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1 March 2017 Megan Fox vs Keira Knightley

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on March 1, 2017, 11:25 am



Megan Fox versus Keira Knightley
(Words: Caspian / Results: Lookout!)

(31, 5’4, 21:23 FCBA, VIXENs/Mirage)

(31, 5’7, 15:24 FCBA, Mirage Boxing)

Before: Could this be the beginning of a new rivalry? Girls chesting and getting into each other’s faces at the podium, Keira trying to prove that she belongs in the club and Megan not liking the fact that the British celebrity got shuffled into the club exactly when she signed her co-management deal with VIXENs. Coincidence? Megan doesn’t think so.

“They’re trying to replace me,” Megan complains in the pre-fight interview. “But you can't substitute true celebrity. And tonight, I’m gonna prove that I’m irreplaceable.”

“Megan signing that deal has been the best thing that has happened at Mirage - it has left us pulling together and more united than ever. We’re gonna prove that we don't need Megan’s two-faced talent here,” Keira pouting her lips as she speaks calmly and confidently into the microphone. Somewhere across the table, Megan rolling her eyes at the comments.

As mentioned, girls chest-to-chest at weigh-ins, condescending smirk on both lips. Megan dressed to impress in a mini-black bikini, red gloves, whilst Keira is in grey tight-fitting sports bra, white briefs, black gloves, blonde hair tied back and looped in a bunched-up ponytail.

Round 1: It’s the first round and we’re off! Megan shows aggression early by going after Keira’s abs from the get-go - British girl has her guard up high when Megan feints a left hand and then digs her right fist under and upwards. Keira stunned by the early blow, but wary of her face getting hurt, which allows Megan to continue the abuse with hard digs to her sides and spanking of leather off Keira’s proud abdomen. Keira soon joining the party, however. Fine, she must be thinking, when they go low… the blonde snaps a fist straight up into Megan’s exposed nose, socking her each time she chooses to attack her body. Now Megan’s turn to grimace as her face used as a speed bag, her head snapping backwards from the sharp jab-jab-jab of Keira’s longer reach. Both girls with good exchange here in the first round, but judges give Megan the first lead, Keira not doing enough to steal it from her.

Round 2: Not so in the second, however, as both girls renew their aggression and relent their untold frustration on each other. Megan seems determined to break down that ab-wall of the British beauty’s body, ramming her fists into Keira’s gut at any opportunity but again leaving the Vixen open to nasty hook or two to the face as Keira capitalizes on the American’s unhealthy obsession. On more than one occasion, Megan rocked to the side by such a mighty blow, steadies herself on shaky legs as she grunts, growls, before resuming her attack, thinking she can peck away at Keira’s defences by getting in close with unrelenting underhooks. Keira, however, far from a rookie fighter - Megan pays for underestimating her rival as the British gal lights up the American starlet’s face with stiff jabs, followed by a payback blow deep into her tummy. At the bell, Keira all smiles watching Megan retreat - she’s taken control of the second. Megan fuming, wringing her arms in frustration as she stalks back to corner. Perhaps this Vixen has bitten off more than she can chew?

Round 3: Megan arguing with new VIX trainer Corey Saucier during the break - clearly the VIX staff having some difficulty taming this black beauty. Well, Megan pays for ignoring trainer’s advice in the third, with Keira controlling the action expertly with neat and crisp blows that aim high and fly at her fast, nailing Megan repeatedly as she tries to resume her offense with a hard hook, but is creamed by Keira’s swift pressure on her. Still, one does not underestimate Megan Fox as well... Keira too excited and gives chase, flinging her gloves haphazardly at Megan’s way, thinking her foe is too proud to adjust strategy, but Megan  pulls back and plants her feet, raised arms now slapping away Keira’s glove after glove to the side, then SHOCKING the British girl with a big straight cross to her face and a left hand that chops into the middle of her body. Keira now in a daze, steps back quickly out of harm’s way. Girls now reset and hover a few feet away in middle of ring, warily waving taunting gloves at one another’s face. The round ends and it’s still Keira managing that small lead over her rival, but she’s looking a little shaken from that last exchange.

Round 4: More escalated voices from Megan’s corner as Corey tries to convince her to get there to brawl, to which Megan replies, annoyed: “I don't need you to tell me that!” Definitely trouble in paradise when Keira once again resumes the pressure, throwing more erratic hooks and body blows at Megan, troubling her when she is unable to counter and parry the barrage of blows. After third shot lands squarely on Megan’s nose, something snaps within the brunette’s head - Megan decides to push back with a roar, fires a straight cross that rams through Keira’s flimsy guard and lands on her own nose in sweet retaliation. Keira screws up her face as the shot lands, and then another and another as Megan takes the punishment she received and gives it back threefold. Keira grimacing as Megan comes in close, chops at her body like a lumberjack wielding an axe, with big right hands to the sternum. Keira clinches forward from the abuse, doing what she can… in this case shooting her fists up into Megan’s cheek, but Megan doing exactly the same with a vengeance… and the last few seconds see both girls trying to outdo one another in punching in facial features and proving who can do the most damage! Referee finally pulls them apart and brutal exchange reveals evidence of red trickling down from both starlets’ nostrils, however, judges award the round to Megan Fox for slightly more damage inflicted overall.

