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24 February 2017 Danielle Robertson vs Amy Willerton

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3. Danielle Robertson vs Amy Willerton (BBU)

(22, 5’11, BBU Debut, SIRENs)


(24, 5’9, 1:2 BBU, Free Agent)


Before: Danielle Robertson is another Siren who recently lost her debut against a Vixen opponent, Kelly Rohrback just two weeks ago. “Not making excuses or anything, but she *was* a former champion,” Danielle says, looking slightly nervous. “It was a learning opportunity for tonight. But let’s be real: Amy’s nowhere compared to Kelly.”

Amy smiling sweetly at her opponent’s write-off of her skills. “Robertson better watch that mouth of hers, or I’m gonna shut her up for good. She may be popular on Instagram or wherever they found her, but here’s where the real action takes place.”

Despite nasty comments, both ladies still smiling sweetly as they bump fists in the center of the ring. Danielle is in a tight-fitting black bikini with a semi-revealing thong, red gloves. Amy in more traditional violet bra and panties, also red gloves.

R1, R2: Danielle certainly looking to redeem herself in opening first two rounds, going after Amy with quick jabs that manage to catch the blonde off-guard by stinging her in the face often. Amy looks like she’s going to have trouble dealing with Danielle’s lightning style as the punches keep coming at her head, filling her peripheral vision and obscuring her ability to fire back counter-blows without being hit in the face again. However, trade-off is Danielle’s punches not doing much damage to the blonde, despite doing enough for judges to award her the first two rounds, leaving a steaming Amy shaking her head as she heads back to corner, brainstorming possible strategy to deal with her foe.

Round 3: Danielle doesn’t seem to be slowing down, rampaging straight back into the action with left and right jabs that slam into Amy’s guard. The blonde, however, choosing to focus on defence this time, and it pays off - Amy slaps away Danielle’s light punches, which throws the brunette off target and off-balance. Suddenly - BAM BAM BAM - Danielle grunts as Amy fighting back with straight right hands that slam into nose! Danielle stunned by the sudden blows, one after another. The Siren has so far always had trouble dealing with pain in her face, making her abandon her defence and letting her opponent capitalise... Amy certainly senses this loophole, takes advantage by spanking a left-right combo into Danielle’s abdomen before hitting a uppercut to chin that almost takes her head off! Danielle struggling to stay in this fight all of a sudden, but thankfully she’s saved by the bell at the last minute. Robertson’s turn to shake the stars from her eyes as she uses the ropes to guide herself back to corner.

Round 4: Seems like the fight is swinging in opposite direction now with Amy wanting to remain on the offensive. Danielle, however, refuses to relinquish her early lead, decides to come at the blonde as well: results in both beauties banging away at bodies in the middle of the ring! Amy getting shocked repeatedly with stiff blows to the midsection, but she manages to shrug off them off as they were lacking in power, manages to bully Danielle back with a one-two of her own, then jamming her fists into her opponent’s chest, punishing Robertson for her earlier underestimation. Danielle fuming, finally allows herself to retreat as she knows she’s getting more hurt than what she’s dishing out pain.

Round 5: No answer it seems - Danielle torquing her body, swinging her arms back in wider arcs for more power, but Amy’s toned body like a hard shell, weathering the onslaught despite turning a bright shade of pink from the repeated abuse. Amy still coming on strongly towards Danielle, repeatedly shocking her with hooks to her cheek and chin. It’s another sudden one-two-three scrubbing of leather against Robertson:s cheeks. Now Amy wading in quick: hard shot to Danielle’s stomach bunching her up but allowing Amy to further her work on chest and chin. Danielle withering fast, all she can do is clinch tightly around Amy’s waist and wait for round to be over. Amy hungrily grunting, punting punches into Danielle’s side and ears, but is unable to secure that TKO she wants just yet. Bell rings and Amy curses loudly in frustration, whilst Danielle looks like her body and knees are about to give way.

Round 6: Danielle slow to rise from her stool - it’s honestly a miracle she can rise at all from the damage she has taken so far. The Siren much more wary this round, switching strategy and now back to a turtled defence. Amy of course tries rushing at her with huge hands, but Danielle scooting out of the way and flicking jabs into her face, irritating the blonde, who knows she has the fight in the bag and just needs to get lucky now. Amy gets that opportunity late in the round when she manages to weave left, avoiding Danielle’s left hand that sails past her head, ROCKS the brunette with a crunching counter-blow to the body. Danielle stunned, mouth gaping as she’s stopped in her tracks, body pounded upon by Amy’s left-right-left-right, straight up into tummy, then finishes her off with a beautiful left hook, contorting Danielle’s face! Roberson rag-dolls in Amy’s arms, then body collapses to the canvas on her left. KNOCKDOWN Amy!! This might be the end of it right here!!

3...4… Amy returning to neutral corner, confident smile on her face, whilst Danielle valiantly trying to rise on all fours, one hand cradling her throbbing tummy.

5...6… Danielle lunging upwards, straightening up with pain etched on her face. Body covered with red welts at this point.

7...8.. Danielle makes it to one knee! Her stablemates shouting encouragement at her from ringside, enabling her to rise fully by the count of 9!! Crowd is starting to see her brave desire to continue fighting this losing battle. Amy of course not happy, waving a fist threateningly in Danielle’s direction - an indication of things to come in the next round?

Round 7: Despite her miraculous recovery, Danielle looks like a dead-man walking at the sound of the bell, barely stumbling forward to meet her foe. Amy striding over slowly, bit by bit, testing the waters, dodging weak attempts by Danielle’s fists aimed at her head. Danielle gets lucky however with a one-two combo to Amy’s body, surprisingly the blonde, but it seems to only make her more mad. Amy now throwing caution to the win, decides to rush in to her foe. The blonde lands a hard uppercut to Danielle’s tummy from close quarters, knocking the wind out of her body. Danielle’s body simply melts around Amy’s fist, her lips letting out an ouuuuggggghhh as Amy once again lets her collapse to the ground in a heap. Cry of shock from the crowd as SURELY this must be it?? Even louder cry as Danielle is still stirring - the Siren grabbing hold of the ropes and pulling herself up to her feet once again at the count of 7!!

Amy goes completely ballistic when the referee waves for the fight to continue - what the f*ck does she have to do to put this b*tch away?? Danielle still holding onto the ropes for support as Amy charges in one last time, slamming her fists into any, offensive skin, jerking Danielle’s body left right and center about the ropes. Danielle’s body now completely limp, leaning into her foe’s body as her arms hang lifelessly by the side, but Amy wants to ensure her opponent stays down for good, gritting her teeth and continuing to pound the stuffing out of her foe by hard shots to the belly whilst grunting in her ear, “Give up, b*tch!!?” Referee finally has seen enough, pulling Amy off a beleaguered Danielle, who sinks down to her knees with a thud then falls face forward onto the canvas.

Official Decision: Amy Willerton defeats Danielle Robertson via TKO7!

After: Amy immediately softening after recovery in the corner, approaching Danielle’s fallen form, prone on her back after being flipped over by paramedics. Some words spoken between them both, but they don’t look anything menacing. Grudging respect given when Danielle gives a thumbs up in response to Amy’s smile. Danielle’s certainly proved her resilience this fight even though it was a loss for her. Amy celebrates her win by briefly acknowledging the crowd, tells reporters later she’s game for a rematch anytime, any place.

SIRENs understandably upset at their first loss of the evening, but the show continues. Head Trainer Henry Carvill personally attending to his fallen girl to escort her back to the locker room.



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