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16 March 2017 Sophie Reade vs Danielle Sharp

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(from Radisson Blue Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland, UK)


Posted by Vassago on March 16, 2017, 10:23 pm



Sophie Reade vs Danielle Sharp
BBU Free Agent vs PageThrees
(2-4, 2 KO vs BBU Debut)
JMD Value: 30K (Enhanced) vs 30F (Natural)

BEFORE: It's been a little long time coming but Danielle Sharp's BBU debut is finally upon us - the newest PageThrees recruit promises to emerge as the stable's bantamweight leader with the departure of Lucy Pinder and Emma Glover really hurting their 120 lbs division. Veteran Rhian Sugden files a dissecting opinion though and Georgie Thompson reckons we could yet see an internal fight between the two buxom models eyeing the same prize. However for the time being Sharp's focused on Sophie Reade, a somewhat underrated free agent from Cheshire whose biggest achievement in the ring dates back to October 2012 when she went full distance with JMD & Body Paint legend, Kendra Wilkinson. She's only two years older than the PageThrees rookie and displays a massive K size but several fans here in Glasgow would love to see her suffer at the hands of the naturally-endowed brunette.

Sophie Reade wears a pink bikini set with black trim and white gloves. Long blonde hair straight. Danielle Sharp wears a black bikini set with silver trim and yellow gloves. Long dark brown hair in loose waves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division. JMD rules apply.

Round 1:
Sophie's all smiles ahead of the opening bell - she apparently dismissed Sharp as another useless P3 bimbo on twitter before hitting the delete button - but the brunette immediately targets the enhanced cleavage and roasts the blonde's boobs with an uppercut drive that removes the jolly spirit right out of the building. Reade quickly realizes her opponent means business tonight and responds with a wide stacking delivery that crashes into the rookie's cups from each side but Danielle shows impressive resistance and doesn't even flinch when her natural breasts get hammered. In fact she leans on the blonde and basically headbutts her inside the opening minute before rocking the free agent with a vicious hook to the jaw. That won't win her the purists' applause but these Page Three models have a habit of bending the rules and Sharp looks like a fast learner as she goes low on her opponent and dissects the blonde's breadbasket in the final minute which renders her largely immobile and extremely easy to pick off. Heavy ribcage slugging leaves Sophie scowling at the bell and the Radisson hotel crowd kinds enjoys that!

Round 2:
Reade's really annoyed over her opponent's pacey approach but things only get worse in the second as Danielle waltzes around the blonde's trigger-happy delivery and WHACKS her with a nasty hook on the ear to wooble the poor blonde forward into a classic uppercut jug-busting mayhem. Ugh! Danielle literally shoves Sophie's boobs into her slumped chin and tees off from both sides to add extra punishment on each temple. Sophie gets caught in a whirlwind of pain as she finds no answer to the brunette's speed dial and bellows out on the ropes trying to protect her chest at utmost importance. Danielle barks with every shot she lands on target and buries a nasty left hook on the liver area to underline her dominance... Sophie looks up to find a defence-splitting hooking combo and another uppercut shot lifts the enhanced K-sized cleavage crashing into the chin in the very same moment the blonde's knees enter the jelly mode... another hook on the temple SENDS THE VULNERABLE GIRL DOWN ON HER SIDE and boy, that was mighty impressive stuff from the newcomer! Poor Sophie bangs her chin against the boards as she goes down and rolls on her back while trying to embrace the pain... where's all that Kendra durability gone here? Perhaps the Cheshire lass was a little too careless in dismissing Sharp's quality so fast? Well. she beats the slowish count at eight but the brunette is all over her rack immediately after the command and simply rips the guard to shreds which enables her to camp inside the blonde's mounds for good in the final minute... Reade succumbs under the leather gallop and yields her surrender when she gets pancaked into the turnbuckle... Danielle actually beats her to the ground and makes her slide on her bum after a north & south attack leaves the pink bikini top on the verge of a malfunction. KO2 Danielle Sharp in heavy-hitting fashion!!!

AFTER: There's really not much left from Sophie who rolls on her side and signals she's had enough of this... well, good thing the knockout kinda confirmed that already! Danielle has her gloves removed by PageThrees owner Sam Fox and charges at the fallen blonde. She drags her to the center of the ring by grabbing the bikini top and the Radisson crowd is barely denied a topless finale... the winning girl doesn't waste any precious second in mounting the defeated foe and facesits her into complete exhaustion before clawing her nails into the aching cleavege one more time. "Bytch, you got what you deserved sooooo badly!", Danielle is still new to the whole JMD protocol and slaps the mumbling blonde in the face with the palms of her hands before declaring her full-time membership with the much-maligned PageThrees roster. However the Rhian Sugden in-house battle gets officially postponed as Sam Fox tells Georgie Thompson that a certain dark-haired Instagram model is about to suffer at the hands of Danielle next: "Yeah, we signed a deal with those Sirens. I mean, Rhian vs Danielle is for basic wage but those Sirens are paying PPV money! I'm sorry but Rhian will have to wait! Danielle is our new star and this Korkunova chick is basically a Main Event slam dunk. We can't ignore such a deal! Not under my watch!"

Final result: Danielle Sharp def. Sophie Reade KO2.



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