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21 April 2017 Fiona Wade vs Tina O'Brien

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(from Bloomfield Road Stadium, Blackpool, UK)


Posted by Girls Friday on April 21, 2017, 9:30 am



Fiona Wade vs Tina O'Brien
(BBU Independent vs Fight Club UK)
(0-1 vs 2-5, 2 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Tina O'Brien makes a rather surprising BBU comeback here tonight but she returned to Coronation Street after a lenghty hiatus as well so Denise van Outen actually jokes that boxing fans didn't have to wait that long compared to soap opera geeks.

She has fought some of the best BBU performers over the years but hasn't entered the ring since Lacey Banghard humiliated her at the Black Swan Hall back in October 2014.

Meanwhile Emmerdale's Fiona Wade is anything but a veteran returnee, she only made her debut in October of last year where she got upstaged by Joanna Page in what Denise van Outen describes as a mild upset.

There's something really mean about Fiona's exotic looks and she quickly becomes the crowd favorite which reduces Tina's entrance value and Fiona makes it a little personal refusing to touch gloves with the fellow actress during the introductions.

Fiona Wade wears a black basque top, red knickers and matching red gloves. Long raven-black hair straight, tucked behind the ears. Tina O'Brien wears a red bikini set and white gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a loose knot at the back of her head. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
This is a classic blonde vs brunette rivalry but also one between two of the most popular UK soap operas so the action is thick and fast in the early going as both women look to stamp their authority on this fight.
Fiona jabs to the blonde's body but leans her torso a little too far forward and Tina is able to strike back with vicious uppercuts as she targets the older woman's chin and breasts.
She bounces off the tight guard though and fails to take Wade's charge which is fuelled by a nasty series around the liver area which eventually forces the blonde back.
Tina tries to punch herself back into contention from the back foot but gets caught with a brutal overhand as Fiona slams her on the right brow ridge and sinks on jelly knees a little too easily for Denise van Outen's comfort. However the clock expires soon afterwards and prevents the Emmerdale actress from making further progress.

Round 2:
Tina's lenghty spell on the sidelines was always the potential difference-maker ahead of tonight's fight and most of the pundits doesn't think all that positive about Katie Price's coaching skills either.
However Tina's determination to beat the brunette up allows her to match Wade's intensity in the second round and both women trade blows like there's no tomorrow - even though the accuracy suffers badly in the proccess. Fiona secured the early advantage in the opener but she gets dragged into a slugging mayhem here and loses her plot down the stretch - not exactly a rare tactical error from a genuine free agent - however O'Brien makes her pay come the final minute when she stuffs her mitts into the brunette's guts and dumps her on the heels amid repeated spasms of pain.

Round 3:
Fiona keeps bouncing off the blonde's guard early in the third again and Tina digs deep into her experience which firmly outweights all the concerns about her ring rust.
She catches the Emmerdale lass with a drilling hook on the navel but does more damage a little later when she outworks her foe in close range and buries a quick jabbing combo in Wade's solar plexus.
Ugh! The raven-haired woman wobbles forward with a loud yelp and tries to wrap herself around the blonde's waist but gets stuffed back on her heels when O'Brien delivers a crushing uppercut on the jaw... Fiona's arms drop woefully low in the proccess and she briefly closes her eyes which renders the follow up hook on the temper a real haymaker... Fiona's head snaps to the side following that punch but more importantly her knees buckle underneath AND DOWN SHE GOES!!! The myriad of Corrie fans across UK will love that sight and Tina leaps in the air sensing quick victory here! Fiona hits the boards flat on her back but fends off the losing prospects and recovers onto her feet at seven and a half.
She yells out at the grinning blonde and vows immediate revenge but she can't outbox the younger actress in another hectic close range tussle. She does well to avoid getting trapped along the ropes but Tina stays in control and underlines her dominance by blasting the aching foe across the tummy just before the bell.

Round 4:
It's a war of attrition now and Denise van Outen thinks that Fiona's pride suffered a bigger damage than her physical shape following that knockdown.
She leans on the Corrie blonde and peppers her guts trying to find that punishing shot on the liver while O'Brien reverts into familiar uppercuts that tear into the brunette's cleavage and chin.
Wade's head snaps back more often of the two and her body assault bears little fruit come the second minute which allows Tina to stay on top of this otherwise gruesome exchange. Fiona runs out of steam much earlier but manages to clinch the fellow actress which bides her some time however a quick hooking blast on the temples wobbles her butt-in-ropes in the dying seconds and shuts the brunette completely down thereafter which results in a nasty ribcage assault that makes her scream out in pain right at the bell.

Round 5:
Denise van Outen believes that Tina has this fight under control now however the Corrie blonde doesn't sit on the laurels and charges into another high-tempo attack, she swings over the top trying to take Fiona's head off as usual... but misjudges her approach for once and basically walks into a crunching hooking swing that NAILS her on the nose and bends her to the side on the spot.
Wade landed just about her biggest punch since round one and suddely jumps into frenzy overdrive as she splits the blonde's mitts and tears a bloody patch underneath the left eye thanks to a relentless point-blank range assault. Ugh! Tina's knees buckle and she gets pounded back to the ropes thereafter as Fiona screams out all her frustration and keeps head hunting her - dropping the hitherto dominant body assault. That serves her recovery plans just fine! She buries the helpless opponent behind a tight earmuff and it's time for O'Brien to scowl under pressure, a sluggish effort to catch the brunette off the back foot bounces off the shoulder and Fiona's right on with the money shot... she scythes Tina's lips with a brutal cross hook and then adds a hooking flier on the ear THAT DROPS THE BLONDE DOWN IN THE CORNER literally seconds before the bell. In fact, the Corrie girl is rescued by the bell proper, the count reaches six when the clock expires and allthough O'Brien gingerly makes it back onto her stool, she looks much worse to wear than Wade following the first knockdown.

Round 6:
Punching resistance is one area that Fiona will learn to cherish when she talks about her maiden BBU victory, she's battled through the third round nightmare to simply beat the living daylights out of a slumped blonde foe here in the sixth! Tina complains about a potential broken nose but Denise van Outen dismisses it as a mere excuse and the poor Corrie girl can't stay off Wade's gloves adding more bruises in span of few seconds. Ugh! "Just take her head off, babe!", van Outen channels some inner wrath as she gets visibly excited when Fiona traps her aching rival in the center of the ring and just wades in upstairs to remove any hope of a O'Brien comeback. The blonde's arms collapse by her jugs and her head just goes on a neverending tennis ball-like journey left... right...left... right... left... right... and that's just about enough... TINA SLIDES DOWN ON HER SIDE with eyes closed and remains motionless during the count!!! Vicious KO6 Fiona Wade in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: Tina looked set to steal the headlines on her BBU comeback and she had Fiona at her mercy after four rounds but then just couldn't stop eating punches and let the raven-haired Emmerdale actress off the hook in recovery of the year fashion! Even Denise van Outen scolds O'Brien's tactics but who can blame a girl on the brink of victory who suffers from red mist mode collapse? Moreover, the BBU TV anchor explains that her usual blonde support has taken a backseat tonight since seeing a Katie Price-trained fighter lose became more important and well, simply more enjoyable! All this just days removed from Brighton's - Katie's home town - promotion to the Premier League! This is so cruel for the Fight Club UK supporters! To conclude this tense undercard action, the victorious Fiona affords herself a greasy comment and claims that van Outen just got herself banned from attending The Amex anytime soon! Still, it's probably not as painful as watching a woozy Tina getting escorted away to the local room by a couple of Amir Khan clones.

Final result: Fiona Wade def. Tina O'Brien KO6.



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