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11 April 2017 Sophia Bush vs Alice Eve

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ABC: LA SPECIAL (from Staples Center)


Posted by Alpha Boxing Club on April 11, 2017, 2:58 pm



Sophia Bush versus Alice Eve

The fans are ravenous for this main event after two stellar ABC performances in the undercards. And now the lovely in-form homecoming queen Sophia Bush and the mightily sexy, and mighty, British bombshell Alice Eve are set to go head to head.

For a girl who had ‘left’ the JMD spotlight to pursue Bantamweight glory, Sophia Bush sure has found herself back in the presence of some seriously juggy opponents as of late. After all, her most recent bout was against Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom she defeated in fantastic style.

But, Alice has some huge heads to her name. In her last two fights she defeated Chloe Bennet and Allison Williams. Now if that doesn’t strike fear into your opponent, your opponent is not mortal. Alice clearly has the goods, she just doesn’t have the experience that the hardworking Sophia Bush has at this point.

“I’ve beaten better opponents,” Alice mused with little care of offending her opponent. “I’ve beaten younger opponents. I’m not afraid of the second coming of Grandma Bush. If it’s up to me to stall this overrated comeback, so be it.”

Not so surprisingly, Sophia seemed to take offense at Alice’s pre-fight interview. “She’s got a lot of nerve, shooting that mouth off with only a couple of wins to her name. Sure, they were great wins, Chloe and Allison are tremendous fighters, I have a lot of respect for them. But Alice? Well, we’ll see about that. Who’s to say she didn’t fluke her way through those bouts? Also Alice, I’ve beaten younger and tougher opponents than you, too. You don’t scare me.”

Round 1:
Alice the giant killer comes out looking like exactly that, backing her lovely opponent up with some roughhousing and forcing Sophia to guard tightly in front of that pretty face of hers. Sophia is bullied into a corner rather early, and with her guard tightly around her head, Alice slips a few hard hooks lower into abdomen, rocking the former JMD champ, and then bouncing those jugs heavily, much to the delight of the crowd.

Alice goes on a body wrecking rampage, and only in the first round. Sophia slumping in the corner, her crew shocked by this start, expecting much bigger things from their golden girl. But, Alice Eve looks a million dollars right out of the gate, and she is making minced meat out of Sophia’s jugs as she hammers away at the breasts and body right through the first round.

Alice takes to her corner winking smugly at Sophia. “I’ve hit better jugs, too!”

Bush looks pissed off as the crowd ‘oohs’, and one has to wonder whether that was the smartest thing Eve could have said to her hurt opponent.

Round 2:
After that horrific first round, Sophia the comeback queen needs a mini comeback right here, and she seems to be working on one from the second bell, moving a little smarter around Alice and timing the defensive jab much sharper than in the opener. It seems to be frustrating Alice a little, but the British bombshell is a pro and she steadies rather than rages, biding her time and approaching Sophia with caution now, jabbing right back, the pair exchanging a few crisp shots to face and jugs, but nothing too dangerous or game-changing. It’s a stalemate, but not the most boring kind, with a few stinging jabs landing on rosy cheeks and bruising sweet faces. Still, it’s a draw for the second round and both talented brawlers head to their corners dripping in hard-working sweat, but looking focused and ready for the battle. And the crowd are on their feet, impressed and eager for more.

Round 3:
Alice trying to do the smart thing now and shuffle around Sophia while making room to move in with the jab, but Bush has done this a few times now and knows how to respond, effectively employing Alice’s own bullying techniques from round one against her and flipping the tables. Alice is surprised and unprepared with the guard as Soph basically bullrushes her, dipping and slamming hooks into Alice’s sides, working her into the ropes and reddening ribs through the first minute.

Sophia even gets a little payback from the first round, rising hooks under Alice’s tempting jugs, bouncing the orbs and getting mighty cheers from her home crowd now. Sophia happy to work over Alice’s body, reminding the blonde bombshell that anything that can be done, she can do better.

Alice is wilting in the corner when the bell ends the third, and now Sophia’s corner looks much calmer, as does Bush, who smiles over at Alice while the blonde hugs her body and plods into her corner looking a little worse for wear.

