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15 March 2017 Ariana Grande vs Camila Cabello

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Posted by Archer on March 15, 2017, 5:28 pm




Results: Lookout Writing: Franchise

Prefight: Both organizations planning to feature their young songstresses more in the coming year, a second clash between the pair seemingly inevitable after the fireworks of their first encounter. Cabello coming off a good rookie year going 4-4 with all four wins coming via knockout, but showing early troubles against bigger girls, evident from her brutal loss against Sandara Park and narrow win against Carly Rae Jepsen. Ariana looking to put 2016 behind her, going 0-4 and never lasting to the final bell leading to whispers about her chin. Arena set up on the lovely sands of Santa Monica, ring setup a stones throw from the lapping sea. Cabello enters first in a baby blue bikini, matching gloves, hair swept back into a ponytail. Ariana out next, she tosses a t-shirt into the wind to reveal a pink bikini framing her deeply tanned body, matching gloves, hair swept back into a high ponytail.

R1: Cammy out to a quick start, deflecting a trio of jabs before barreling Ariana into the ropes and burying her head into her breasts, Cabello chugging away with both hands battering Grande's flanks and belly as the boca beauty tries to shove her off, face pinched in agony and disbelief as she can't get Cammy off her. Finally Grande manages to clinch and pry her left between her and Cabello to give her body a reprieve. Ariana on the run for the final minute, thrusting out jabs and sliding along the ropes as Camila gives pursuit. Between rounds Grande's seconds urging her to use her legs and take away Cabello's strength by blasting her body.

R2: Ariana takes her seconds advice, throwing a hailstorm of jabs to close her foe to the ropes before slinging rights just beneath Latina elbow following up with lefts to the belly and breasts as Cabello twists in the pocket, eventually sinking against the ropes, trying to find a way out of Grande's leather storm, Cammy getting desperate as her body quivers under bombardment, slinging desperation hooks and uppercuts, jugs sloshing as Ariana easily evades her missiles, responding with cruel jabs that slice into Cabello's left eye and breasts, Cammy listless against the ropes, seemingly ready to go as the bell sounds. Cabello groggy on her stool, blubbering as her seconds try to instill some discipline.

R3: Ariana hopping forward, mitts low as Cabello wilts along the ropes, Grande smirking, peppering quick tapping flurries of jabs off Cammy's mitts before lashing her across the belly and retreating to the outside. Ariana keeping up the relentless pressure, gradually breaking her girl down as Cabello throws less and less, she ducks beneath a sloppy left hook and slams a counter right into Latina navel dropping Cammy to her knees, Latina pooling to the sand, forehead buried in the sand as salty tears run down her face, Grande leaping for joy, screaming in disbelief when Cabello makes a shoddy nine, afforded precious seconds as the official wipes sand off her forehead and mitts and waves Ariana back in. Grande snarling as she drops her hands to her sides and beats her girl from corner to corner along the ropes, Cammy eventually showing enough sense to clinch, holding on for dear life to the bell. Official looking her over between rounds, offering her an honorable submission, as Camilla fends him off through the tears.

R4: Cammy stumbling forward like a drunken new years reveler, met with a nasty left around her guard that slams into her opposite ear, gutted by a right to her ribs as she staggers into a seething Ariana, Cabello stubbornly resisting, taking a horrendous bearing as she finally lands a few hooks to Grande's body forcing Ariana to shift her feet, lovely ladies grit their teeth and begin to exchange recklessly midring, Grande scoring with lefts to the face as Cabello's face begins to lump up, Cammy responding with sweeping rights into tanned torso, Ariana in agony, fighting back tears but continuing to pressure her girl, ladies brawling to the ropes where Ariana staggers her foe with a left cross, hurling a right hook to follow up as Cammy slams a left into her navel followed up by a right that snaps Grande's head back and drops her to the canvas with three seconds to go! Ariana breathing heavily, grasping the middle rope with her left as the bell sounds. Official looking both girls over, concerned that neither girl will walk out of the ring on their own after four savage heats!

R5: Little vixens needing assistance rising for the fifth as they both sag against their corners, official threatening to count them both out as they limp midring, trading underpowered shots off shoddy guards in short flurries. Ariana taking control after a sloppy first minute hurting Cammy with a pair of hooks to the chin, jabbing her to the ropes before gutting her with a right uppercut to the solar plexus, following up with left hooks off battered ribs. Cabello weeping into her mitts, twisting along the ropes as Grande rains punches down on her, eventually trapped in the corner, sweat flying across the ring as Ariana dominates, breathing heavily setting up for a straight right downwards onto her wilting foe as Cammy staggers forward, slinging a rising right that catches Ariana on the chin snapping her head back, following up with a left as Grande spins to her left and bounces off the ropes before collapsing face first into the sand. Cabello sobbing aloud, chest heaving as she stumbles into the neutral corner, official stops the count at three as Ariana isn't moving! KO 5 Camila Cabello!

Cammy collapsing into her corner, head bowed on her stool as her seconds tend to her, unable to rise for post fight interviews she conducts them swooning on her stool, blubbering incoherently. Grande not much better, blubbering one more go through bitter tears. Ariana had her girl at the brink several times but yet again somehow victory escaped her.



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