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24 February 2017 Melissa Satta vs Miriam Leone

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6. Melissa Satta vs Miriam Leone (Latin Union)

(30, 5’9, BBU Debut, SIRENs)


(32, 5’9, 5:10 BBU, Latin Union)


Before: After order is restored in the arena, it’s back to business, with two ravishing Italian beauties taking the stage. Apparently some bad blood between the two girls: Miriam having made a pass at Melissa’s husband at a prior football game, threatening the status of the proud soccer WAG. After much online insults and much sexual insinuations which almost got them into a scuffle back then, they meet face-to-face now in person, smirks and curled lips mouthing subtle insults at each other in smooth Italian. To both girls, it’s more than just a win: they know that Melissa’s man is eagerly watching from the crowd for the outcome of this match.

Melissa however, is a clear favourite of the two - the brunette raises a fist to the crowds, which elicits a loud cheer as they ogle her dressed in a royal blue string bikini. Miriam however not letting the noise get to her, looking slender and toned in her red bikini, white gloves, eagerly scanning the crowds for that mystery man, posing seductively regardless.

Round 1: First round begins and both women circle cautiously around each other, flicking jabs at heads but mostly hitting guards. Melissa the favourite for a reason - the Italian loves to brawl: she gets in close and personal in a late first minute, forcing Miriam to lower her guard as Satta’s gloves spank on her belly repeatedly. Melissa grinning as her fists land one after the other, each blow garnering a louder cheer from the crowd... But she underestimates Miriam’s resolve here: redhead starts to respond with precise counter-blows to Satta’s cheek, the hard hits making her grunt on more than occasion. Melissa definitely needs to come up with alternate strategy if she wants to pour on the punishment without taking any in return. Pundits also certainly surprised with tenacity of Miriam Leone in this opening round - the underdog fighter seems to be clearly holding her own against the odds.

Round 2: Melissa seems to know that she didn’t take the previous round as clearly as she would have liked to, and so the Italian rushes in early once again, hooking big hands at Miriam’s direction and banging into her forearms, then going further by plundering her undercarriage repeatedly with lefts and rights. Miriam’s weak spot’s definitely trying to protect her body - she’s losing points and getting hurt by Melissa’s fists repeatedly beating under and on the sides. Miriam responds best she can, shooting her fists back upwards into Melissa’s chest, then landing on her nose and lips, and they seem to be doing more damage than anticipated! Melissa slowly and surely being beaten backwards, forced to switch from offense back to defence of her rapidly reddening cheeks and nose. Leone hungry and eager now, shrugging off more body blows by hardening her abs and continuing to batter Melissa’s guard, slipping in the occasional fist to her face. Bell rings and the audience is starting to see the fight turn already in Miriam Leone’s favour!

Round 3: Not so in this round, that sees Melissa Satta fight back! Italian beauty feigns another low-blow to Miriam’s trunks early in the round, exploits her opponent’s reflex action to protect her tummy by BLASTING a sudden and clean cross straight into Miriam’s face! The Italian redhead is stunned as her body wobbles, almost trips over her stumbling feet, but is saved by the ropes. Satta however eager to finish her off, charges in to punish Miriam along the ropes, chopping right hands into her body over and over. Leone in trouble now, wisely clinches with her foe... and now both girls are wrestling on the ropes, turning and switching positions repeatedly whilst digging fists into any flesh they can find. While Melissa is content with this slow withering down of her opponent, Miriam is more constantly jockeying for better position along the ropes - she finds it when Melissa’s body becomes pinned against the rope with her body pressed down into hers. Now it’s Miriam’s turn for tummy payback - she pistons right and left hands in and out of Satta’s body, jerking the soccer wag’s pristine bod upwards and in with each fist landing. Another hard round to score as the bell ends and referee pulls both ladies apart - it’s arguably Miriam’s round yet again as she was *almost* knocked down early, but of course the key word is ‘almost’, with the Italian coming back from that with an *almost* knockdown of Satta in return.

Round 4: Melissa Satta unfortunately looks like she’s the rookie boxer here at the beginning of the fourth round. She *must* be growing desperate at the thought of barely scraping by the past three rounds, needs to change something up or she’s just not gonna get that decision win. Leone, however, is in a comfortable lead and she knows it - the redhead gets more aggressive in the fourth, perhaps sensing it’s almost time’s up for Satta. Leone’s turn to want to bully Melissa with unpredictable, wild hooks… The soccer wag however remembering her training, deals with most of the blows comfortably by switching between a high and a low guard. Melissa’s turn to suddenly counter - double-fist punted upwards - straight into Miriam’s chest! Redhead lets out a shocked GASP, eyes wide, mouth open, as she reflexively tries to cover up chest with both arms, but leaving her chin open for a powerful follow-up blow from Melissa Satta, whose glove just lands beautifully on base of her chin! AND DOWN GOES MIRIAM!! No ropes to save the Italian girl this time as she simply falls backwards and lands heavily on her back! KNOCKDOWN SATTA!!

Crowd seems to suddenly remember its allegiance to the brunette once again: roar is deafening as Melissa once again showboats on the way to her corner, shaking her ass to the crowd, a display meant more for her husband, we feel. Anyways, the referee’s counting: 5...6… Miriam slowly getting back to her feet, wisely clasping onto the middle rope for some much-needed support. That’s it - Miriam makes it back up at the count of 9!

Melissa looks eager to finish her off as the referee calls for resumption of fight. Miriam just needs to hold on for another 30 seconds…. Poor girl’s eating some hard shots as Melissa fires punch after punch into her midsection, putting as much much strength as she can into the blows. The Italian brunette looks she really wants to win right here, throwing as many punches as she can, but it’s not enough! Referee calls for the bell, and Miriam looks entirely relieved, sprawling her body on the ropes to support her weakened legs, but Melissa doesn’t look any better, panting and hunched over at having over-exerted herself it seems.

Round 5: It’s anybody’s game now in the fifth, Miriam getting wrecked in the last round and paving the way for Melissa to retaliate, but the brunette can’t seem to capitalise either with her lack of stamina. Girls therefore cautious at bell, staying at distance and lopping jabs and occasional cross that slam into guard and cheek, hoping to catch the other fatally off-guard. Melissa discovers her foe’s sensitive spot after several jabs flatten Miriam’s chest and jugs, making the redhead squeal and retreat with immediate certainty. Melissa uses this knowledge to her advantage, jabs fired again at breasts, not at all flustered when her mitts slam into Miriam’s protective forearms, but then POWERS her follow-up right arm straight into Miriam’s open face! Half of Satta’s glove literally buries itself in Miriam’s cheeks as she lets out a low grunting sound ggruuugghh and her knees start to buckle. Melissa not taking any chances this time, pulls back fast and repeats that damning right cross that crashes another time into Miriam’s nose, but the redhead is already on the way to crumpling to the canvas in a heap. The referee takes one look at Miriam’s still-body and waves the fight off!

Official Decision: Melissa Satta defeats Miriam Leone via KO5.

After: Melissa Satta looks quite defeated herself - her training for her debut match definitely showing off her skills but pundits will be commenting on how difficult it was for her to put away Miriam, and consequently, how far this Italian beauty can go in terms of her future career. All Melissa can do now is embrace her husband tightly, who joins her in the ring to celebrate, a big grin on his face, but sharp-nosed spectators clearly catching him catching glimpses at Miriam in the corner, red-faced and panting hard. The poor girl has to stare with distaste as Melissa notices the stealing glances, decides to deliberately plant a wet kiss on her husband’s lips in full view of her opponent, staking her claim on her man for now...



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