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31 March 2017 Kat Graham vs Britt Robertson

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Posted Mar 31, 2017 at 10:39pm


Results: Lookout     Words: THE Wiz



"The last time I was here," says a hard-eyed Brit, "I showed everyone I wasn't some tomato can. I had Stewart beaten, but I couldn't finish. Well. Tonight, I will finish. Just watch and see."

"Yes," says a smiling Kat, "She gave Kris problems last year. But. She hasn't SEEN problems like I can cause. But. She's about to."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside, and that's 'Bed of Lies' by Nicki Minaj..."

McCarthy: "THIS again? This is supposed to be GOOD? You know, now that I'm retired from boxing..."

Tess: "You're retired now?"

McCarthy: "Yes, I'm retired and you KNOW it!"

Cassie: "Not unless she checks her scorecard, she doesn't."

McCarthy: "SHUT UP, SCABBO! And, as I was saying, now that I'm retired from boxing, I may take up singing. SOMEbody has to do actual GOOD music..."

O'Dell (sighing): "ANYway, coming down to ringside is the lovely Britt Robertson..."

Tess: "And, as Britt points out, she gave Kristen Stewart a fight here last year. If she fights like that, Kat's going to have to bring her 'A' game to have a chance."

O'Dell: "Robertson into the ring and helped off with the robe to reveal that peach number we saw last year, and that's..."

McCarthy: "AWFUL! See? This is why the music world needs J-Mac!"

O'Dell (sighing): "'Wanna Say', and the singer of that tune, 'The Liberian Lynx', Kat Graham, is on her way to the ring."

Tess: "Graham, of course, had that breakthrough late last year with the big win over Brenda Song, and she looked plenty good giving Natalie Portman fits in the fight before that. She's looking to keep the train rolling in 2017 and get into the flyweight title picture."

O'Dell: "Graham into the ring and helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve. She's wearing that familiar yellow two-piece the crowd likes. And, it's time for some picks. Tess likes Kat. Mac?"

McCarthy: "I HATE Kat. Robertson."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "And, we're underway. Graham immediately to the jab and circle. She wants to work the legs as usual, use all that speed, quickness and athleticism to her advantage. Robertson patient. She wants to cut the ring, get in close, and bang. The blonde always very aggressive..."

Cassie: "And, really, Graham's style is a harder nut for Robertson to crack than Stewart's. With Kristen, Britt's difficulty was getting past her defenses. With a girl like Graham, or, you know, ME, the problem is finding us. And, in both cases, it's a BIG problem."

O'Dell: "Clearly a bit of a problem early on for Britt, because Graham's in open canvas, popping that jab. Kat not doing much scoring, though, just a lot of legging. Britt working her own feet. Determined. Trying to bring Kat to battle. Graham having none of it, staying on her horse."

Tess: "But, as you point out, Jenny, she's not getting much done. This is one of those things Kat does sometimes that has to frustrate the trainers. She needs to get working and not just dancing."

O'Dell: "Coming down the stretch. Robertson cuts Kat off and works some body. Graham quickly slips away and begins to jab and circle again. Again, Britt able to close and lands a good left hand in there. Graham keeps the exchange short and circles away again and there's the bell. Close. But, Britt."

McCarthy: "I hate to agree with Walmart, but, she's hit it on the head. Graham had the terms her own way that entire round and lost it. This kid has a ten cent head."


O'Dell: 'Graham back to her bicycle. Robertson again working to cut and close. Takes a nice combination to the head from Kat that time. Graham getting more aggressive in this round, stopping to pop, then getting back moving. Again, she picks Robertson up with a nice combination..."

Cassie: "THIS is the Kat Graham Front Street signed. When she fights like this, she's a tough match up for any flyweight in the FCBA."

O'Dell: "Graham BAITING Robertson forward then NAILING her with a three-punch combination. Britt stops and covers up and Kat lands another flurry before circling away. Blonde right back to trying to work inside, but Kat again stops her cold with a combination before circling away."

McCarthy: "This kid has to make an adjustment. Graham's timing her and she can't keep eating a face full of leather all night."