Round 4:
Alice decides she doesn’t want a repeat of that and has to move better, much like the transition her opponent made from the first to second rounds. Only, Alice isn’t quite as quick on her feet as Sophia, particularly not after a few rounds of heavy action, and Sophia is able to stay with her prey, chasing with the jab and bopping chin, even bouncing jug here and there for a little fun and a reminder of the previous round.

Alice forced to defend for a lot of the round, Sophia coming on strong but smartly, slowly wearing down the blonde with taps all over her body and chin.

Round 5:
Alice with a few hail marys to try and take this fight back, and surprisingly a few get through, stunning Sophia and bursting her back towards the ropes. Soph’s arms flailing as Alice pounds the leather into pretty face, swelling up cute nose and bruising right cheek.

Sophia trying to shuffle away, but Alice just steamrolling her, going all power, and little Sophia is trapped by the ropes quickly, valiantly attempting to swipe back and hustle her way out of trouble, but just getting hammered by big overhands.

Sophia forced to try and cover her bruising face and cut cheek, and Alice gladly rips heavy hooks to sexy jugs and toned tummy. Battering the beauty all through the fifth round.

Things look a bit different in their respective corners now as both fighters attempt to regroup and prepare for what is sure to be a fiery sixth.

Round 6:
Sophia seems to have taken exception to Alice’s few knocks on her JMDs in the fifth round and throughout, and she makes a point of stuffing leather into and under Alice’s large pair, bouncing them in her top, almost knocking the right jug clean out of its cup. The crowd is going mental as the local favorite batters the British bombshell’s body about the ring for a lot of the two minutes, taking back any control she may have lost in the last round.

Alice is groaning loudly as her body is pounded by Sophia’s savage fists. The talented brunette is working her busty blonde pray into a neutral corner, those jugs leaping much to the crowd’s delight, Alice shaking as her body takes far more punishment than that lovely figure was made for. Sophia looks to be on a mission now, and nothing is stopping her, not even Alice’s reply left hook that slugs heaving Bush jug across her chest. Soph just answers harder, more determined, and Alice is soon rocking against the turnbuckle, eyes glassy.

Alice is trying to turtle, desperate for the bell, but when a hard right hook crushes sexy left jug and leaves the orb drooping with some nasty bruising, Alice can’t help but lower the guard. Sophia’s eyes light up. She knows the time is now. Left cross clangs across Alice’s jaw, almost bursting her back out of the corner. But Soph bodies up on her gorgeous prey, mashing her back into the corner, then slamming a straight right dead centre of the lovely blonde’s face.

Alice’s whole body shakes. He head bobbles like a little doll on the dashboard of a Volvo being hit by a mac truck. Eve’s eyes are closed before she even slumps and slides down the turnbuckle to a sexy heap on the canvas.

There is a little groaning and a little whimpering, but very little movement from Alice, and she doesn’t get near her feet by the ten count. Your winner at KO6, Sophia Bush!

“Yes!” Sophia is shouting in celebration, standing on the top turnbuckle, arms up, beaming out at her supportive home crowd. Bush blows kisses to the fans, getting a throng of cheers and applause, before hopping down and handing her gloves to Alyssa Milano in her corner. Sophia is currently on a five fight win streak and the comeback continues as she takes down another incredibly talented opponent, marking her 15th win since signing with ABC and amassing only two losses.

Sophia storms over and hovers over Alice, hands on hips, glaring down at the beaten blonde. “You may have beaten younger opponents… even better ones. But, you haven’t beaten ME,” Soph states firmly. “I’m not your run of the mill has-been. Maybe stop trusting the bullshit that spews out of Jenna’s mouth and focus on your opponent’s in-ring work next time.” With that, Sophia stomps back to her corner to let Alice’s crew help her out of the ring.

“I feel fantastic,” Sophia Bush beamed after the fight. “Like Alice said herself, she’s beaten better fighters than me. Chloe Bennet, for Pete’s sake, is a fricking machine. I love that girl. So, beating someone that can even hang with her is a big thing. And to do it here in front of my home crowd, that’s really special. I’m just glad things are still working out. I’m loving fighting in the FCBA right now.”

“I’ll get her back,” Alice frowned post-match. “Smug little bytch. She’ll get her comeuppance, you just wait. And I’ll be back in the ring and winning in no time. That was a good warmup for me. I haven’t fought in a little while, I feel like I needed to shake off some ring rust. I’ll be great in the next one, mark my words.”



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