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3 April 2017 Kelly Gale vs Stacey Massey

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Posted by Girls Friday on April 3, 2017, 5:48 pm



(Written by Girls Friday/Results BBU)

(Girls Friday vs Free Agent)

In a night that has been full of model vs model fights, this doesn't break the mould as Kelly Gale meets Stacey Massey tonight in Gateshead's International stadium.
The youngster Kelly is looking to add to her 4 wins, all by knockout and 2 losses to show the hype that surrounded her when she came into the BBU wasn't bull.
But she is fighting a fit Stacey, whose own record isn't as impressive being 1 win by knockout and 4 losses, but she is a tough southpaw and has a girl with the rep of maybe a missed chance for someone for signing her up.
Both girls are interviewed by BBU reporter Anna Woolhouse on a a range of matters.
Kelly is asked to comment on that hype, answering "I know people expect me to be a success, it is hard but a burden that I am happy to take on as I want to be a champion and that means taking on harder fights to grow"
Talking about Stacey "she's a tough cookie I hear, but she failed to live up to her own hype, I plan on showing her what real class looks like when we fight"
Stacey says on her record "it is sadly what it is, I beat Zoe Salmon in two rounds remember, so I can do as people say I can, I need to prove it though"
On Kelly, she answers "all hype, I have had enough of people quoting her as the next big thing when there are girls like me ready to kick her ass, like I'm going to"
Fight night, Kelly is out first, bouncing on her toes at the top of the entrance way, she's wearing a yellow sports bra, blue shorts and shoes, while her blue gloves have yellow thumbs on.
Walking her down down to the ring like it's a catwalk, she has an imposing figure as all eyes are on her and not her coach Lauren and cut woman Eva Carneiro, who are walking behind her.
Climbing into the ring, she heads to the ropes the opposite side of where she entered, feet on the bottom rope to help her bend over the rope and blow a kiss to the crowd.
Doing the same onto the other side as she shows her love for the North East crowd, before heading to her corner to warm up.
Out comes Stacey, she is wearing a red sports bra, red shorts with a gold waistband, red gloves with gold thumbs and red shoes.
Strutting down to the ring herself, the crowd don't seem to be able to believe it's luck tonight with the amount of stunning women they have seen tonight.
Climbing into the ring, Stacey points at her opponent, telling her "you're going down bytch!" Before jogging to her corner.
Both are asked to come to the ring centre, the girls do as asked and glare at each other as he goes through the instructions for the fight.
After he finishes, he signals for a touch of gloves, the girls touching up and holding their gloves together a little longer then needed, too busy staring each other down to really concentrate on the touch of gloves.
Back to their corners goes the fighters, getting their gumshields in and the referee signals for the bell to begin 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
Both fighters are up on their toes, flicking out their punches at each others guards as they test each others reflexes out.
Being the same height, the early action sees them landing around the same amounts of shots to each others faces, though it is awkward for both as most orthodox vs southpaw bouts are.
Kelly tries to step in to attack but almost steps onto the toes of Stacey as she lands a left jab through her guard and a right over the top to land the first meaningful punches of the fight.
Stacey though shows she isn't going to hide from Kelly though, stepping forwards as well leading to more awkward infighting between the two.
That is till they step back and continue to exchange on the outside as they try to wire up each other, Kelly even with her experience of fighting southpaws like Danielle Lloyd, still looks bemused by her opponent.
It's not the most action packed round, the girls each taking turns going on the front foot, snapping shots around or through the others guards.
The round ends with it hard to tell who came out on top of this, both girls nodding at each other to show respect as even after the nasty exchanges before the fight, they know the other isn't going to roll over for them, before heading off to their corners.
Round 2:
The girls are off again near the ring centre, still trying to find that opening as they dance up on their toes around each other.
Stacey feints a left and fires a right to the body of Kelly, then snaps two more punches at the guard of the Swede to keep her on the defensive.
The brunette Kelly throws a right that Stacey ducks out the way of and pierces her right into the body of Gale to knock some air out of her body.
Kelly having to fight on the back foot as Stacey keeps on the attack, fighting behind her jab, the girls are landing some hard single punches in openings of the others guards.
Stacey again gets aggressive, landing a right around the guard of her opponent, but is met head on by Kelly as the girls slug it out, really focusing on the others body.
Kelly nudges Stacey back with her left hand to her jugs, before sneaking a right over the top to the head of her blonde opponent.
Back onto her heels goes Stacey, Kelly slamming cross punches to the body of her fellow model, keeping her on the retreat as the crowd looks engrossed by these two fit models battling it out.
Stacey manages to shove Kelly to the face with her right, then catching her across the jug, whether by accident or not, it seems to stir up the tempers of both as Kelly cracks her to the lips with a left cross.
The bell rings with both girls beginning to stand and trade, no nods here as the referee orders both girls back to their corners, they give each other a hard look before jogging to their corners.
Round 3:
The action is getting more furious between these two, trading quick thrown shots around or through the others guards.
Both girls look so evenly matched up this early on, Stacey still trying to be the aggressive one, throwing a flurry of punches towards the face of Kelly, keeping her pinned behind her guard.
The younger fighter is starting to be forced backwards as Stacey starts to turn up her tempo, starting to sling her punches to the sides of her opponent.
Kelly grunts with each punch, but sees her opening to try and get back on the attack, slamming a straight into the lips of Stacey to disrupt her attacks.
The girls trade shots up to each others faces, till Kelly steps back and connects with a right hook to turn the blondes head to the side.
