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28 April 2017 Taylor Swift vs Rihanna

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Post by Lookout! Boxing on Apr 28, 2017 at 6:27pm


Taylor Swift vs. Rihanna

(Words: Empire / Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: Long awaited blockbuster between A list songstresses finally a reality after countless months of negotiations. Bad blood evident on both sides of the aisle as Swift's camp claims Rihanna demanded a ridiculous 70-30 purse split, Rihanna's calling Swift a coward for demanding a bigger ring and gloves, crowing that"blondie can't take the heat and has to run to win." The one thing both camps agreed on was a bout on the beach, hastily set up on the serene sands of Santa Monica. Neither girl available for pre-fight interviews, simply storming to the ring, eyes ablaze. Rihanna enters first, disrobing to reveal a baby blue bikini, matching gloves, long raven hair swept back in a pair of long braids. Ri in great shape, abs and biceps rippling as she awaits her foe. Taylor out next, snarling as she removes her robe, Swift opting for a lemon yellow bikini, matching mitts, short blonde hair loose. During the refs instructions tempers flare as Rihanna taunts Taylor, Swift rushing forward to chest up, only to be dragged away by Jaime Pressly.

R1: Songstresses flying out of their corners, eager to tear apart their foe. Swift quickly unpacking her jab, bobbing away from a booming haymaker from Rihanna and responding with a left just below Rihannas left elbow, Ri twisting in the pocket, clearly uncomfortable, but responding in turn with a punishing trio of hooks off Taylor's arms and shoulders. Swift covering up as Rihanna seeks to muscle her to the ropes, toned legs rippling as they press against one another mid ring, Rihanna flush in the face as Taylor forces her back a step slowly winning their test of strength, finally wrapping her left around Swift's belly to pull her in for a clinch as the crowd roars. Girls snarling in the clinch, pasting one another across the belly and flanks with short scraping hooks, Taylor breaking the stalemate with a left to the navel as Rihanna staggers forward, whispering into her ear just as the bell sounds to end the first! Taylor narrowly takes the first round, listening intently as Jaime offers advice in the Empire corner.

R2: Taylor stuns Rihanna with a trio of jabs followed by a right cross, weaving left to avoid a counter hook before slamming a right to the pit of Rihanna's belly bringing her gurgling forward for a clinch, Swift getting her left elbow up to block Rihanna's incoming mitts before stinging her in the right eye behind a flurry of jabs, Rihanna crying out, responding with a grazing left to blonde belly temporarily bunching her up and buying her an opening to clinch, Taylor riding her right mitt above Rihanna's back, pulling her in for a side headlock as they spill into the ropes, Rihanna flailing away, grazing Swift's bottoms as Taylor responds with a pair of hooks to Rihanna's left eye, official prying the pair apart as the bell sounds ending the second. Rihanna's seconds working frantically to stop her left eye from closing, urging her to force Taylor to trade rather than try to match her speed.

R3: Rihanna bull rushing Taylor as the bell sounds, eating a pair of jabs before the blonde wraps her up for a clinch, Rihanna crouching as she tries to get everything she has into a good push, slowly forcing her blonde to the ropes belly to belly, wriggling in Taylor's grasp as she breaks free and clobbers the blonde with a pounding left hook to the breasts, Swift responding with a vengeful forearm to Rihanna's breasts, pulling her forward and sticking her in the eye once more with a piston like left jab, Rihanna shaking her head to show she's not hurt, but clearly distracted by the blood trickling down her face as a cut opens beneath her battered right eye, holding on as she presses Swift into the ropes as the clock ticks down.

