Brooke clearly thinking she has Ali on the ropes, then she starts lunging again and Landry catches her with a left hook to knock the youngster out her stride.
The girls trade around the ring late in the round, trading hard single shots to each other, then the bell rings and the girls glare at each other, but jog back to their corners.
Both fit girls sitting now, Brooke calming down after the first two rounds, clearly that last round has dispelled any nerves for her.
But Ali doesn't look too bothered, knowing she has to be a round up at least on the scorecards, just letting her coach work on cleaning her up and still shutting her eyes, playing the fight out in her head.
Round 4:
Brooke continues to seek to control the fight, lashing her straight out to force Ali back to the ropes or a corner.
But Ali uses her footwork again, moving her head out of the way out of the jab and then stepping forward to land a hard right.
Brooke steps back and now Ali is right in her face, the crowd hasn't been quiet since the entrances as these two hammer away at each other.
Ali again is making Brooke make mistakes, parrying her shots that come straight for her head and lands to the head of the blonde with counter rights.
Brooke's mouth starts bleeding, her bottom lip is cut open from that last shot and Ali lands another chopping right to the left eye of Hogan.
Her eye shuts as she backs up, Ali stepping forward and Brooke is coveting up, Landry looking to finish the fight.
But as Brooke lands a right out the pocket, Ali can sense that she isn't going to win that easily so steps back slightly, hoping that her opponent will open up so she can land something hard.
Brooke doesn't bite, steps to the side off the ropes as Ali turns with Brooke, using her jab to measure her up, then lands a right to the body.
But late in the round and as Ali goes to land to the body again, Brooke slams a left hook onto the chin of the brunette, who looks stunned.
Ali shakes her head, but gets caught with a right to her cheek that turns her her and maybe if the bell hadn't rung, would Ali have went down?
We'll never know as Brooke heads to her corner quickly, while Ali stands trying to clear her head, giving Brooke a hard glare, before she heads to her own corner.
While Brooke has a shiner forming on her left eye, Ali has her face washed down, her coach trying to wake her up from her stunned state before the beginning of the next round.
Round 5:
Ali still looks a little shaky from the end of the last round, not as agile on her feet and now Brooke is powering ahead.
Slamming shots up the centre, Ali is being hammered backwards and suddenly Ali is looking less a legend and is fast showing the shell of one, as she ends up being knocked towards the ropes early in the round.
Ali covers up, trying to hide from the fists that are thudding into her and the referee is having a closer look already, clearly worried about her.
But she manages to clinch up, Ali throwing spiteful kidney blows, as Brooke scrubs her back along the ropes, as the nastiness between these two is growing, till the ref finally steps in to pull them apart.
Landry manages to catch Brooke with a stiff jab, but that doesn't deter the blonde from shoving her way forward and smacking two alternating crosses to the head of Ali and again she stumbles.
The power of Brooke is starting to overawe Ali, she's being knocked around the ring and every time she seems to land a good clean punch, Brooke answers back with a crisp reply.
A right hook knocks Ali into a corner and Brooke starts laying some harsh looking body shots in, targeting the sides of Ali, who looks like she wants to curl up in the corner and give up.
But Ali manages to show enough fight for the referee with some punches she throws out of her guard and then she again hangs on for dear life.
The referee pries them apart and with not much to go in the round, Ali is almost running away from Brooke, throwing her jab out to ward off the blonde.
Just before the bell rings though, Brooke lands a right just under the jugs of Ali and as Landry covers up; groaning loudly, Brooke shoves her to the ropes and lands two hard cross punches up top.
The bell rings as Ali almost slumps onto the ropes, just finding enough strength to nudge herself up right, but Brooke doesn't care, she just wants the next round to start and to finish off Ali once and for all.
Ali meanwhile has to be almost slapped to get her to focus now, it's not just the punches she's absorbed, it's the fact that she was controlling this fight like she used to do, now it's been ripped from her grasp and she can't understand it.
Round 6:
Ali is trying to get back into this, covering up more and parrying what punches she can, looking for her chance to turn back the advance of the blonde and win this fight.
But after some success, Brooke still manages to rifle a straight through to the nose of Ali, then another one lands to snap the head of Landry back.
Ali is losing her chance of a comeback as the round goes on and as she desperately tries to land something, she lunges with a left and gets caught squarely on the chin with a brutal right hook.
Ali's knees go first, then she slumps down the body of Brooke, till she lands at the feet of Hogan, clearly knocked out as the referee doesn't bother with a count, he waves the fight off.

Winner: Brooke Hogan KO Round 6

The crowd is on it's feet, chanting Brooke's name as the winner just stares down at her fallen opponent at her feet, no remorse in those eyes.
The referee holds his hands out, telling her to back away to her corner so the doctor can check over Ali, which she responds by turning away and pumping her fist to the crowd as she heads to her corner to be cleaned up.
The doctor finally gets in and checks over Landry, finding that she is clearly out cold and signals for a stretcher to help get her out of the ring.
As Ali is stretchered out the ring, Brooke doesn't seem to bat an eyelid in her direction, just accepting her fans love as she gets her gloves taken off and she starts cupping her ears to the crowd like her dad used to.
After she gets her hand raised to a loud cheer, Brooke smiles warmly to her supporters, even down under she is loved.
Then she leaves the ring, high giving people in the front row, before she heads to the ramp and flexes her arms at the top to a chant of "Brookemania!" Before she heads to the backstage area, where a mob of journalists want to hear her thoughts.
"Boy was that fun, Ali is a tough girl, I'm not stupid to pretend like she isn't, but I always knew that when I caught her, it was lights out" says Brooke as she starts grinning as she replays the knockout in her head.
Asked what is next for her, she answers "well I can't say, I've been asked about participating in an interesting card next month, but never jinx it as they say, but it is a fight you won't want to miss and is very personal for me is all I can say"
Before she nods her thanks to the media and with securities help, she heads off to her locker room to get cleaned and celebrate in the city with some friends at the local clubs and brag about another massive knockout.



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