Kelly slams two more punches to the face of her opponent to knock Stacey onto her heels, the Swedish fighter slamming her jabs to the guard of Massey.
Soon Stacey is able to step into space and back go the two girls in another slugfest, the crowd roaring both on.
An uppercut snaps Kelly's head back and Stacey adds two straight punches to Kelly's face to shove her back towards a corner.
Kelly covering up as Stacey starts digging her punches around her guard and keeps her stuck in the corner till the bell rings not long after.
Looking relieved that she has gotten some advantage in this back and forth fight, Stacey jogs back to look corner to a happy coach.
While Kelly kicks the bottom rope in her corner in frustration, annoyed at herself but after taking a deep breath to relax.
Round 4:
Stacey comes out looking to keep the pressure on Kelly, the Girls Friday fighter snaps a straight punch that catches Massey to the cheek.
Kelly trying to slam punches into the cheeks of Stacey to keep her on the back foot, but is met with a straight punch to her own nose.
Again the girls are in tight, trading punches wildly to try to take advantage of each other, till they fall into a clinch, grappling with each other as they nearly clash heads several times.
The referee separates the fighters, Stacey throwing a right hook that misses Kelly's cheek, instead she gets caught with an uppercut that stands her up straight.
She looks rattled as Kelly comes on the attack, slamming hooks to the body of the shell shocked English girl to force her onto the ropes.
Stacey having to fight hard to try and get herself off of the ropes, the girls catching each other across the others face, both girls faces are reddened and becoming puffy looking.
Finding a chance to clinch, Stacey pulls Kelly into a clinch, Kelly keeping her pinned to the ropes to try to prove her power over her fellow model.
Separated again, Kelly this time catches Stacey to the cheek with a right hook to force her back, the girls trading it out till the bell rings.
Both fighters walk this time back to their corners, their coaches working on their faces, both girls grimacing as they are getting worked on.
Round 5:
While Stacey has had some good moments in this fight, Kelly is starting to land cleaner punches to the face of her opponent.
Stacey being knocked out of her rhythm by those strikes, soon she's covering up more as a right cross catches her on the chin to cause her to moan in pain.
There's a small exchange of single punches as Stacey tries to stay in the game, but she misses with a right and gets caught on her chin again with an uppercut.
If she had that one punch finish she'd have probably ended the fight then, instead she rocks Stacey, who is forced onto her heels.
Kelly pounding her fists into the guard of Stacey, who at first does well to block some of those punches, till she starts getting caught to the body with hooks.
As she gasps in pain, her face becomes a mask of pain and instead of attempting to either run or clinch, she tries to fight out of this and gets caught with a right hook that turns her legs to jelly and down she goes!
On her knees then all fours, Kelly stands over her with a scowl on her face, till the referee ushers her away to a neutral corner.
He begins counting with Stacey trying to clear her head and get some air back into her body after that hooks she took before the knockdown punch.
At 8 she surprises some in the crowd by getting up, Kelly's face shows that she expected her to and after the referee checks the English lass, he orders the girls to continue.
Luckily for Stacey, she hasn't got long left to survive this round, covering up as Kelly comes for the kill, quick body strikes cruelly drive more air out the lungs of the blonde.
Whose backed onto the ropes and if not for the bell, the referee looked ready to jump in to end this contest.
Kelly heads back to her corner with a focused look on her face, she won't let a win slip by her when she has it in her grasp.
While Stacey has to push herself off the ropes, walking to her corner with her hands on her head, trying to suck in as much air as she can after the beating her body has taken.
Asked if she wants to fight on by her coach, she replies "yes" short and simple, mostly because it's all she can get out without having to keep stopping between words to take a breath.
Round 6:
Stacey still looking to fight, coming out with her a flurry of punches aimed at Kelly's head, the brunette forced to cover up as keeps back.
Waiting for her to open up, Stacey is hoping she can get back into this fight with a perfect punch, sadly perfect is hard to find and as she misses with a lunging right, Kelly catches the over reaching Stacey with a left hook of her own.
Down goes Stacey! The blonde lands on her back, looking up at the sky as she groans out in pain, the referee is counting her out as Kelly bounces on her toes in the neutral corner.
At 6; Stacey is trying to get up, turning to her front then starting to try to shove her way up, at 8 she stumbles off one knee back to all fours and the referee reaches 10 to end the fight.

Winner: Kelly Gale KO Round 6

The crowd cheer as Kelly gets her 2017 campaign off to a good start, the Swede climbs on the bottom rope and pounds her chest.
After that she surprises some by going over to Stacey, pulling her up to her feet and nodding to her blonde opponent to show respect for a hard test.
The crowd applaud both girls as Stacey whispers "thanks" neither girl looks like they are going to be friends anytime soon, but there's a level of respect for what the other can do formed between the two.
Back to their corners heads the girls to get cleaned up, their gloves taken off before they head to the ring centre for the final announcement.
Kelly getting her arm raised, waving with her other hand for the crowd to cheer louder as she giggles, while Stacey stares hard at her across at her.
Finally Stacey is off with some help from her coach leaves the ring, some of the guys in the crowd still focused on her, clapping her and whistling her.
But most of the focus is on tonights winner, Kelly blowing kisses to the crowd as she does a lap of honour around the ring.
Kelly leaves with Lauren and Eva having an arm around her waist, all three girls laughing as they head up the ramp.
Maybe Kelly can slowly build herself into what people claim she can be instead of going for the big fish straight away, though rumours that she still craves a victory over Helena Matteson might prove that theory wrong, we shall see.



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