In-between, Keira hunches over in corner, re-tying her blonde locks in a tight ponytail behind her head, her trainers desperately trying to soothe reddened skin on cheeks and stop the bleeding from one of her nostrils. Keira brushes them away, loudly exclaiming, “Just plug it and let me fight!” to which her cut-man shrugs and stuffs a piece of tissue up her nose. Megan glaring from other corner, glistening chest heaving in and out, cursing and brusquely swatting away her own attendants attempting to fix her cuts.

Round 5: Megan charging back into the action at the bell, gloves raised high and face with a deathly smothering look. Keira having that half-innocent, half-condescending smirk as she dodges and weaves out of Megan’s jabs at her head, the British beauty still moving fast for round five, is able to backpedal out of harm’s way and launches herself back with a hard slam into Megan’s belly, bending her foe over with an ouufff. Keira pounding some more on Megan’s waistline with a hungry look, before the Vixen takes her head off its hinges with a BEAUTIFUL right hook! Keira’s entire body stiffens in shock as she’s rocked to the side, Megan resuming her jab-jab-jabs to batter her nose once again, restarting the flow of blood down her nostril. Knightley lets out an underhanded ‘F*CK” as she feels the hot liquid now dripping down over her lips, but has no time to fix it - has to deal with a hungry-looking Fox feinting high at her head, then going low with the methodical drumming of the blonde’s abdomen. Keira cursing some more as her body is tenderised - should have expected this by strategy by now, she scolds herself. It’s another strong round for Megan Fox as she surges into the lead, Keira losing her confidence at this point.

Round 6: Megan now the one smirking as Keira’s nose is repeatedly bludgeoned to the point of it being swollen red and having both nostrils plugged by bunches of rolled up tissue paper. Keira knows the danger, focuses on defence this time and pestering Megan with long jabs each time the brunette tries to close the distance between them. However, Megan soon gets the angle she’s looking for... firing another left jab that sails past Keira’s head, allowing the Brit to dig her fist into Megan’s side in retaliation, but also denying Keira the escape she needs... Megan shrugs off blow to the body and swings a counter-hook that CRASHES into Keira’s chin, like a sneaky bastard it was! Keira thrown back to ropes in disarray, and on comes Megan now, huffing and puffing and bunching up her foe’s body with fist after fist, trapping her against the ropes! Megan seeking to finish, beads of sweat flying as she rotates her body left and right, corresponding hands taking turns to pulverise Keira’s tummy. Keira sobbing now with each blow landing, her body jerking upwards and back from the force of the blows. Megan desperately looking for the ref to declare this match over, but he doesn’t materialise... Instead, Megan hears the untimely bell to signal the end of round. She curses out loud but is herself too tired to move, panting heavily and allowing Keira’s lips to run down her slick-tummy, crumpling down to her knees. Megan gets a reprimand from the referee as she starts tugging upwards on Keira’s blonde hair and taunting her below, hoping in her heart that Keira won’t get back up for the next round. But the British actress does recover and limp back to her corner.

Round 7: Keira’s long hair now flowing freely around her shoulders like a wild mane - couldn’t be bothered to tie-it back up in a bunch in between the round. Megan still looking like a magnificent goddess as she stands, flexing her muscles, patches of red periodically showing but not troubling the Vixen so far. Keira wants to change that now with hunting fists aimed at Megan’s body, occasionally landing that stiff shot to belly that makes the brunette groan. Corey Saucier again shouting advice from corner: “BRAWL, MEGAN. GET IN THERE AND BRAWL!!” Megan too tired to disagree this time, takes a big step forward and mashes her right hand deep into Keira’s gut. What a lucky shot! Strain on Keira’s body from taking one hit too many - the blonde merely stiffens up in pain as more blows land to her midsection, then Megan moves upwards to attack her chest. Keira breathing hard now, wrapping both hands around Megan’s body, mouth kissing shoulder as Megan continues to punt fist after fist into every inch of her body below the neck. Megan encountering very little resistance, relishing the rising groans echoing deep from Keira’s throat. Fox grins as Keira’s face starts sliding down her own body once again. Keira slumps down to both knees, hands still pawing at brunette’s legs and taut tummy, lips grazing against Megan’s thinly-veiled briefs.

Referee begins the count, but by the end of 7, Keira barely making an attempt to recover. Perhaps Megan’s grip in her hair, shoving Keira’s face deeper into her sweat-soaked bottoms has something to do with preventing her recover, but the referee calls it off as Keira’s eyes rolled back and not resisting.

Official Decision: Megan Fox defeats Keira Knightley via KO7!

After: Megan celebrating her win by blowing kisses to some portions of the crowd and flipping off the other parts with a middle finger, particularly the fans of Keira Knightley. Keira still blubbering in corner, her face red from both exhaustion and the tears flowing down cheeks. Megan strides in and confidently plucks the Pirate of the Caribbean starlet from her stool, tugging her up by the hair. Keira now giving a defiant look with her watery eyes. They exchange heated words, but Megan still showing total dominance for the cameras by reaching out and squeezing Keira’s cheeks together, shaking her by the chin vigorously whilst slapping her face with her other palm, in symbolic gesture for the Brit to shut her trap. Megan finally releasing Keira and letting her slump back to stool. The Vixen can’t resist showing off her body to the crowds before sauntering back to the locker room, her rock anthem blasting her victory, and the look of contempt on Keira’s face already suggesting this rivalry might be just the beginning.



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