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26 March 2017 Nikki Sanderson vs Ivana Baquero

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Posted by Vassago on March 26, 2017, 8:34 pm



Nikki Sanderson vs Ivana Baquero
(Kear's Kats vs Girls Friday)
(17-16-1, 15 KO vs 2-1, 2 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: When someone challenges the BBU's pound-for-pound leader Jenna-Louise Coleman on her debut, everyone suspects we could have a new star in the making. Girls Friday's Ivana Baquero did just that last June and almost pushed the almighty Lookout! Boxing brunette into a full distance decision. Swift wins over Michelle Heaton and Emily Browning followed to justify her elite prospects and some international fans gathered in Cardiff think that another victory against Kear's Kats' veteran Nikkin Sanderson could elevate the Spanish actress into serious title contention before too long.

However Sanderson eyes the big trophy herself after posting three wins last year. She told BBU TV's Georgie Thompson she's ready to "win it all" now and there's a genuine hype around Cardiff that the Gail Kim-led stable can emerge as a top force among the flyweights again. It's safe to say the Girls Friday have stolen the divisional thunder over the last twelve months with the arrival of Baquero and Maisie Williams but Gail Kim is notorious for keeping her girls on the front pages and Denise van Outen predicts a right old grudge match with the flyweight straps lingering in close distance for the eventual winner of this 110 lbs bash.

Nikki Sanderson wears a black bikini set with red trim and red gloves. Long reddish hair straight, tucked behind the ears. Ivana Baquero wears a crimson bikini set, yellow knickers and yellow gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a high ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Both girls have promised on social media to tear each other apart and they waste no time in doing so, Nikki sticks to her stable's aggressive approach and swings at the younger actress with plenty of confidence however Ivana stays true to her Latin heritage and comes flying in with a nasty hook that immediately finds the redhead's nose. A jabbing series on the body does little to stop the Spanish girl from further exploring the aerial attack and Nikki's head begins to snap back & forth leading into a period of sustained Baquero dominance during the opening round. Sanderson just refuses to yield real estate despite getting clubbed in close range and succumbs to the punching power only after a while but it's a painful experience as her moaning indicates come the final few seconds. Ivana does exceptionally well to outwork the veteran redhead and back her into the ropes but she doesn't find that finishing touch yet and soaks up an earful from her annoyed Kats opponent at the bell.

Round 2:
More aggressive jabbing brings Nikki some early success but she really needs to improve her guard fast as she embraces another aerial assault from the Spanish actress who finds more comfort in the close range exchange. Both girls lean onto each other but Nikki skims off the forearms in a hectic attempt to drill the youngster to the body and fails to pivot herself out of the striking range thereafter with Ivana blasting through her shaky guard repeatedly. Even coach Gail Kim loses her temper over the ineffective defense but Baquero is too quick on her feet to even consider a clinching escape for the Kats. Therefore she hassles the slower moving redhead across the ring for remainder of the round and really threatens to nail her with a big haymaker that would make the Girls Friday even more proud of her efforts.

Round 3:
Both girls engage in another furious dust-up in the center of the ring and Denise van Outen begins to wonder if Sanderson can actually switch her tactics instead of getting swamped into another dangerous position. This time she avoids getting backed into the ropes and finally finds the midriff punishment slowing the Spanish brunette down however it's only temporary as Ivana clinches the redhead into a stalemate before almost landing a knee to the groin as the referee tried to separate them. Coach Gail Kim saw that but Nikki gets beaten for a right-on-right exchange and drops back to the ropes with Ivana piling on more pressure and outworking the stubborn former Hollyoaks lass into a high earmuff defense. Nikki wobbles back to the turnbuckle and eats a leather drive on the tummy which makes her squeal in pain at the bell with Gail Kim still furious over that not-so-accidental knee strike from the Spanish chica but Denise van Outen says she missed that blow in real-time and needs a watch a replay to confirm the Kats entourage's claims.

Round 4:
Once again the girls tear into each other from the bell and Sanderson manages to win the initial battle as she beats the fast moving brunette for a quick punch on the lips and then drives a real stinger into her breasts. Ugh! Baquero's not used to a classic JMD ordeal and even if Nikki's strike was somewhat fortunate, it drives the younger actress back into mid distance and allows the English babe to stretch her elbows. A hectic aerial pursuit follows but Ivana's really moving her feet around here and she avoids all the juice before actually losing her balance in such a fine avoidance... a quick strike on the guts keeps her in-check and Nikki drives forward with half-uppercut chops to the breasts that shut down the youngster in the corner and Denise van Outen thinks the Kats have found something here - even if luck rather than a careful plan was involved. "Puta!", Ivana lashes out at the stubborn redhead with a word that even the English-speaking audience can understand and for the first time tonight Gail Kim can be seen nodding in approval during the interval.