R4: Taylor greeting her foe with a storm of jabs mid ring followed up by a left hook spinning her head and sending Rihanna staggering backwards, Taylor closing to finish as the crowd begins to roar, thudding a quick sequence of jabs off her mitts to keep her in position for a pair of left hooks that pancake Rihanna's breasts, dipping to evade a desperate counter right as she slams a left uppercut that starts from her hips and ends on Rihanna's chin sending her bouncing against the ropes, Rihanna crouching against the cables, covering up earmuff as Taylor bombards her just below the elbows to lower her guard followed by a swinging right that snaps Rihanna's head into her shoulder, Rihanna staggering forward before collapsing face first to the canvas! Taylor taunting her foe, literally dragged away by the official before he begins the count, Rihanna somehow making it to all fours at six, staring in disbelief at the crowd as she makes a woozy nine, checked over by the concerned official who calls her forward just as the bell sounds! Rihanna huffing as she stomps back to her stool, badly outclassed through four.

R5: Taylor starting where she left off, pelting Rihanna with lightning quick jabs, working a chopping left hook across Rihanna's breasts before legging her way from Rihanna's counter punches. Taylor emboldened after Rihanna grimaces after a left blasts her breasts, wading in as she slings a left to the belly as Rihanna turns to her right and eats the shot on her hip, snarling as she lands a pair of vicious hooks to the body bringing Swift stumbling forward, twisting her foe from side to side as she relentlessly slams hooks off her flanks, chesting up against her and slowly forcing an agonized Taylor against the ropes, Swift cringing behind her mitts, legendary legs unable to save her from Rihanna's hateful leather, blonde forced to clinch in desperation, holding on for dear life as the bell sounds to end the fifth! Rihanna bellowing as she makes her way back to her corner, grinning as Taylor collapses on her stool, mouth wide open in a combination of pain and shock as Rihanna comes back from the brink in epic fashion!

R6: Rihanna flying off her stool into a startled Taylor Swift, blonde wailing as her stool hasn't even left the ring, sliding along the ropes as Rihanna hurls haymakers, Taylor fighting for her life, still not fully recovered from her body beatdown in the fifth, flicking out quick jabs and spinning out of range as Rihanna stalks her along the cables, blocking most of Swift's shots, but unable to really land another game changer, in the final moments Rihanna eats a left jab snapping her head back, but landing a right hook to the solar plexus sending Taylor sinking into the ropes, Swift able to wrap her arms around Rihanna's waist but is quickly muscled off and pressed against the cables, Rihanna leaning in cheek to cheek with her foe, slapping lefts off her battered ribs as the bell sounds. Rihanna's late surge leaves the round up in the air as the second half of the bout begins.

R7: Rihanna again storming into the Empire corner, compressing her foe against the turnbuckles, feinting high to force Taylor to cover up before slamming a brutal right hook into Taylor's belly button winning a loud moan from her foe, following up with a double tapping left that drops Swift to the canvas! The ref struggles to body a roaring Rihanna into the neutral corner before beginning the count, Swift in agony, face buried into the mat, getting her legs back as six and rising at nine, official looking her over before resuming action, Rihanna smelling blood, charging into Swift as the crowd roars, letting her hands fly with blistering speed as she beats her blonde like a heavy bag, Swift sobbing into her mitts, dropping to a knee after another punishing shot to the belly rather than risk a night ending uppercut that whistles past her head, Taylor grasping the middle rope at six, grimacing as she makes it up at eight, Rihanna screaming at her from across the ring, showboating as she works her way forward, peppering Taylor with jabs as the battered blonde covers up, leaning in close as she pounds Swift's body into jell-o, blonde draping her left mitt over Rihanna's shoulder, tears streaming down her face as the brawlin' beauty from Barbados chugs away, at the bell Swift's all but broken, listless against the ropes, eyes fluttering as the official pries her off Rihanna, Swift collapsing face first into the canvas as she limps back to the Empire corner, Rihanna demanding it count as a knockdown, bellowing "Taylor.. yer finished, just toss the towel and admit I'm better!" Swift bracing herself against the top rope, staring into the lights as Cameron and Monica tend to her battered body, shaking her head defiantly after the ref asks her for the third time if she wants to throw in the towel. Rihanna banking a 10-7 round and destroying Taylor's points lead in a brutal seventh.

