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24 February 2017 Diana Korkunova vs Frankie Sandford

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8. Diana Korkunova vs Frankie Sandford (Double A Boxing)

(20, 5’5, BBU Debut, SIRENs)


(27, 5’3, 5:13 BBU, Double A Boxing)


Before: Our main event tonight is certainly an oddity of its own in the packed lightweight / welterweight fight card. The only flyweight of the stable has the crowds gushing at the difference in atmosphere as spunky and all-smiling Diana emerges from the curtains with both gloves raised high, a loose floral-printed robe showing off her pink bra and panties beneath whilst the bubble-gum pop music blasts through the rafters. In contrast, Frankie Sandford liking to play to the crowd as well but emerging to a lung-blaring rock song, in black tight-fitting bikini and shadow-boxing in her dark green gloves.

Breath of fresh air as Korkunova plays the sweetheart role well, saying how much she admires Frankie’s work. Sandford however been here done that before, not appreciating the seemingly ‘sweet’ act that her opponent seems to be putting on, sneering instead at the pre-fight interview: “Diana doesn't know what she’s getting into. She’s young. She’s inexperienced. She’s gonna get knocked out tonight.”

Diana laughing with glee at Frankie’s statement. “I’m excited! Let’s do this!”

R1-R3: Both girls show how flyweights move in the ring: compared to the slow, ponderous movement of her Welter-counterparts, Diana and Frankie flit forward like flies, letting fists fly at each other at even more lightning speed. Mitts bang into opposing forearms and occasional cheek, but of course neither doing much to hurt their opponent as jabs simply lack power. That's how the first two rounds go, with overeager girls eager to test her opponent’s strength but also her energy, both keeping the tempo up in the hopes that her opponent will wilt first. Result is both rounds end unanimously in draws as both girls manage to score some well-placed jabs to face and body. In the third, Frankie noticeably slowing down, unwillingly to allow Diana to take the lead as the little dynamo continues hammering a quantity of fists at her foe, leaving little space for Frankie to retaliate with such the same volume. Frankie tries to switch strategy, slowing down her footwork but throwing deliberately more powerful hooks and crosses, hoping to get lucky. One or two smack into Diana’s raised guard just in time, but Diana manages to flit around her and land a left-right combo to her nose, follows up with another quick left-right to her body above the navel, making Frankie grunt with frustration and retreat. Bell rings to end the third round but seems like the fight is just getting started!

Round 4: Diana still showing her spunk as her bounces up and down in the corner, the little devil still eager to get back into the action. Frankie scowls at this - perhaps jealousy showing at her growing, old age. At the bell, both girls charge at each other once more though, Frankie now taking the advice from her corner to really go all in, rushing and bullying Diana with quick and powerful punches designed to herd her in and negate her speed and agility. At first, it doesn't work as intended as Diana’s just too fast to catch, but Frankie determined to bang on her, gets lucky when Diana makes a mistake of veering right instead of left and gets herself cornered against the ropes with a BIG right straight that crashes straight down the middle of her guard - Diana buffeted backwards by the blow, grunting and lets out her first cry of distress as Frankie hungrily comes in and smacks her glove on the tummy, trapping Diana along the ropes with more under-hooks spanking left and right. Diana covering up, keeping her hands low, but her inexperienced showing now as she clearly doesn't know how to dirty box, her speed taken away from her inside the clinch.

Round 5: Now Diana not looking so hot-stuff-happy-go-lucky any longer, previous round’s punishment seemed to exact its toll on the Siren. Frankie catching in the body once more with my long jabs, straight hands land heavily on guard and occasionally one or two tag Diana’s cheek. Diana just not-looking so spritely and on her toes once she starts absorbing some in-ring abuse. The Mongolian-blooded model however makes up for it in grit - Diana refusing to quit and instead resumes her battering of Frankie’s defences late in the round, exacting a fair bit of revenge with her lightning fists that hit back on Frankie’s face and chest multiple times before she can even react to them with counter-blows. Good thing though, the pundits were about to dismiss the new Siren as just another passing phase, but this late rally proves she can go far. But is it far enough?

Round 6 begins and Korkunova takes advantage of Frankie’s hesitation to pile on the pressure. Frankie getting tagged on the nose once, twice, THREE times before the British girl can even react with adequate protection. Diana smiling suddenly and we see why - Frankie’s bleeding from the nose down, droplets of red highlighting her intense scowl as she tries to deal with this new distraction. Diana now going all out and in, taking bigger risks by wading in fast with combinations to Frankie’s body, snapping her chin backwards with uppercut before dancing out of the way of Sandford’s giant hooks thrown too slowly. Diana certainly cleaning out shop with this repeated pattern, and last uppercut might be the final one as it CRASHES into chin - FRANKIE’S DOWN in the dying seconds of the round!! Could this be it already?? Diana certainly thinks so, already jumping up and down and heading back to corner for early celebration, as referee counts it out:

3...4… Frankie looks more disappointed than hurt, grunting as she pushes her chest off the canvas, spitting out blood as she does so. Definitely not a good round for her, but she still lives to fight another round, getting up to both feet by the count of 7!

Round 7: Frankie’s corner applying a temporary solution to her bleeding with a makeshift bandage to the nose and lip, but it’s all for naught once the bell sounds - first surprise right hand from Diana catches Frankie on her injured portions - the bandage flies off the skin and the blood resumes its pouring. Frankie now panting heavily as she tries to clear the throbbing pain in her nose and the red obscuring her vision. Diana looks incredibly focused in contrast - no more little miss sunshine apparently as she purposely and wilfully targets Frankie’s reddened nose in the 2nd minute of the round. Frankie can't see the punches coming as the cuts go deeper and get even worse, and before she knows it, the referee is right in her face, stepping in between them both - he takes one look at Frankie’s blood-soaked face and waves the fight off!!

Official Decision: Diana Korkunova defeats Frankie Sandford via TKO7!

After: Immediately, Frankie Sandford screams out “NO!!” in protest, but it’s no use - referee already raising Diana’s hand to declare her the winner. The Siren looks equally as stunned, but momentary shock turns into elation - again Diana is jumping up and down as she celebrates with her corner and stablemates, topping off the last fight of the night with a 6:2 overall aggregate for the Sirens - not a bad night at all. Frankie, however, still not satisfied one bit at the early stoppage, complaining to reporters later on: “She *didn’t* beat me. Let’s make that clear,” she spits sternly whilst getting her nose examined. “My hands were still up. I could have made her bleed as well.”

Diana doesn't seem to mind the assessment - first win of her career is hopefully the beginning of many others. Regardless, she certainly has stolen the hearts of the Edinburgh crowd with her adorable smile on her petite face, hers is the last name the crowd chants before night closes and the event is over.

Well, that's all from us here in Edinburgh city. Here’s to wishing all the girls a speedy recovery and let’s not forget, a happy belated Valentine’s day out there to you besotted fools!



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