Round 5:
Neither girl hangs back whatsoever here in this classic flyweight destruction derby and Nikki seems to have gained a second life after bursting Ivana's defense in the fourth and outworks the youngster in close range before clipping her jaw with a heavy uppercut. However the Kats plan is to expose the Spanish actress to the body and a series of chopping strikes from both sides loops around the elbows and finds the target on a repeated basis which pushes Baquero backwards. The previously so effective aerial response misses the target as Nikki almost jumps at her foe and prevents her from stretching the elbows and quite frankly we're inches away from a couple of head-butts but the redhead's eyes are glued on Ivana's cleavage and tummy and she cleans out that area with another spirited drive in the final seconds which leaves this bout too close to call at half-distance.

Round 6:
It's Lauren Berlingeri's turn to look annoyed in the Girls Friday corner as Nikki has roared back into contention and the Newcastle-based stable finds no imminient answer to the bruising body assault that has stalled Ivana's progress. The Sanderson & Kim tandem know all about too and they keep picking off that area repeatedly once again in the sixth which leads Baquero into losing her temper fast! She skims off the top of Nikki's forehead in a futile effort to resume her aerial dominance and has to lower her guard by her waist in order to stop the rampant redhead from causing too much damage. A wild swing misses Sanderson's temple thereafter and the English lass sticks her glove into the Spaniard's liver moments later to bend the youngster into spasms before another drilling hook bursts Ivana's jaw and snaps her head back... Ugh! The kid is HURT and she wobbles back onto the ropes as Nikki flies in with a brutal left hook that tears a bloody patch under the right eye AND SENDS THE SPANISH ACTRESS DOWN ONTO HER SIDE!!! We have a knockdown brakthrough right at the death in the sixth and poor Ivana looks quite woozy as she tries to fend off the count... she needs the help of the ropes to resume the upright position and thankfully the clock expires just as the ref is ready to give the command. Whoa! A lucky escape for the Girls Friday and Denise van Outen was sure she saw pink elephants inside Baquero's eyes there! Can she recover from this nasty moment?

Round 7:
Hectic efforts in the GF corner to bring Ivana back into operational status are met with a cheeky grin of confidence from Nikki & her team and we're back into some proper destruction as the redhead wants to further open the cut under the right eye... she hassles the subdued Spaniard around the ring and finally traps her in the corner when she delivers the crunching blow to the eye that makes the youngster squeal in surrender... another left hook whips her head back and a vicious strike to the boobs slumps her head down so the following uppercut almost knocks her out between the ropes!!! Ugh! The proud Spanish chica just SLIDES DOWN ON HER BUMS IN THE CORNER and fails to beat the count obviously unable to soak up the redhead's wrath anymore!!! KO7 Nikki Sanderson in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: Do we have a genuine upset on our hands here? Denise van Outen supports that verdict and claims this was the best we've seen from Nikki in a long, long time. Heck, even her knockout over Heidi Range wasn't as impressive given the similar age. But reducing a promising upstart like Ivana into a sobbing heap is far more convincing when talking about the redhead's title ambitions. Nikki was described as poor man's Samia Ghadie for so long, nobody seriously considered her making another run at the big trophy but perhaps, just perhaps, Jenna-Louise Coleman will have to turn her attention to the fellow actress hailing from her own home town! Two Blackpool girls duking it out for the flyweight straps? Is the Bloomfield Road ready for such a marketing bomb anytime soon?

Meanwhile it's a funereal atmosphere in the Girls Friday corner and coach Berlingeri shoves away both Georgie Thompson and Anna Woolhouse as she escorts the sobbing Baquero off to the locker room: "Not now! Wait for our press release!" Denise van Outen didn't believe the Spanish actress could emerge as the imminient threat to the flyweight glory but this is a nasty set-back for the Newcastle-based stable who clearly thought that blasting the Hollyoaks veteran into pieces was very much possible. It also probably swings the divisional momentum into Maisie Williams' favor as the two GF newcomers scrap for immediate success behind Maria Ozawa's alleged #1 status.

Final result: Nikki Sanderson def. Ivana Baquero KO7.



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