R8: Swift grimacing as she rises for the eighth, desperately hurling leather as she seeks to keep a surging Rihanna at bay, Rihanna leaning in and letting Taylor's shots fly harmlessly behind her or off raised arms and shoulders, blasting a compact right off blonde belly, bobbing away from a pair of looping lefts and snapping a right cross off Swift's chin sending her spiraling into the ropes as Rihanna suppresses her behind a piercing right jab. Crowd roaring as Rihanna slams rapid left hook right hook left hook combinations off blonde flanks as Taylor cries out, big blonde slumping forward, met by a truly hateful combination of left and right hooks followed by a left uppercut as Rihanna shoves her upright for more punishment, Swift's eyes shut, mouth wide open as Rihanna beats her listless against the ropes, the bell sounds after another head swiveling right mercifully bringing an end to the eighth. Taylor demoralized on her stool, fighting back tears when informed by Monica that at best she's even on the cards if not trailing going into the ninth, Rihanna up before the bell, batting her mitts together as she waits intently for the bell,

R9: Rihanna playing to the crowd, posing as Taylor swoons against the turnbuckles in the Empire corner, Rihanna all smiles as she wades in and beats the blonde mercilessly, crowd roaring as she soaks up the beating of a lifetime, barely managing to keep her mitts up as Rihanna beats her into a pulp, bleeding from a small cut just above the nose. Swift forced to move her hands as the official looks on concerned, catching Rihanna with a straight left to the breasts but quickly forced to cover up again as she barely evades a booming left hook, blonde head swiveled by a left hook as she drops her mitts to clinch, legs trembling as she somehow manages to snare Rihanna's bottoms with her right mitt as she was on the way down, wrapping her left around Rihanna's lower back and holding on for dear life. Rihanna pinning her against the cables, nearly shoving the battered blonde out of the ring, once the ref pulls them apart Rihanna is back on top of her girl, blasting her belly, breasts, and flanks uncontested as Swift cowers behind her mitts, Rihanna bellowing a loud "woooooooooooooo" in a stricken Taylor's face, Swift fighting back tears as she hurls a desperation left that detonates in Rihanna's eye. Rihanna staggering backwards covering her face as Taylor stumbles forward flailing wildly at the bell. Both girls looking horrible as their seconds try to repair the damage, Swift's face puffy with punishment, bleeding finally stopped on her forehead. Rihanna grimacing as her corner works on her eye, reduced to all but a narrow slit after Taylor's desperation punch in the closing moments.

R10: Both ladies need a shove to rise off their stools as they stumble to mid ring, exchanging flurries of half hearted jabs off raised mitts. Rihanna takes the initiative at the forty second mark, loosening Taylor up with a pair of rights to the body, following up with a bludgeoning left that splits her mitts rocking blonde head backwards and a right that drops Taylor to all fours on the canvas! Ref struggling to back Rihanna back to the neutral corner before returning to Taylor who somehow manages to make it up at eight! Rihanna storming forward eager to end Taylor's night as the blonde wraps her up in a clinch, Rihanna struggling to free herself, twisting backwards as she spins free, hurling a high right hook that sails just above Taylor's head, Swift badly beaten but she can still see the opening presented as she blasts a left hook off Rihanna's ear followed by a cross to her battered eye. Rihanna crying out, stumbling past Taylor as she barrels face first into the ropes, Swift snarling in pursuit, slamming a pair of heavy right uppercuts off Rihanna's mitts followed by a left just above her trunks as Rihanna spits out her mouthpiece in agony, Taylor snaps her head back with a right hook to the forehead as Rihanna sags against the cables bewildered, mitts dropping to her sides as she stares into punishment, head jutting from side to side as Taylor loads up on a left... THE REF STEPS IN! Official rushing forward to craddle a shell shocked Rihanna, waiving the fight off at 2:16 in the tenth round! TKO 10 Taylor Swift!

AFTER: Taylor dropping to the canvas, tears of joy streaming down her face as Jaime wraps her up in a tight embrace, Rihanna blubbering to the official in her corner, pleading to continue, gently assisted out of the ring by her seconds. Taylor forcing a smile as she raises her left mitt to the crowd, praising Rihanna's tenacity in post fight interviews but clearly stating she's established dominance between the two once and for all.

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