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31 March 2017 Diana Korkunova vs Danielle Sharp

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Post by caspian2 on Mar 31, 2017 at 2:14pm


5. Diana Korkunova vs Danielle Sharp


Writing: Casspian 2     Results: BBU


(20, 5’5, 1:0 BBU, SIRENs)


(25, 5’5, BBU Debut, PageThrees)


Before: Time for our main event of the evening and the competitors know it too. First off is the visitor to SIRENs HQ: Danielle Sharpe fresh off her win over Sophie Reade, confident that the smaller (and less well-endowed) Korkunova doesn’t stand a chance against her.

“Little miss goody-two shoes doesn’t know what she’s in for - you can’t be a nice girl inside the ring, and we’ll see whether she’s still smiling once I’m through with her,” Danielle smirking and looking ready to rumble in her black lingerie and briefs.

Diana however looking unfazed as always. Recently interviewed by Real View mistress Michelle Joy Phelps, she seems to be sticking to her words as she emerges confidently from behind the curtains, raising two hands skywards in her trademark pose, a white robe revealing nothing but her firm tummy and red briefs below. Energised by her spunk, the Siren is all smiles as she gestures wildly to the crowd.

“Danielle is right - I’m gonna be a very different person once we meet in the ring. May the best girl win,” Diana winks confidently at reporters before ascending to her corner.

Referee checks on both ladies in their corners. Touch of gloves ignored by Sharp, turning back to corner with a scowl on her face. Diana expecting that response, doesn’t drop the cute smile. Regardless, the bell rings and we’re set for ten rounds of Flyweight action.

Round 1: Diana looks much more confident and natural in the ring compared to her last debut fight, strides and bounces forward this time like she owns the place, lets Sharp know that she’s far from welcomed with opening jabs to her head that come fast and furious. Sharp also only on her second fight, used to dominate her opponent with heavy punching, but has trouble dealing with the fast-flying and hitting Korkunova, who dodges and defts out of the way of the blonde’s slow punches. Diana doing most of the work in the opening round as a result, doesn’t do a whole lot of damage to Sharp but she still takes the round according to judges.

Round 2: Still fresh and barely breaking a sweat, Diana continues circling Danielle with punches landing on her face, but now growing the balls to travel southwards, clipping Sharp’s over sized (according to the Siren) boobs with jab-jab-jab that bring stinging indignation to the British girl’s face. After squealing and gasping and then covering up her precious chest to a greater fault, Danielle goes from surprise to outrage, now charging all the more strongly at the Siren, banging away hooks that Diana only just manage to deflect, but it’s difficult with that kind of power behind those punches. Diana once again takes the lead in terms of points, but spectators wonder whether she has pissed off a sleeping giant that is Danielle Sharp.

Round 3:
Danielle still seething in corner, arms crossed over her chest in judicious guard over her breasts, drawing a smirk from Diana, who far from switching targets takes the challenge upon herself to seek out Sharp’s sore spots all the more: jab-jab to Sharp’s face and nose draws grunts, before a couple of heavier crosses land square PUH PUH into the poor blonde’s rack left-right - Sharp’s horrified look on her face says volumes - that must have really hurt. Blonde is backing up to the ropes in shocked pain. Diana retains her confidence, pedals in jabbing all the way at face now, hints coming at her that she may get an early knockdown… but careful, Danielle still throwing that odd, wild hook into the air in front of her, hoping for a lucky take-down, succeeding instead in forcing Diana back on the defensive multiple times. But Diana comes out in the lead for the third consecutive round, leaving Sharp panting heavily at the bell, her back still glued to the ropes.

