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28 April 2017 Bar Refaeli vs Jennifer Ellison

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Post by Lookout! Boxing on Apr 28, 2017 at 6:29pm


Bar Refaeli versus Jennifer Ellison (Body Saddle)


(Words: O & E / Results: Lookout!)

Before: Get ready for a slugfest, BOTH fighters are coming in with extra slugging mass. "Bar's a bimbo," Jennifer shrugs. "She's ridiculous. I keep hearing about how sturdy she is, but honestly? I think she's weak, cheap, hittable, and trampy. My kind of blonde! I can already feel her under me, "giving her backside a pat just to be clear, “and then I’ll have that Brazilian tart in my sights!”

“Jennifer can just come and get it," Bar snarls. "I'm not scared of her: I've been trading punches with girls like Alexandra Daddario, Brooklyn Decker, Kate Upton - hard girls like that - for YEARS. She’s been dancing with Massey and Metcalfe, losing to LILLY ALDRIDGE? Come ON!” Ellison crosses the floor, throwing punches, falling to the floor with Refaeli screaming/slugging/blouse-ripping...security trebled from then on as brawling blondes won't tone down the aggression.

Pink Bandaeu bikini for Bar, white gloves. Black triangle-cut bikini for Jennifer, black gloves. Long blonde hair cascading loose down both beauties’ backs, shoulders and breasts.

R1: Jennifer looking for respect early, wades into Bar with thudding rights and lefts, carrying in close on follow through. Refaeli holding ground, answering back: thick right uppercuts to the body and strapping left hooks. They clang away midring, buffeting each other in a gentle clockwise rotation - taking turns getting off as the other covers up, bends at the waist: classy two way slugging. Bar separating herself late, scoring straight lefts and rights, extending on her punches - she's got Ellison on her heels and having second thoughts at the bell.

R2: Jennifer adjusts, stepping right, no longer going right at Bar. Spicy jab from Ellison, popping it out there in crisp ones and twos, landing on Refaeli's face, stepping to the side or back before she can answer. Bar getting turned around, beaten to punches by Jenny's brisk-mitt work. Final minute: Ellison uptempo, walking Refaeli down, spikes a firm jab on the mouth, tidy right hand on the cheek, CLANGING hook on the chin and BAR STAGGERS BACK! Refaeli stunned, shocked at Ellison’s biting power - JENNY WADES IN! Ellison trudging into Bar's chest with a walking barrage of lefts and rights - short, sideswiping blows as she steps forward, bludgeoning jug-muggage puts her ropeside, covering up groggy. Jennifer helps herself to long, vulnerable back with right hands at the bell.

R3: Battle of wills: Jennifer wants inside, Bar wants to work off the jab midring--they can’t both have their way. Typical sequence: Refaeli jabbing, turning on a stunning right hand, coming back with a biting hook, but getting blocked effectively as Ellison stands in the pocket, gloves up high, bobbing well, taking shots on her mitts. Jenny answers back, finds belly and breasts available, and helps herself. Minute after minute, Ellison getting the better of close, competitive exchanges--she’s backing Refaeli up, having more good moments with blonde standing up straight at the ropes.

R4: Bar rights the ship, punishing Jennifer with hard sticks early, banging away on British forehead and upperchest to get Ellison backing up. Jenny trying to counterpunch, closing up her stance, trying to walk Bar into the right, but this blonde’s not buying. Refaeli systematic, jabbing to set up the right cross, finishing up the set with rigid, banging hooks on the right side, working their way up the gut. Ellison's back visits all four ropes as Bar puts hard miles on British legs

R5: Jennifer back to her JMD roots, just swinging away, joyous, free swinging clouts, stepping forward flat footed as her punches loosen Bar up. Refaeli giving ground, getting shelled, but she's riding it out, rolling with the worst of it. Second minute, Bar fits a right hand straight and sure inside a wide Jenny right, finding Brit's chin – Ellison’s cross sails over her head. Refaeli back with a tight hook, beats Jennifer again, her hook transmuted to a slap to the cheek. Bar muscular with her left forearm to tits, shoving Ellison back, Brit on ramshackle legs stumbles a few steps then wades back in, loading up her right hand and REFAELI BEATS HER TO THE PUNCH! Bending into a sweet short right, kissing it off Jenny's mouth, yet another right hand sailing high, she corkscrews down onto her haunches and sprawls on her back - she's OUT! KO5 Bar Refaeli.

After: Body Saddle emerges for Bar for the first time since 2010. Straps cinched tight about the middle, up between the legs, buttons and flaps and zippers secured - Jennifer grunting and pouting sadly as she's all corsetted in, leaning into the heavy backpack-type shoulderstraps. Grinning Refaeli takes a running start - jumping into the saddle like Zorro - poor Ellison staggering face first into ropes for support. Bar taking the reins of Jenny’'s long soft blonde locks, clicking her tongue to turn Jennifer around. Ellison's muscular thighs bulging into shiny relief at the burden - dark dents above and around her knee revealing her tremendous leg-conditioning. Refaeli tugging the hair, impatiently clicking her tongue, urging poor Jennifer to pick up the pace: snivelling blonde leans into the straps, breaks into a shabby trot as Bar beams happily in the saddle. Refaeli riding high, jugs a-jumpin’ with the herk-a-jerk motion of Ellison's stumbling canter, beaten blonde inevitably ridden to her knees in exhaustion as Bar stands up triumphant, straddling the used-up beauty beneath.

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