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26 March 2017 Danielle Lloyd vs Michelle Marsh

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Posted by Vassago on March 26, 2017, 8:36 pm



Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Garnets Gunners U.K vs Free Agent)

A JMDD title tournament bout sees Danielle Lloyd with her 32DD jugs
fight Michelle Marsh with her own 32G jugs to see whose going to the
Danielle has just turned 33 years old two weeks ago, her overall
career record in the ring is 3 wins in 9 fights, with 3 knockouts.
Michelle meanwhile is 34 years old, has 4 wins in 13 fights, in those
fights, she has 4 knockouts to her name.

The girls met at the press conference for this PPV and stood with
their jugs pressed together, evidently testing each other out as their
eyes locked together.
Organisers at the event have to tell the girls to separate and head to
their tables, Michelle gives Danielle a quick bump with her body to
unbalance her, then sways her hips as she struts to her table.
Danielle glares at the back of Michelle, then heads to her own table
and is told she is to speak first.
"That was cute Michelle, I mean everyone here knows that your brains
are in your jugs, so I hope you didn't give yourself a headache by
bumping your jugs into my superior set" says Danielle with her eyes
locked on to Michelle's.
Michelle just smirks as Danielle continues "I've been seen as somebody
that you go to for wins in the past, but JMDD is where I'm going to
show my talent off and finally get some respect around here"
Now it's Michelle's turn to speak as she says "listen Danielle,
honestly why are you in this tournament? I mean look at me, I'm built
for this title" as she cups her jugs and winks to the crowd of
She finishes her own statement by saying "I hope the JMDD title bra
can hold these impressive jugs, I mean I'm better than any of the
tramps littering this tournament"
Security holds back both girls, Danielle especially as she is fuming
over the antics of the blonde and would love to rip her rivals jugs
off now and get it over with.
Both are led off stage but Danielle is spitting insults, while
Michelle laughs at her to piss her off even more.

Fight night, out comes Danielle first, she's wearing a red bikini top
with a Liverpool FC badge on the left bra cup and has red trunks,
gloves and shoes to finish her look off.
The crowd cheer her on as she struts down to the ring, with a focused
look on her face to finally shut Marsh up and knock her jugs off her
chest being the goals for this fight.
Climbing into the ring, Danielle gives the crowd a quick wave, before
stepping into her corner and warming up with her coaches help.
Out comes Michelle, she's wearing a white bikini top, matching gloves,
trunks and shoes complete her look, her busty frame looking like it
wants to escape it's confines.
Michelle slowly walks to the ring, she isn't afraid of Danielle by any
means, this is purely to make her wait, rile her up and punish her
mistakes is the game plan for this fight.
Judging how Danielle's coach has to tell her to focus, it appears to
be working, Michelle grins as she enters the ring, cupping her jugs
with her gloves to the fans.
The referee asks both girls to the ring centre, their jugs are pressed
together again, Michelle whispers "just walk away little girl"
Danielle shoves Marsh back and the referee holds both girls back, as
the girls are ready to start up now, he gets control and warns both
that he's the law, he will punish both if they don't listen to him.
He orders a touch of gloves, both girls slam their gloves together but
keep promising to hurt each other badly as they step back to their
Both fighters get their gumshields in and the referee checks for the
time to hit the hour mark and points to the timekeeper to ring the
bell to start 10 rounds of JMDD fighting.

Round 1:
Out come the girls, both in tight from the off, knocking each others
jugs around in a brutal exchange to start the round.
Michelle is powering Danielle back, the bulker girl whose used to
fighting in the welterweight division to Danielle, whose normally a
Danielle changes her tactics after being nearly pressed to the ropes,
she uses her speed and height to move out of the powerful Michelle's
fists and lands a good jab.
Michelle is trying to chase down her brunette rival and is being
outboxed at midrange.
The crowd are eating this fight up, Michelle's jugs are rocking on her
chest as Danielle pounds away at them and it's an interesting sight to
say the least.
Less than a minute to go and Michelle finally catches Danielle's jugs
after being put under control, the blonde rocks the jugs of Danielle
side to side.
Danielle is wincing as she's forced to trade with her bigger punching
rival and it's ending with her being knocked to the ropes.
Michelle's hitting that hard that Danielle's jugs pop out her top and
at the bell, the brunette is cradling them in agony.
"I told you mine are better little girl" brags Michelle, grinning like
a Cheshire cat, before returning to her corner.
Danielle meanwhile returns to her corner and the referee tells her
coach to put her jugs back in her top.
The crowd are upset as they were enjoying that part of the fight but
rules are rules and Danielle wants some protection from her jugs being