Round 4: Danielle vowing to herself to punish the spritely Siren once and for all, hangs back with fists looking to plunder and lets Diana come to her instead. Diana however aware of trick pulled on her before, naturally cautious brunette resumes her circling of her foe and spoils Danielle’s plans by tagging her in the face from afar. Looks like Diana about to sweep the fourth round in consecutive fashion and finally score that knockdown she desires. Sharp retreating back to the ropes again, her strategy in tatters, now her bikini top following suit with Korkunova mashing her fists into the thin fabric and drawing gasps of pain from the blonde. Diana getting in close now, abandoning caution in her quest for the win, receives more spanking on body from Sharp’s wild counter-hooks, but they generally don't bother the Siren until a stray fist bounces off a little too low for comfort. Diana’s eyes bulge and her body folds forward as Sharp (whether wittingly or not) having slammed her fist deep down into Diana’s crotch, completely paralysing the brunette and leaving her face open for more pounding, as Danielle finally fights and pushes back. Of course, loud cry of foul from the crowds from all corners of the room, along with SIRENs’ Head Trainer Henry Carvill bellowing and banging fists on apron, shouting “Open your eyes, ref!!” but the referee can't deduct points from something he didn't see. Diana in bad shape at the bell for the first time that evening, limping back to corner after receiving unfair blows from Sharp. But all’s fair in love and war, according to the PageThree star: she’s laughing herself back to corner as though happy to discover a weak point to finally exploit.

Round 5: Diana still has pained expression on her face as she rises from stool at the bell. Corner doing their best to alleviate the throbbing pain down under in between rounds. Diana now not so sure about wanting to wade back in at her foe again, and Danielle uses this hesitation to her own advantage, rushing the Siren and pushing her back with big punches to the head. Diana scooting out of the way of most, but clearly moving more slowly on her feet. Still, Danielle has trouble catching up to her, in frustration decides to use what works - slamming fists into her belly, then down south again, bunching up Diana’s bikini briefs in further low-blows. Crowd once again groans loudly along with Diana, and this time referee sees the violation and sends Danielle off with a warning. The blonde protests loudly that it wasn't intentional, though her smirk tells another story. Nonetheless, there's damage done, with Korkunova clutching the ropes to remain upright, her legs twisting over one another as she attempts to massage the pain out of her nether region. Referee reluctantly resumes the fight when Diana can't bear to admit defeat, and here comes Sharp, barreling towards her... Shots to Siren tummy come one after the other as Diana tries to hold on with gloves stuck to her head. Corner shouting at her to get out of there, but Sharp using her body to prevent escape. Surprisingly though, Diana also fighting back with intermittent punching, shoving her glove deep into Sharp’s face whenever it presents itself. Danielle losing ground in last few seconds of round, even with that foul advantage earlier. Could Diana’s knockdown still be possible at this stage? Diana ducking under wild hook by the blonde, pounds one-two-three on Sharp’s chest, but then gets CAUGHT in Sharp’s return back fist swing as the blonde squeals and scrambles to cover up her chest with her arms. Diana’s face contorts as wild swing flings her body along the ropes - crowd holds its breath at Siren has glassy-eyed look, lets out an Awwww of dismay when Diana flops forward face-first into canvas! It’s a stunning and unexpected knockdown for Danielle Sharp!!

The Brit grins through her heavy breaths as she watches the prone form of Korkunova. Referee scoots over and counts to 6, but Diana is not moving an inch, eyes closed and wheezing heavily, lips to canvas. It’s over!!

Official Decision: Danielle Sharp defeats Diana Korkunova via KO5!

After: No-one maybe more surprised than Danielle Sharp herself, but that look quickly turns into a wide grin as she soaks up or boos and jeers from the crowd. F*ck them, Sharp’s thinking as she strides and saunters about, flaunting her body, before making towards Diana’s still-prone form, perhaps more devious intent on her mind.

Danielle takes a handful of brunette hair and lifts Diana’s face off the canvas, a bit of drool still flowing down her chin. Sharp pauses and grins towards the crowds for dramatic effect, cupping one of her breasts in suggestive manner. But before she can mount her chest into Diana’s sleeping form, she’s tackled by the side by SIRENs’ Danielle Robertson and Hailey Clauson, who use their overwhelming size to manhandle the poor? blonde, tossing her by the hair and then jamming fists into her body (and a few down below as well) in similar payback for mistreating their stablemate. However, rest of Danielle’s teammates also rush the ring in her defense: Amy Diamond and Peta Todd tangle with Dani and Hailey in a completely wild brawl that involves twice the number of officials to break up. In the chaos, Danielle resumes her quest to smother, but Diana is nowhere to be found, already being carried back to safety of locker room by Henry Carvill.

Definitely not the end to the story between both girls, and now, with members from either side tugging on hair and straddling faces between thighs, between both stables.

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