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28 April 2017 Margot Robbie vs Jaime Pressly

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Post by Lookout! Boxing on Apr 28, 2017 at 6:57pm


Margot Robbie versus Jaime Pressly

(Words: Mirage / Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: "I'm looking forward to being the face of the league, Foxie will likely have something to say about that but I'll meet her here soon enough" quips Margot Robbie. "It's no secret that Mirage has no love for Empire and its overrated roster. Tonight I'll add one to our column and send a message to the rest. It's just too bad Empire's top losers Sienna and Julianne were "booked" tonight. I'd have loved to make an example of either of them. I guess I'll have to settle for the jobber squad tonight and try to get a few rounds in."

"Margot sure is confident. Sadly I'll have to beat that smirk off her face tonight." Replies Jaime Pressly.

Jaime out first in a white bikini escorted by Monica Bellucci. Margot out next in a matching white bikini! Robbie smirking as Jaime looks on clearly agitated, taunting her during the refs instructions as Pressly seethes!

R1: Margot barreling forward, hurling leather at her foe midring. Jaime deflecting most of the shots, bobbing and weaving as she slowly finds her openings. Pressly evading a high left hook, countering with a compact right to the belly bringing her foe stomping forward, Jaime snatches Robbie's head and unloads a few quick rights to her exposed belly and beasts before the ref steps in, Pressly smirking as Robbie charges in for more, sliding along the ropes and responding with quick brisk jabs as she skirts the perimeter. Robbie beginning to show a little redness along her left eye thanks to Pressly's pinpoint shots, Margot pivots to her left as she charges forward intercepting Jaime slamming a right off her ribs bringing the veteran blonde stumbling forward, Robbie pressing her backwards against the cables, loading up for a followup right just as the bell sounds. Margot snarling as she returns to the mirage corner nodding as Shania urges her to work the older blondes body and take her legs out of the fight.

R2: Jaime out again behind the jab, pumping out quick flurries before pivoting to her left. Margot in pursuit, gloves up high as she tries to work her way inside, eating Pressly's shots as she scoops to jab her belly before Jaime disengages, older blonde grimacing as she retreats, toned abs slowly turning pink from Robbie's lathering. Pressly's output begins to wane as Margot beats her core like a drum, sending loud thuds echoing through the arena, Jaime forced to clinch, ashen faced as Robbie chugs away at her ribs, staggered as Margot slams a left through the clinch snapping Jaime's head back as her hands droop to her breasts, Robbie working her girl relentlessly, bombarding the older blonde with hooks as she stares into punishment with glassy eyed bewilderment, Robbie mouth breathing as she slams Jaime's head from side to side, but at the bell she's still standing somehow! Margot bellowing at Jaime to quit as she stumbles back to the empire corner, swooning as Monica tends to her aching body.


R3: Monica biting her lip as she allows Jaime to rise for the third as she refuses to quit. Pressly staggering forward, stumbling into the ropes as Margot saunters forward. Aussie reveling in her foes plight as she peppers her shoddy guard with half hearted jabs before bobbing away from Jaime's faltering jabs. Robbie punishing her with relentless hooks to the body as she slowly herds a reeling Pressly to her own corner. Jaime whimpering upon receipt, fighting back tears as Margot continues to thud hook after hook off toned blonde core, finally ending her torturous body work with a left uppercut that slices through Pressly's guard snapping her head back and sending a mist of sweat flying across the ring. Jaime's gloves slowly fall to her chest, out on her feet as Margot loads up with a right hook followed by a pair of lefts that finally drop a punch drunk Pressly to the canvas. Robbie screaming down at her foe, bodied back by the official as he waives it off! KO 3 Margot Robbie!

AFTER: Margot beaming, flashing a devious smile as she's escorted back to her corner by Shania. "That was easy", quips Margot. "I was hoping she would at least try to last five, fortunately for her I was merciful. I hope her china chinned friend Sienna was watching from the hospital because the beatdown she got from Portman is nothing compared to what I have in store for her."

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