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The Dollhouse

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The Dollhouse
                                                    Carmen Electra - CEO
Stable Information
Owner: The Masked One
E-mail contact: thedollhouse@usa.com



Press Release:


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Managers, boxers and fans of the FCBA alike! 

We are very excited and proud to announce a new force has arrived in the FCBA.


Established on September 2017 by the mysterious shadowy figure known only as' The Masked One' - a longtime wealthy lurker who spent many a year observing and studying the FCBA from the shadows.


For reasons known only to him, now is the perfect time to unleash his creation upon the FCBA.


Starting off, please welcome the Dollhouse's main staff members:


The Masked One - A mysterious wealthy individual, mostly seen wearing a Jester's mask. Only Carmen Electra and Kristanna Loken know his real identity or have seen his real face. He is the owner and final decision maker.


Carmen Electra - Former FCBA Bantamweight champion, has been hired for her beauty, in-ring prowess, and immaculate business sense.
She will represent The Dollhouse as its face and CEO, as well as taking on the responsibility of a part-time trainer and mentor for our girls (aka Dolls).

Kristanna Loken - Former FCBA Welterweight champion, has been hired mainly for her talents in the boxing ring. She is here to take our dolls to the next level! We are confident that with her guidance and experience, there's no limit to each and every woman under our house. 



Weight Divisions







CEO & Trainer:

Carmen Electra


Head Trainer:

Kristanna Loken





Avril Lavigne (09/10/17 to Present)

Lauren Mayberry (09/10/17 to Present)

Emma Roberts (09/10/17 to Present)

Hayley Williams (09/10/17 to Present) 



Jessica Chastain (09/10/17 to Present)

Virginia Gardner (04/24/18 to Present)

Bella Thorne (12/20/17 to Present)

Katheryn Winnick (09/10/17 to Present)



Paige (AKA Britani Knight) (09/10/17 to Present)


Former Members

Alexa Bliss (09/10/17 to 12/20/17)  














Paige Poster.jpg







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