Round 2:
Off go the girls again, Michelle in tight, head down, pounding the
body of Danielle, whose trying to fight back, but she is grunting
louder thanks to the power difference.
Danielle manages a sneaky uppercut though to the left jug of her
blonde rival, wobbling it up and down, then moving back out of the
infighting to work at her range.
Smacking Michelle's jugs at their sides to knock one jug into the
other, there's renewed hope for Lloyd's fans.
But again Michelle seems to power forwards through the punches of
Danielle to slug it out.
Cheers fill the arena as the girls hammer away at each other, neither
giving an inch as jugs are knocked in all directions.
Danielle clinches up with Michelle, their jugs are pressed in again
and Michelle seems to be enjoying rubbing her bigger set into
Danielle's, it's all about proving hers are the best set in the
division and judging by the brunette's face, she's winning this
Separated, Danielle quickly moves back again, jabbing at the centre of
Michelle's jugs to cause her discomfort.
Late in the round, Michelle lands a stinging jab to the center of the
right jug, then lands a follow up uppercut to it and Danielle's legs
show some wobble in them.
She's clearly been hurt as Michelle shoves her to the ropes and pounds
away to the sides of her rivals body.
The bell rings not too long after in a back and forth round, but
Michelle again ends the round strong.
She empathises her dominance by pressing her jugs once more into
Danielle's, the brunette yelps out in pain, her eyes are watering from
the pressure and the referee has to separate the pair.
Back to her corner returns Michelle after a warning from the ref as
Danielle holds her jugs as she returns to her corner.

Round 3:
Danielle is trying to fight on the backfoot with her jab flicking out
for defence, but she is clearly hurt and Michelle powers through to
A right hook across the jugs of her rival puts Danielle down to her
side, the brunette is cradling her once proud jugs as she looks into
the crowd.
Michelle cockily struts to a neutral corner and flexes her right arm
for the crowd, who are chanting her name for such a hard knockdown.
As it turns out, it is a knockout shot as Danielle doesn't stir from
her position on the canvas, too sore to fight on and the referee
reaches his count of 10 to end the fight.

Winner: Michelle Marsh KO Round 3

Arrogantly, Michelle struts over to the beaten Danielle and tells her
"I told you that you should have given the fight to me little girl"
Danielle sobs on the canvas as she shuts her eyes so she doesn't have
to look at Michelle, but her eyes open after a kick to her stomach.
"You're not getting off that easily bytch, you'll look at me when I
speak to you!" Roars Michelle as the chants of "JMD" start up.
Michelle's coach takes her gloves off as Marsh barks at the referee
"take my top off so I can show my bytch what a real pair of tits look
The referee looks slightly annoyed at being ordered around, when a
girl with Michelle's jugs orders you to free them, then you don't
With her mammoth jugs free for the crowd to see, she shakes them to a
howling crowd, then kneels down to get to Danielle's level.
Grabbing her rival by her hair, Michelle slaps her with her jugs,
judging by Danielle's face, it must have been like being slapped by a
flying pan.
The sobs from Danielle get louder as Michelle mockingly rubs her cheek
and says "is the baby going to cry all night, let me put you to sleep"
Then she drags Danielle up and pulls her face into her sweaty jugs,
the brunette slaps at her blonde rivals bare back but Michelle has too
much strength and it's not long till Danielle is knocked out.
Tossing the limp Danielle back down to the canvas with disdain, the
crowd don't seem to care, there just so excited to see the jugs of
Michelle in action.
Michelle adds insult to injury by taking Danielle's bra off and
putting it on herself, her jugs tear the bra as it can't contain her
jugs and she tells the crowd "no training bra can handle these" and
cups her jugs for the crowd to get a better look.
Leaving the ring, Michelle slowly struts up the ramp to loud cheers
and you can see she's eating it up.
Inside the ring, Danielle is awoken and tries to hide her jugs as she
wonders where her bra has gone, her coach gives her a coat to hide her
shame as she looks utterly beaten physically and mentally.
Michelle wasn't a big favourite coming into this tournament, but does
this performance change that perception or does it show that Danielle
Lloyd is not good enough to have been in the 8 chosen?



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