O'Dell: "Eat's another one right there! Robertson stopped cold by a three-punch combination. Again, Graham dances away, circling, waiting for Britt to come forward. Every time the blonde does it, ANOTHER combination from Kat. Robertson looking a little buzzed now, and there's the bell. Absolutely dominant round for Kat Graham!"

Tess: "And, we're even at 19 after two."


O'Dell: "Third begins with Robertson making that adjustment. She's got the head tucked now, into a slight crouch, going to make herself harder for Graham to target. Kat jabbing, circling. Britt now closing and banging to the body. Kat tying her up, shoving off, and ROBERTSON ROCKS HER WITH A RIGHT HAND!"

McCarthy: "Great punch! She's got Graham in trouble!"

O'Dell: "And, Brit's going all in now! She's winging away with both hands, looking to finish this thing. Kat backing and covering, taking fire from everywhere. Robertson ignoring the body despite Graham's high guard. She wants to end this thing now, and she's bouncing punches off Graham's gloves and buffeting her around the ring."

Cassie: "Kat not doing much, but she's doing enough, jabbing back here and there. Staying off the ropes despite legs she's unsure of."

O'Dell: "Robertson, meanwhile, swinging for glory. She's throwing everything she has at the brunette, giving her a thorough going over, finally trapping her on the ropes with ten seconds left. Another solid right hand from Britt, and there's the bell. Graham stays on her feet, but it's Robertson wide."

Tess: "And, Britt's right back on top 29-28."


O'Dell: "Robertson quickly looking to follow up now. She's backing up Graham with heavy shot. Britt knows Kat doesn't have those legs all the way back, and she's looking to take full advantage. Graham keeping the guard high, giving ground, turning with, playing defense at the moment."

Tess: "And doing it pretty well, too. She'd dodging and picking off a lot of what Robertson's throwing."

O'Dell: "But, there's still enough getting through. Britt a nice combination there and GRAHAM ROCKS HER WITH A RIGHT HAND! Robertson's hurt! Graham now switching right to the offensive, letting go a HUGE flurry and DOWN GOES ROBERTSON! Britt slumping to her knees as Graham skips away to a neutral corner!"

Cassie: "Just a BLISTERING flurry. No one punch did the damage. Accumulative stuff right there."

O'Dell: "Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Robertson to her feet at eight. Takes the mandatory. And, on comes Kat! Graham forward now, letting the hands go, backing Britt against the ropes and letting her have it. Robertson taking a ton of punishment, but she's doing enough to keep the ref at bay. Ten seconds to go. Good right hand by Kat and there's the bell. Graham with a big turnaround."

McCarthy: "But, she's still only up 38-37."


O'Dell: "Fifth underway and now it's Graham doing the follow up. She's got Robertson wobbly and she's pressing the issue. Kat with those quick hands, snapping punches at the blonde, landing hard right hands, forcing her into retreat. Robertson keeping the guard high, playing defense..."

Cassie: "She's got to move a little more. She's a sitting duck for Graham right now..."

O'Dell: "And Kat taking full advantage of that, landing shot after shot, wobbled the blonde with that right hand. Referee not going to let this go on much longer. Britt's got to fire back, but, at the moment, all she can do is back and cover. Kat doubling and tripling on that jab looking to set up...DOWN GOES ROBERTSON!"

Tess: "What a right hand! I don't think she's getting up from that!"

McCarthy: "Get UP, Kid! Get UP!"

O'Dell: "Robertson splashed to her back by a nasty right hand that landed right on the button! Graham to a neutral corner and not rushing to get there. She's pretty confident this thing is over. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. No movement from Robertson. Eight. Nine, TEN! It's OVER! And your winner by KO5 is 'The Liberian Lynx', Kat Graham!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Kat Graham, and, Kat, she got you in a bit of trouble in the third..."

Kat (nodding): "Yeah, caught me a good one, no question about it. She can hit, and I knew that coming in. But, I also knew I was the better fighter. Just needed to get out of the round, get my head clear, and then take her out, and, that's just what I did."

Tess: "Lots of competition in the Front Street flyweight division these days. There used to be three girls, now there are five. Does that put pressure on you?"

Kat (shaking her head): "Not at all. I'm the most talented girl in the stable, let alone at the weight. All I need to do is go out and fight like I can fight, and the cream will rise to the top. And, in that little analogy, I'm the cream."

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